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The Pipe is a rare-tier weapon, which is sold at the Frozen Village for B$100,000. Like all swords, it has two attack moves.

Key Name Description Mastery
Z key perfections.png
Rage Combo Surges towards your mouse pointer and attacks multiple times (can only hit one target). 1
X key perfection 3.png
Earth Smash Smashes the ground throwing your enemy into the air and dealing damage. 50


  • X move is Decent for farming and you can actually do a combo.
  • Does decent damage (Higher than Triple Katana).
  • Good for PvP because the Z move is fast.


  • Z move is bad for farming, due to it being single target.
  • The X move needs the enemy not to be closed.
  • Z attack has bad range
  • You need to have enhancement active to hit Elemental-type fruit users, as with all swords.
  • X move doesn't work in air.
  • Chop

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