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The Revive Blox Fruit is a Paramecia-type Blox Fruit which was added in Update 16. It costs RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png550,000 or Robux.png975, from the Blox Fruit Dealer.


Like the Door fruit, Revive is transparent, but it has a lime green color. It also has wavy patterns all over it, just like any other fruit (except for Spring).

Abilities and Moveset

The fruit has an ability which enhances the user's soul to the point where they can come back to life after dying once, remaining alive until their body is sufficiently damaged, and to use several other soul-based abilities, making the user a Reviving Human.

Key Description Description Damage Mastery GIF
Transparent Z button.png
Possession The user seemingly leaves its body and transforms into a transparent, green ghost. Any entities coming into contact will be frozen and damaged.
Cooltext A.png
1 Revive Z.gif
Transparent X button.png
Soul Ruler The user unleashes a green mist with the shape of a skull around themselves, causing an explosion and stun to enemies within the proximity.
Cooltext S.png
60 Revive X.gif
Transparent C button.webp
Resurrection If the user dies while the C move is active, they will be resurrected at 50% of their original health and transforms the user to a skeleton.
Cooltext E.png
110 Revive C.gif
Transparent F button.png
Wandering Soul The user's soul leaves their body, being able to fly around for a short amount of time. The users original body is left behind and if attacked, they will be forcefully exited out of their soul form.
Cooltext E.png
30 Revive F.gif

Pros and Cons


  • Pairs well with Soul Cane because of its semi quick attacks.
  • Observation Break.
  • Most of its moves has good AOE (Area of effect).
  • Can freeze opponents.
  • Two of it's attacks stuns enemies.
  • Can give the user a second life.
  • Cheap to obtain.
  • Doesn't require high mastery.
  • Great combo potential.
  • Can easily defy one shot combos (though at the cost of your second life).
  • Can surprise the enemy
  • Good mobility.
  • F move can be a reliable transport move in PvP because of it's speed and the fact that your ghost body is immortal (therefore you can teleport with it).
  • One of the best Trolling fruits.


  • It's mobility move leaves you unprotected and has a time limit.
  • Low range moves
  • You'll only get 50% of your health back when you are resurrected.
  • Only two attack moves.
  • The F move is bad for traveling from island to island because of the limited distance and you cannot use it above water since you will take damage (unless you have the Fishman race v2/v3).
  • Not ideal for grinding due to the lack of logia immunity and moves that deal damage.
  • Moves do decent damage at best
  • Your body can be attacked (which will cancel your flight) during the revive flight
  • Slow flight


  • Revive is currently the only fruit that can revive the user.
  • You can move your body in PC using the W A S D keyboard keys during the flight move.
  • Revive is one of the only two fruits that can freeze opponents (the other being Ice).
  • Revive's physical fruit is the third fruit to have a transparency level that isn't set to 0. (the firsts being Door and Love).
  • The only easy visual difference to spot between Revive and Door is the stem, Revive's stem is white and Door's stem is black and door is slightly darker shade of green.
  • Revive F Wandering Soul should go through the wall, but the developers made a small cube inside the soul form to cancel this.
  • The Weapon that represents this fruit is Soul Cane.
  • The Z and F moves has a small gray cube in the avatar of the user. When using the z move in first person, the cube spins. The F move just stays inside of the user's avatar, doing nothing.
  • The total travel time/distance of Revive's F move is roughly the length of Pirate Village (going from the very back where the brutes are located all the way to the docks)
  • When you revive as a skeleton from Resurrection, the skeleton is actually a Roblox Rthro package called Skelly. It also removes the hair from the package.
  • When you revive as a skeleton from resurrection, the skeleton will be normal without cloths but there's a bug if you use leather jacket from Roblox the jacket stays and same to pants but not all.


  • Soul Cane Z + Revive Z + Revive X + Superhuman Z + Superhuman C + Superhuman X
  • Energy core + Pole v2 Z + X + Revive Z + Revive X + Dragon talon X + Dragon talon Z.( sword main or fruit main doesn’t matters ) + Flash Step + dragon talon C
  • (Revive fruit main combo) Revive X and Z Electric Claw C and Z

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