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Port Town is the first island on the Third Sea.

This island is where players can level up from level 1500 to level 1575.

Upon first entering the Third Sea, you’ll be teleported to the docks of the island, which is the main entrance to the island. Going up the ramps you will enter the main town of of the island, where you will find the Pirate Millionaires and Pistol Billionaires. At the back of the island where the mountains are, you should see some stairs along with a trail leading to the East-side of the island where you’ll find Stone, the boss of this island.




Level Required Description Rewards Picture
Pirate Millionaire 1500 Defeat 8 Pirate Millionaires (Elemental intangibility at level 1552) B$13,000 and 53,000,000 Exp.
Pirate Millionare.png
Pistol Billionaire 1525 Defeat 8 Pistol Billionaires (Elemental intangibility at level 1579) B$15,000 and 55,500,000 Exp.
Pistol Billionaire.png
Stone 1550 Defeat Stone B$25,000 and 60,000,000 Exp.


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