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Order is a Lv. 1250 Raid Boss, which can be started using a Microchip, bought with Fragments.png1,000 from the Arlthmetic NPC. Order has 256,250 HP, and uses the moves of Control and Koko.


An Order raid can be started at the Hot and Cold island, using a Microchip bought from the Arlthmetic NPC with Fragments.png1,000, which can be found inside of the roof of the Smoke Admiral's building. It can be entered through a secret door from behind his castle shown below.

Location of the Secret Laboratory.

After obtaining a Microchip, it can be used inside of the Secret Laboratory's dark blue "chamber". The Laboratory can be found through a small entrance on the top left side of the stone peak at Hot and Cold (the one with a lava pot hanging from it).


The laboratory.

Entrance to Arlthmetic

Starting an Order raid works exactly like starting a standard raid:

  1. The person with the Microchip enters the dark blue chamber.
    • Other people (up to 4) can enter the light blue chambers if they want to participate (recommended).
  2. The person with the chip presses the green button (using their cursor) located next to the dark blue chamber.
    • Keep in mind, the button cannot be pressed if the player is holding something.
  3. Participants will be teleported to the Lab, and the fight will start.


Attack No. Attack Description Tip
1. Control Area Un-cancellable move from Order which creates an area where Order's moveset is able to be used in Attempt to stun Order once the room is up before it comes back.
2. Levitate Order levitates a boulder of the ground or wall, and then flings it at a player Skycamping or Observation will help avoid this attack.
3. Echo Knife Order slices the air with a blade. If the blade makes contact with a player, Order will begin slashing them continuously, and then finish off with a heavy blow, sending them into the air. If a player gets hit by it, attack Order while they are slashing as they cannot get away.
4. Injection Shot In front of Order, a rotating crosshair appears as the attack is held and aimed. Once released, a small, yet fast projectile shoots out of the sword effect along with medium-sized knockback if landed. Flash Step or a fruit teleport are the only ways to escape this move due to the accuracy and the hitbox.
5. Teleport Teleports Order to a random location in the room or near a specific player. Has short cooldown and can be used to escape a combo. Prevent Order from teleporting around the Lab Battle by stunning them in a specific location.


Once the raid is started, the participants will be teleported to the middle of the Lab (Lab Battle). Order will then spawn in front of them, waiting for someone to attack him. Similarly to a normal enemy NPC, Order will not attack any player until approached or damaged.

Upon damaged, Order will create an Area, and begin his attack pattern.

  1. Either use Injection Shot from Koko, or teleport around the room several times without cooldown
  2. Use Levitate exactly 3 times in rapid succession
  3. Teleport around again, finish teleporting near a player
  4. Attempt to use Echo Knife on said player
  5. Regardless if Echo Knife hits or not, use Injection Shot

This will repeat a few times until the Area wears off. Order will then not be able to use attacks for 5 or so seconds, before creating an Area again, and repeating.

The Lab

The Lab's doors will be closed while the Order raid is happening, and the Lab will temporarily be renamed to "Lab Battle". If a participant dies, they won't be able to re-enter the Lab until the fight is done. The music inside of the Lab will change from Acoustic Traveler to Into Battle, both composed by Roblox.

If someone still manages to glitch into the Lab somehow (using Flash Step or other area-specific glitches) they still won't be able to damage him, similar to the Ice Admiral.



  • Order has a 0.25s cooldown on the Teleport move, making him hard to hit.
  • Levitate can be countered using various transportation moves, Skyjump, or Observation's dodges.
  • Getting hit by Echo Knife is actually a good strategy in this battle, as it barely does damage and allows other players to easily hit Order.
  • Defeating Order gives the player 3 levels, so technically you can just grind to max level by doing Order raids (as long as you have enough fragments)
  • Order targets the player with the lowest hp
  • Human: Buddha can do well but may be punished due to the large hitbox


  • There is no level requirement to purchase a Microchip from Arlthmetic.
  • The Order raid will end 15 minutes after started, if not finished.
  • Due to its speed, Injection Shot can only be dodged using Flash Step, which is difficult.
  • Mastery is not given on this boss.
  • Second hardest Raid Boss to fight, as Cake Prince has the highest health, and Order have a ability that let him escape attacks easily. Despite low health, it is VERY hard to defeat.
  • Sometimes Order may bug out and disappear, giving no rewards