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The Mysterious Man is an NPC's which can be found at Green Zone at the tallest part.

He will give you an offer for teaching you the True Triple Katana Style.

For this you will need 300 mastery on Saddi, Wando and Shisui, then talk to the NPC and he will teach you True Triple Katana Style for B$2,000,000.

In total, that's B$8,000,000, due to each sword being B$2,000,000.

To get Saddi, Wando and Shisui you will have to: Complete the Colosseum Quest and be lvl 850 Talk to the Manager and wait. (my opinion is to server hop)Then when the manager is on his last 3 lines, just be patient and wait more. 4. When he says 'Hey! I just saw him...' immediately run out (and here is my strategy to find him) and find him alt=This is a photo of the mysterious man on the tallest stem.

# A picture of the mysterious man.

Strat- Requires light flight and spawn at docks near captain.

  1. Go to the rock behind factory
  2. Fly to colosseum (from the entrance its on the highest floor North south)
  3. Fly to graveyard and check ever pillar.
  4. Fly to green zone and check every spawn.
  5. Check under the underground tunnel (below the kingdom of rose) (near docks too)
  6. Finally once you have checked the underground tunnel, you reset your character and go to Usopp island.