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Pole (2nd Form) / Pole V2 is a Legendary Sword Tier. It was added in Update 14.


Pole (2nd Form) can obtained by unlocking and awakening ALL of Rumble's moves (250 Mastery), getting 180 mastery on Pole (1st form), and completing one more Rumble raid with awakened Rumble equipped. If you beat the raid, you will be teleported to an island in the sky where you can find Thunder God (NPC). He will offer Pole (2nd Form) for Fragments.png5000 if you meet the requirements. You can fly up there with Light Flight, it'll take around 5+ minutes but you can't buy it EVEN if you have Rumble equipped and meet all the requirements.


Awakening & unlocking all 5 moves on Rumble (250 Mastery), Fragments.png5000, and 180 Mastery on Pole (1st form).


It is a high stun weapon, very useful in combos and considered one of the best stunning Swords. This Sword is like a better version of Soul Cane, since it also stuns and has better range.

In Update 17.2, the sword has been revamped and the [Z] move Hand of God leaves blue marks similar to Rumble Awakened [X] and [C] Thunder Storm and Sky Judgment.

Moveset / Abilities

Key Name Description Mastery
Z key perfections.png
Hand Of God The user fires 3 lighting sparks from their Pole towards their cursor, forming into a beam. Has decent AOE, range, damage, and stun. 150
X key perfect.png
Electric Prison The user forms a small electric prison sphere at the location of their cursor, stunning enemies and pulling them in towards the center of the sphere. 350

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Moves Gif
Hand Of God
Electric Prison

General Overview

High stun.
Can hit Rubber users with LMB and its skills, unlike Rumble and Pole (1st Form).
One of the best swords for combos.
Good for any build, as it has a good combo potential.
Due to its high damage output, simple Z + X combos (for sword mains) can even result in about half health drained easily.
The X move is extremely good for stuns, and has some good hitboxes.
One of the best sword for grinding due to it have no knockback, no mobility, and can hit multiple enemies.

Takes an extraordinary amount of time to get, and the cost of Fragments together will likely take very long to obtain, totaling up to Fragments.png 19,500.
Like all swords, this sword deals no damage to Chop users.
The X move's range is pretty short, forcing the player to have to come pretty close in order to hit the move.
This sword was nerfed in Update 15, making the X move no longer inescapable, and the Z move has lower damage output and no longer breaks Observation.
The M1 move is slow. Hard to obtain

This is the first sword to cost Fragments, and the second sword to require mastery on other Weapons (first being the True Triple Katana).
The NPC who sells Pole (2nd Form) can be found very high above the Second Sea map.
  • It takes around 5 minutes to fly up to the NPC using Light Flight.
  • However, talking to him without a fully awakened Rumble will not let the player buy Pole (2nd Form).
Electric Prison is similar to Dragon Trident's Water Dragon Prison move.
Many players consider this to be the "Best" sword for combos, due to it's reliable stun and how both moves are easy to land.
This is the 3rd Trident to be added in-game.

Pole (2nd Form) can easily be paired with Sharkman Karate and Awakened Dark as a sword main.

Base combo: Pole (V2) Z + Pole (V2) X.
Pole (V2) Z + Pole (V2) X + Dragon Talon X + Dragon Talon Z
Pole (V2) Z + Pole (V2) X + Death Step Z + Death Step X.
Dark X + Pole (V2) Z + Pole (V2) X + Death Step C + Death Step Z + Death Step X.
Ice V + Pole (V2) Z + Pole (V2) X + Superhuman Z + Superhuman C + Soru + Superhuman X.
Sharkman Kung Fu Z + Sharkman Kung Fu X + Pole (V2) Z + Control C + Control V or Sharkman Kung Fu C.
Quake V Pole (V2) Z + Pole (V2) X Death Step C + Death Step Z + Quake Z (towards floor) + Death Step X.
Pole (V2) Z + Pole (V2) X + Magma (V2) V, C, Z (Don't hold Z) + Death Step C + Death Step Z + Magma (V2) X.
Awakened Ice V + Pole (V2) X + Superhuman X + Pole (V2) Z + Superhuman Z + Superhuman C. Can one-shot.
Dark (V2) X or Dark (V2) C, Pole (V2) Z, Pole (V2) X, Sharkman Karate X, Sharkman Karate Z, Sharkman Karate C. Can one-shot.
Dark (V2) C + Pole (V2) X + Pole (V2) Z + Acidum Rifle Z + Acidum Rifle X + Acidum Rifle Basic Attack + Sharkman Karate X + Sharkman Karate Z + Sharkman Karate C. Can one-shot.

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