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The Pirate Village is an island west of the Middle Town. It is a place to level up for players between level 30 and level 60. All enemies on the Pirate Village use swords. You can also buy swords from the Sword Dealer of the West, who resides on this island. The Pirate Village is notoriously tough for new players, especially the very first enemy, Pirate. It is recommended to kill the Gorilla King or stay at a safe place when killing Pirates if you have an Elemental fruit, as you can gain Elemental immunity to attacks when you're at a high enough level.



There are three Gold Chests, and one Diamond Chest. The gold chest is near the Dark Step Teacher, the other Gold Chest is in Bobby's house, and the last Gold Chest is above the Set Spawn NPC which is the bridge, and there would be a Golden Chest there, while the Diamond Chest is on the arch at the entrance of the island, behind boxes.


- This island is a great way to farm Beli for beginners, as the chests are all quite near each other.

- Bobby is quite hard to handle, because he has the Chop fruit, which means only Fruit/Gun main and Melee users can damage him, while normal swords (Not including Ice or Light sword) do not do any damage to Bobby.

- This map contains the quest giver Rich Man which will give you the quest in order to get the Relic by killing the Mob Boss which is needed to go inside where Saber Expert will spawn, Once you are done go talk to the Rich Man to get the Relic, For more information look at the Saber Expert Tutorial.


The theme of Bobby Island is Intensity (b), which was composed by Roblox.