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The Saw


The Saw is a level 100 Raid Boss. He spawns every hour and 15 minutes, in Middle Town.

This Raid Boss has around 7,500 (7.5K) HP, and deals 120 damage per attack.

If you kill him, and get the last hit, you have a chance to get the Shark Saw. (10%)

When he spawns, it will say: "The Saw has spawned. You have 15 minutes to defeat him ,and possibly get a rare reward!"

Note: His sword is not recommended as it is not as good as it looks. Despite looking longer than regular swords, the range and hitbox is the same. However, if you land a full execution, it will deal a medium-high amount of damage to your enemies. You can also turn around to deal more damage.



Level 750 Raid Boss, spawns in Marine Fortress and uses the Quake fruit.

He can use all the moves of the Quake fruit (none of the moves are awakened).

This Raid Boss has around 1,000,000 (1 million) HP and deals around 650 damage per attack.

He spawns every 4-6 hours at Marine Fortress (First Sea)

When he does, it will say: "Loud tremors are being heard across the seas...".

(Note: Killing him will upgrade Bisento into Bisento V2, but ONLY if you already have Bisento V1. It does not matter if you have Bisento in a chest or equipped, or if you use the Bisento to kill him or not. As long as you have had the Bisento and kill Greybeard, then your Bisento will turn into the v2 variant)

You will also level up 3 times no matter what from killing him, unless you’re the maximum level (2300).

Another note: It is recommended to have at least 5,000 HP and 1,000 Fruit stat to withstand his blows and deal prominent damage.

Tip: It is recommended to fight him over level 700 or/with Buddha and have 2-3 people to stun him

Sea Beasts

Chance to drop Fist Of Darkness with Top Hat and Choppa as well as Fragments.png250 and RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png60,000-180,000.

The people who manage to deal at least 10% of damage to the boss can gain 1 level, unless the user is max level (2300).

It uses three attacks, a roar that can knock you out of Observation and deals damage, water bullets similar to Water Kung Fu deadly shower, and a water beam that clips through anything and has infinite range. It can destroy a boat, so be aware of that.

Some sea beasts have 20000 HP, and some of them have 100000 . An easy way to notice them is if they have 20000 HP if it's a fake. If it has 100000 HP, it's a real sea beast which has a chance to drop multiple items. A real sea beast will spawn if you sail on the water while fake ones can only spawn by a 10 million+ bounty or honor player or by the tide keeper.

  • The max amount of Sea Beasts spawns at the same time are 3
  • If a player has a 10 million bounty or higher they can spawn Sea Beasts with 20000 HP
  • There is a chance that two or more Sea Beasts will spawn at a time.


Level 1000 Raid Boss, utilizes Dark Fruit.


He utilizes 3 of the Dark Fruit's moves. the [Z] Dark Rocks the [C] Black Hole and the [V] Dark Bomb (none of the moves are awakened).

  • This Raid Boss has around 1,000,000-1,500,000 HP and does 100-1,500 damage per attack.
  • You can spawn him in the Dark Arena. When spawned, it changes the time to night, adding a darkness effect to the entire map.
  • Tip: Your best bet at defeating him is to have you or someone else stun him.
  • He will drop Fragments.png1500.
  • Killing him also grants you 3 levels, unless you are max level (2300).

(Note: Need Fist Of Darkness to summon. Low chance to drop MYTHICAL Dark Coat (Approximately 0.5% chance).

When he spawns, the message "The power of darkness has been unleashed" will appear in the chat box.


Level 1250 Raid Boss. He uses Control. It is recommended to be at least level 1100 to fight him and deal decent damage. To get to him you have to give Fragments.png1000 to an NPC named Arthmetic, who is located behind Smoke Admiral's spawn. He will give you an item called a Microchip which you can use to spawn Law. When defeated, he has a chance to drop Koko and 100% drop Zebra Cap, and 5% drop Core Brain (use for Cyborg race)


  • He spams Teleport and Levitate which is deadly, unlike regular Control, where Teleport has a cooldown.
  • He likes to prey on unsuspecting people with Echo Knife.
  • When defeated, he will level you up 3 times no matter what, unless you’re maxed level (2300).
  • He, in rare circumstances, may use Injection Shot after using Echo Knife.
  • He can not use Gamma Rush.
  • This Raid Boss has around 256,250 HP, (Unspecified damage).
  • He is insanely fast and really difficult to hit without stun moves.

Tip: When you first spawn into the raid, it is recommended you stun him with moves of Ice and Dark, as he does not move until he is hit or is approached.

Another Tip: You should have at least one Buddha and one stunner to take him down quickly as the Buddha will tank all his moves

Cursed Captain

The cursed captain.jpg

Level 1325 Raid Boss. He can use both moves of the Midnight Blade. He spawns at random nights in the Cursed Ship's 2nd floor with a 1/3 chance and will despawn when it's morning.

This Raid Boss has 300,000 (300K) HP and deals 1,000-1,100 damage per attack.

He drops 10 Ectoplasm and a chance to drop the Blue Spiky Coat, Red Spikey Coat, or the Hellfire torch.

When he spawns, the message "A shiver runs down your spine..." will appear in the chat box.

Rip_indra (Raid Boss)

rip_indra is a level 5000 Raid Boss that can be spawned by placing a God's Chalice on a pedestal in Third Sea. She also drops Valkyrie Helmet and Dark Dagger and Fragments.png1,500. It also gives you 3 levels. (Unless you are max level.)

To spawn her you must;

  1. Find a Chalice, either by killing Elite Pirates or finding them in Chests every 4 hours.
  2. Complete the button puzzle yourself or ask someone to help. You can complete it by jumping on buttons with the right Enhancement Color. You need to have all 3 legendary Enhancement Color for this, as there is 3 buttons which require Snow White, Pure Red and Winter Sky.
  3. Place the Chalice on the pedestal to your right, the building behind Elite Hunter, on Castle on the Sea.

When she spawns, the message "A Barrier has been broken" will appear in the chat box

Soul Reaper

Soul Reaper is a Level 2100 raid boss that was added in the game as of Update 16. Once beaten, the player will have a chance of getting Hallow Scythe and or a Holy Crown, along with 40+ bones (if dealt enough damage). He is a difficult raid boss, dealing high damage with big AOE moves. If you do not have a Buddha fruit, or any high damaging fruits like Venom or Magma equipped, it is recommended to beat him with other players. It is worth noting that despite Soul Reaper being called a raid boss and behaving like one, Soul Reaper does give a lot of mastery to the weapon you used to end him, unlike other raid bosses (note: the raid boss "Cursed Captain" also gives mastery to the weapon you used to end him).

Similar to Darkbeard and Rip indra (Raid Boss), in order to summon him, you need to put an object in a designated place.

The object in this case, is Hallows Essence, the rarest thing you can get from Random surprise at Death King NPC. It is really rare, so you'll have to spend a high amount of bones for him

After you have obtained Hallows Essence, you can then put it in an altar right outside the castle at Haunted Castle. A red message will then appear in the chat, which reads: "An unknown being has entered this world...". You can then make your way into the castle, where you'll find Soul Reaper in an empty room right behind the Demonic Soul mobs, connected to the main castle via a passage way.

Cake Prince

Katakuri raid boss.png

Cake Prince is a level 2300 Raid Boss added in Update 17 part 2. It can be accessed by talking to the NPC ‘drip_mama’ found in Candy Land. The player needs to defeat 500 NPCs on the island in order to open the portal. A portal will be opened behind the house where the NPC is. Upon stepping into it, the player will then be teleported into another dimension and the raid boss will be summoned. He uses skill of Dough Z, X, V and Spiky Trident Z. There is a 100% Chance of getting Pale Scarf, 10% chance of getting Spikey Trident, get the title "Dough Commander" when kill him the first time, and Fragments.png1000. When he spawns a message appears in the chat: "A dimension had spawned..." .and you can enter through the portal behind drip_mama


  • You have to deal damage at least 10% of boss health in order to get a chance at a boss reward.


  • Order is the only Raid Boss with a player limit.
  • If you Flash Step into the Order Raid, you can't do any damage. If you die during the Order Raid, you will not get the reward no matter the circumstance.