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Pole (1st Form) is a Legendary sword that can be obtained as a drop with a 6% drop chance from the Thunder God, found in the Upper Skylands. As of Update 14, this sword can be upgraded into its 2nd form.


Each time when killed, the Thunder God has a 6% chance to drop this sword, as long as the player did at least 10% damage to him.


Key Move Description Mastery
Z key perfections.png Explosive Cloud The user waves the pole into the air, shooting out an invisible cloud from the top in the direction of their cursor. Once it reaches its maximum distance or hits a surface, it will create an electric explosion that deals decent damage and stuns the enemy for a bit. Mas. 80
X key perfect.png Lightning Rain The user waves the pole into the air, creating a small cloud at their cursor. Said cloud will then create 3 bolts of lightning which hits enemies below it, which deals decent damage. Mas. 180


  • Mediocre stuns.
  • Decent damage.


  • Bad AOE.
  • Long cast delay on the Z move.
  • Slow M1 attacks (and slow in general)
  • Easily escaped from.

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