Paw-Paw / Nikyu Nikyu No Mi is a Paramecia type Devil Fruit that can be bought in the shop for B$2,300,000 or 2200 Robux. Paw was added in Update 7. Like several other fruits above B$1,000,000, this fruit is one of the 9 fruit that glow in physical form. (Others being Barrier, Quake, Buddha, Phoenix, Rumble, Gravity, Control, and Dragon). This fruit is good for PvP and also good for swordsmen. The recommended level for this fruit is 1000+ because that is when it becomes easier to farm mastery. This is also extremely easy to use with Mink v3 as well as any Race that upgrades defense and health regeneration.

What Paw looks like in Stock

Jf5d5bh2r3v51.jpg (Paw-Paw Showcase)


Key Name Description Damage Mastery
Z key perfections.png
Heavy Paw
The player launches a high-speed, long range projectile which applies a paw mark (purely cosmetic).
Cooltext B+.png
1 mastery
X key perfect.png
Paw Barrage
The player launches a volley of smaller, high-speed, and long range projectiles that apply a paw mark (purely cosmetic).
Cooltext A.png
100 mastery
C key perfect.png
Paw Nuke
The player shoots a small, high-speed, and long range projectile that explodes into a paw-shaped explosion that sends opponents into the air.
Cooltext A.png
200 mastery
V key perfect.png
The player shoots a low-speed, large, and long range red and blue pulsating paw that blinds an opponent and deals damage over time.
Cooltext S.png
300 mastery
F key.png
Self Repel
Launch the player at the mouse cursor for an average distance, for an exact range it can propel the user across the first Jungle island to the second one.
Cooltext E.png
50 mastery



- High damage.

- Torture will turn the enemy's screen dark red and dark blue, and it can break Ken Haki for a significant amount of time.

- Self Repel goes very far, being very useful in PvP.

- Insanely high combo potential.

- Insane range, if you watch the projectiles they shoot for an extremely long time before despawning.

- Paw's C and V move can break Ken Haki.

- Good Ken Breaks (especially Torture which is a long term Ken Break).

- Torture has a VERY large hitbox, sometimes it lands without even being near the opponent.

- Works well regardless of stat distribution

- Really good for sword mains.

- Longest range in the game.


- All moves are hard to hit unless the opponent is stunned. (Excluding Torture).

- Mastery levels are very high and requires a bit of grinding, and is only recommended for New World players that can farm mastery quickly.

- High consumption (Not a big problem if you have a lot of stats in melee and good aim).

- Since Paw is not a Logia, grinding with this fruit will be difficult. This fruit is recommended for PVP/combat.

- Some skilled players can take advantage of Torture's slight endlag.

- Water, just like every other fruit. However, this can be bypassed if the player has Fishman Race upgraded to either v2 or v3.

- Not good for aerial combat.

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