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The Prison is an island west of the Fountain City. It is for players to level up from level 190 to 250, The Head Jailer stands at swan's cell in the middle of the Prison. He will give you the option to defeat any of the following Boss NPCs; Warden, Chief Warden, or Swan. On the left of the swan cell you can find the Jail Keeper.

At the back of the outermost ring is Blox Fruit Remover, who offers to remove your Blox Fruit for 50,000 Beli. (Not recommended)

In Update 17.2, the water inside the ring is replaced with NPCs to grind from level 190-300.

At the left side of the entrance, you will see the Jail Keeper which will give you quests for the Prisoners and Dangerous Prisoners.

Chest Locations

  • The first chest is on the outermost ring of the fortress, right above the entrance.
  • The second chest is on top of the 2nd ring inside the fortress, being right above the inner circle entrance.
  • The third chest is on top of the middle structure that holds swan, being on top of the roof of the building.
  • The fourth chest is within one of the towers connected to the middle structure that holds Swan.
  • The final chest is on the west side of the structure up against the wall


  • The theme of the Prison is Lonely Dwarven Miner, which was composed by @DTF.
  • The Prison doesn't have a spawn location when it was updated up to update 17 part 2, 3/16/22.
  • You can be trapped here if you're not using Ice or fruit with flight ability since it have spawn point but there's no boat dealer. The way to get out from there is to steal people's boat, using robux for reroll race, Remove your fruit by talking to Remove Blox Fruit at back of the island so you won't take damage from water.
  • Before Update 17 part 2, Prisoners didn't exist. You had to grind the bosses but now they added them along with Dangerous Prisoner.

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