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Paw is a Natural-type Blox Fruit that costs RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png2,300,000 or Robux.png2,200 from the Blox Fruit Dealer. This fruit has a 1.9% chance to appear on-stock and a 2.83% to spawn in-game, and it was added in Update 8.

This fruit is one of the 13 fruits that glows in its physical form (the others being Love, Barrier, Quake, Human: Buddha, Bird: Phoenix, Rumble, Gravity, Shadow, Venom, Control, Soul and Dragon).

This fruit is commonly seen in PvP and on sword mains, as it has great combo potential and boasts a large range. It also pairs well with most races.


Key Name Description Damage Mastery
Z key perfections.png
Heavy Paw
The player launches a high-speed, long range paw-shaped projectile which deals damage and applies a paw mark (purely cosmetic).
Cooltext A.png
1 mastery
X key perfect.png
Paw Barrage
The player launches a barrage of high-speed and long range paw-shaped projectiles that deal good damage and apply a paw mark (purely cosmetic).
Cooltext S.png
100 mastery
C key perfect.png
Paw Nuke
The player shoots a small, high-speed, and long range paw-shaped projectile that explodes into a massive paw-shaped explosion that deals high damage while flinging opponents into the air.
Cooltext S+.png
200 mastery
V key perfect.png
The player shoots a large and long-range red pulsating paw that blinds an opponent and deals damage over time, while breaking Observation in the process. This move makes Paw combos impossible to Ken trick.
Cooltext A+.png
300 mastery
F key.png
Self Repel
The player launches themselves at the mouse cursor for a good distance, making it essential for PvP. It goes further than Ghastly Step, Lightning Dash, and Electric Flash.
Cooltext E.png
50 mastery


  • High damage.
  • Good for PvP and bounty hunting, if used well.
  • Torture will turn the enemy's screen dark red and dark blue (which blinds them and distorts their vision), it briefly stuns the opponent, and it will break Observation for a significant amount of time, making Torture in any Paw combo impossible to Ken Trick.
  • Self Repel goes very far (roughly twice as far as Ghastly Step), making it very useful to escape combos from others in PvP.
  • Self Repel has a fairly short cooldown and only takes up 20 Energy, making it good for PvP, escaping one-shot combos, and running away from bounty hunters.
  • Insanely high combo potential.
  • Insane range. If you watch the projectiles, they last for an extremely long time before finally despawning.
  • If you use Heavy Paw at an opponent and the projectile goes through their torso (instead of hitting the ground while hitting them), it will very briefly stun them and will not cause significant knockback.
  • Paw's Z, C and V abilities break Observation (for Paw C, they have to be in the middle of the explosion). Z can break Observation if the projectile hits a surface and a player at the same time, and if the player's torso is hit instead of their limb(s).
  • Pretty fast moves (except Paw Nuke, which has a bit of start-up time).
  • Torture is a good Observation Break move, due to enemies taking continuous tick damage after being hit by the move.
  • Torture has a very large hitbox, sometimes it lands without even being near the opponent.
  • Paw Nuke has a big hitbox, even bigger than Torture.
  • Works pretty well regardless of stat distribution.
  • Really good for Sword and Gun mains. Also good for Fruit mains (if you can aim well).
  • Although Paw Barrage doesn't break Observation, it takes up a few of your opponent's Ken dodges.
  • All moves are multi-target (except Torture).
  • Longest range in the game (out of everything in-game).
  • Paw Barrage can stun-lock if aimed on a target properly and directly, allowing combos to be carried through if you're fast enough.
  • Torture can hit enemies through walls, buildings, etc.


  • All moves are hard to hit unless the opponent is stunned (except Torture).
  • High mastery requirements (300 for the V move).
  • Missing Paw Nuke leaves you vulnerable.
  • High energy consumption for all damaging skills.
  • Since Paw is not an Elemental-type, grinding with it can be a bit difficult.
    • Also Paw [V] is a single target skill and Paw [C] has very high knockback, making them very difficult to use in farming.
  • Paw Nuke is slow.
  • Long cooldowns (except for Self Repel).
  • Not recommended for PvP beginners, as you need good aim and prediction skills.


  1. Pole v2 Z, Paw V, Paw X, Pole v2 X, Paw Z, Sharkman X, Z, C.
  2. Paw V, Paw X, Kabucha X, Superhuman C, Shisui X. Shisui Z, Superhuman X. Sword main build required.
  3. Paw V, Paw X, Pole v2 X, Kabucha X, Superhuman C, Paw F, Superhuman Z, Pole v2 Z, Kabucha Z, Superhuman X. Gun main build required.
  4. Pole v2 Z, Paw V, Paw X, Pole v2 X, Death Step C, Z, X.
  5. Pole v2 Z, Paw V, Paw X, Pole v2 X, Paw Z, Superhuman Z, Superhuman C, Paw F (or Soru), Superhuman X.
  6. Pole v2 Z, Paw V, Paw X, Pole v2 X, Paw Z, Electric Claw Z, C, X.
  7. Pole v2 Z, Paw V, Paw X, Pole v2 X, Paw Z, Dragon Talon X, Z.
  8. Pole v2 Z, Pole v2 X, Paw V, Paw X, Dragon Talon X, Dragon Talon Z.


  • Paw is quite a controversial fruit, as some say it is good for PvP, others say it's not.
    • It's really a matter of skill and preference.
  • Paw is one of few fruits that has rarely, if ever, been buffed and/or nerfed by the developers.
  • Along with a few other fruits, Paw was in the fruit awakening Strawpoll of Update 14. However, Rumble received the most votes, resulting in Paw with no awakening.

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