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Raid Bosses

Raid Bosses

Raid Bosses are another type of enemy (the other being Bosses) that are significantly stronger than a normal boss. They drop better rewards (e.g. Mirror Fractal), utilizing attack moves, and also giving levels to a player(with the exclusion of some raid bosses). You can also tell that they are a raid boss by its large, green health bar at the top of the screen as you approach them. Additionally, immunities doesn't work against them. (e.g: Elemental Reflex)

Raid Bosses are generally summoned with a special item or appear in certain circumstances, though in the earlier seas (First Sea and Second Sea) they just have a very long respawn time. Raid Bosses that are summoned with a special item do not have a cooldown. However, the item is still hard to get. Most Raid Bosses are very hard to solo and players under max level frequently require help from other players to defeat them. The reason for this is because they deal high damage, possess lower cooldowns, have a lot of health and have many abilities, so unless a player has a high damage source or high health (like max stats in a stats etc) then they will probably die. If a Raid Boss is left without being damaged or angered for a certain amount of time they will either despawn (Like Dough King and Cake Prince) or regenerate all of their health.


Soul Reaper's health bar (indicates this is a raid boss).


"Loud tremors are being heard from across the sea..."


Greybeard is a level 750 raid boss that spawns at the Marine Fortress every 6 hours (4 hours if one player doesn't leave within 4 hours) and despawns after 15 minutes. He utilizes the unawakened moves of the Quake fruit. If the player owns the Bisento sword, it will be upgraded to its secondary form once they have killed Greybeard. If he falls into water he will respawn with full health and the system message "Loud tremors are being heard from across the sea..." will be sent in chat.


"The power of Darkness has been unleashed."


Darkbeard is a level 1,000 raid boss that spawns at the Dark Arena via a Fist of Darkness. He utilizes the old unawakened moves of the Dark fruit. When defeated, players that dealt enough damage will receive a Dark Fragment along with 3 levels FragmentIcon 1,500 and a rare chance to obtain the Dark Coat.



Order is a level 1,250 raid boss that spawns at the laboratory in Hot and Cold via an Order Microchip from Arlthmetic. He utilizes the moves of the Control fruit as well as the Koko sword that has a rare chance to be dropped upon death. He will also grant three levels to the player. Additionally, if the player has dealt the highest damage against Order, they will be rewarded with the Zebra Cap.

If a Fist of Darkness is inserted in the laboratory, Order will have a chance to drop a Core Brain which is a required item for obtaining the Cyborg Race.


  • Order is the only raid boss with a player limit.
  • Order has no system message.
  • If a player somehow enters the laboratory from outside while the Order raid is taking place (typically by using Flash Step) they will not be able to do any damage to Order. If the player dies during the Order raid, they still can get the reward if someone else in the same raid kills the boss.

Cursed Captain

"A shiver runs down your spine..."


The Cursed Captain is a level 1,325 raid boss that spawns inside the Cursed Ship with a 1/3 chance to spawn every night. He utilizes the moves of the old Midnight Blade. Upon death, the Cursed Captain will drop 10 Ectoplasm and has a rare chance to drop the Blue Spikey Coat, Red Spikey Coat or Hellfire Torch, an item that is required for obtaining the Ghoul Race.

Rip indra image

"A barrier has been broken."


rip_indra is a level 5,000 raid boss that spawns in the palace at Castle on the Sea via a God's Chalice. He utilizes the moves of Dark Blade V2 as well as admin abilities (whilst in true form). Upon death, rip_indra will grant the player three levels, FragmentIcon 1,500, MoneyIcon 45,000-55,000, the Shadow Sovereign title, the Valkyrie Helmet, access to Third Sea Portals and has a rare chance to drop the Dark Dagger. rip_indra's presence is also required to access the Tushita Puzzle. rip_indra (Raid Boss) is the only raid boss with 2 phases.

While rip_indra is spawned, the entire sea will be enveloped in fog and Castle on the Sea will be titled "Battle of the Gods" until his death.

Soul Reaper

"An unknown being has entered this world..."


The Soul Reaper is a level 2,100 raid boss that spawns at Haunted Castle via a Hallow Essence. He utilizes the moves of the Hallow Scythe sword. Upon death, he will drop 41-43 Bones, the Holy Crown accessory, and has a rare chance to drop the Mythical Hallow Scythe sword. If you are doing the Fear The Reaper part of the Cursed Dual Katana puzzle in the Yama scroll and die to him you will be teleported to the Hell Dimension where you have to light up torches and kill enemies.


"A dimension has spawned."


The Cake Prince is a level 2,300 raid boss that spawns at the Dimensional Shift that can be accessed behind drip_mama at Sea of Treats. He can only be spawned by killing 500 enemies at the Cake Land in Sea of Treats and then talking to drip_mama. He utilizes the unawakened moves of the Dough fruit, along with Spikey Trident's Z move. Upon death, Cake Prince will grant three levels, FragmentIcon 1,000, the Pale Scarf accessory, the Dough Commander title, and has a rare chance to drop the legendary Spikey Trident sword.

Dough King

"A dimension worthy of a god has spawned."


The Dough King is a level 2,300 raid boss and is the stronger variant of the Cake Prince. He spawns through the same means of the Cake Prince, except a Sweet Chalice is also required. He utilizes the awakened moves of the Dough fruit as well as Spikey Trident. Upon death, Dough King will grant 6 levels, one Mirror Fractal, the Pale Scarf accessory, the Red Key, 57,500 Bounty/Honor, FragmentIcon 2,000, around MoneyIcon 50,000, the Dough King title, and has a rare chance to drop the legendary Spikey Trident sword with a higher chance than Cake Prince. The Dough King is often regarded as the hardest boss in the game.



Terrorshark is a level 2000 boss that spawns at 2-6 Sea Danger Level. As sea danger levels escalate, Terrorsharks increase in strength. It is recommended not to go past Level 5, as Terrorsharks in Sea Danger Level 6 are extremely strong. Upon death, the Terrorshark drops 1 Mutant Tooth, a chance of dropping Terror Eyes and, if the Terrorshark has a Shark Anchor (which you can tell if the Terrorshark has 195k health instead of the normal 150k health) and you have the Monster Magnet, it will drop the Shark Anchor.



Leviathan is a Boss with an uncertain level indicator that spawns with a very low chance at level 6 Rough Sea and drops Leviathan Heart upon death. You need to talk and bribe to the Spy at Tiki Outpost to be able to summon it. Then you find the Frozen Dimension which is found in Sea Danger Level 6 and talk to the Frozen Watcher and talk to him with at least 5 people in your sea exploration group. Currently, this boss has the second most health in the game if all 3 segments and the main body are combined (The most health being Dough King). Drops 12-20 Leviathan Scales and a Leviathan Heart if you do the Leviathan Heart quest.


  • There are 42 bosses currently in the game (including raid bosses).
  • After a raid boss is summoned, there is usually a message announced to the whole server (excluding Order, Terrorshark and Leviathan).