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Races are a core mechanic of Blox Fruits, which lets players have slight variations and buffs from each other, depending on which Race they are. In Blox Fruits, a race is randomly generated upon the player joining for the first time, the obtainable races upon joining for the first time are:

but the player has a higher chance to spawn as a Human than other races. Some races, such as the Cyborg and Ghoul race can only be obtained by meeting certain conditions and completing certain quests or puzzles.

Obtaining Races

The player's Race can be changed in 5 ways:

Please note that Ghoul and Cyborg cannot be obtained from the methods listed above. However, if you've already obtained them once, you can get them again from these methods.

Human is the most common race obtained by new players. It gains specific buffs when evolved and can unlock an ability called Last Resort which increases damage done the lower your HP.

Mink greatly enhances speed, increases dash boost, and can unlock an ability called Agility which boosts speed even further.

Fish has a passive ability which decreases and eventually eliminates damage taken from water as a fruit user and can also unlock an ability called Water Body that reduces damage taken.

Sky has extra jump boosts and can unlock an ability called Heavenly Blood which reduces damage taken, heals 20% of health and regenerate energy.

Cyborg boosts defense, and can unlock an ability called Energy Core which reduces damage, strips away observation, and causes damage to anyone caught in its field.

Ghoul has a passive life-leech ability that heals when damage is done using a fighting style, and can unlock an ability called Heightened Senses which gives several buffs.

All Races have a second and third versions (also known as v2 and v3). These versions come with different extensions to the user's abilities, and are only obtainable in the Second Sea.

Getting V2:

The second version of a race (so-called V2) can be obtained by talking to the Alchemist in the Green Zone and doing the Flower Quest. In order to start this quest, the player must be Lv. 850 or more, and must have completed the Colosseum Quest.

Purchasing V2 costs RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png500,000.

Getting V3:

The secret entrance to Arowe's room

The third and final version (so-called V3) of a race unlocks an extra skill for the player to use and requires certain quests to be completed depending on the race. To begin, the player needs:

  • V2 of their current race.
  • to have killed Don Swan and unlocked the door to his room.

If the player has all of these requirements, they can talk to Arowe (who can be found inside of a hidden entrance in the plateau that Diamond resides on), which in turn gives them a quest, depending on their race, to upgrade it to V3.

Purchasing V3 costs RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png2,000,000.

V3 quests

Once talked to, Arowe will give the player a quest depending on their race. The quests and their difficulty rate are as follows:

  • Human - Kill the first 3 Bosses in the Second Sea: Diamond, Jeremy, and Fajita. (Difficulty ⁠— 2/5)
  • Fish - Kill a naturally spawned Sea Beast. Summoned ones (including the ones that the Tide Keeper summons) will not count. (Difficulty ⁠— 2.5/5)
  • Sky - Kill another player with the Sky race. (Difficulty ⁠— 3/5)
  • Mink- Collect 30 Chests. (Difficulty ⁠— 1/5)
  • Ghoul - Kill any 5 Players. Can be any level as long as they're in the the same server in the Second Sea. You can kill the same person 5 times (tested). You don't need to get bounty/honor. (Difficulty ⁠— 3.5/5)
  • Cyborg - Give any physical fruit to Arowe. This includes fruits from the Treasure Storage. (Difficulty ⁠— 1/5)

In order to obtain the Slayer Skin for the Dark Blade, you need to have unlocked the V3 ability on every Race, except Ghoul and Cyborg as they are not one of the four races that you can spawn with.
Your V3 quest won't be saved upon leaving the game, however, if you die, your progress will be saved.
It is impossible to reroll your race to or join the game naturally to get the Ghoul or Cyborg race. They are only obtainable by completing a series of Quests.
You can get the Ghoul Race back for free by talking to Experimic, if you've changed to another race after doing the Quests required to get it.
The same as above applies to the Cyborg Race as well, however, you do have to pay Fragments.png2,500 in return.
When you get v2 of the Human race, you will still get Buff even if you change race.

You can press T on your keyboard to activate the V3 ability of each Race without having to use it from your inventory.
Switching races will keep the Race version of your original race. (Example: You get Skypian to V3, then switch to Human. You will still have V3 Skypian when you switch back to it.)
Unlocking the V2 of a Race makes your dash a bit longer while using that Race.
The Mink Race's special ability Agility does not stack with Awakened Ice's Ice Skating ability.
You used to be able to trade a Rare Artifact with Norp to get a Race Reroll, but was replaced by Fragments in Update 13.