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NPCs can be found on most islands giving Quests, selling Items, or teaching Fighting Styles.

There are different types of NPC's.


There are currently 3 types of NPCs, the Shop, the Misc., and the Quest NPCs.

Shop NPCs

Labeled as "Shop" offering different Swords, Weapons, Fighting Styles, or Accessories depending on the location of the NPC.

Does not include non repeatable purchases

Second Sea:

Third Sea

Quest NPC

Labeled "Quest" offering different Quests, with rewards depending on the level / Location of the NPC.

The Quests are usually to kill enemies, but some islands have Bosses who's Quests give a large sum of EXP.

Quests have level requirements for accepting them.

Misc. NPCs

Labeled "Misc." these NPC's offer Techniques (Fighting Styles), Plain Dialogue, Items and / or Quests for Items. To access some you need to meet Stat requirements.

Some Second Sea's NPCs are based on a developer of blox fruit / popular blox fruit youtuber.

NPCs with Enhancement (Enemies)

First Sea

Military Spy.

Military Soldier (50% chance of spawning).

Galley Captain.

Second Sea

Marine Captains.

Ship Engineers.

Ship Officers.

Snow Lurkers.

Water Fighters.

Third Sea

Giant Islander.

Marine Commodore.

Forest Pirate.

Mythological Pirate.