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Money, MoneyIcon or simply $ is a type of currency used throughout all of Blox Fruits.

Money is one of the three primary currencies in the game, the others being Fragments and Valor. Its uses are buying Fighting Styles, SwordsGuns, Blox Fruits, Accessories, Abilities, or Raid Chips. It is, by far, the easiest currency to obtain, as it is not only dropped in high amounts, but its obtainment methods are fast and simple. It does make up for this with the fact that Money prices are significantly higher than other currencies.

The maximum amount of Money that a player can hold is MoneyIcon 1,000,000,000.


  • Defeating NPCs (Enemies)
  • Defeating Bosses
  • Completing Quests
  • Collecting Chests
  • Participating in Raids and killing the enemies.
  • Defeating a player from Player Hunter's quest or defeating an Elite Pirate from Elite Hunter's quest.
  • Defeating a YouTuber in good standing with Blox Fruits. (Any Youtuber that gives a title upon defeat)
  • Completing sea events.
  • Purchasing with Robux RobuxIcon . (Not recommended)
  • Being gifted money from another player.
  • Trading for one time money cashouts (a player trading you a certain amount of money via a gamepass), though this method is very unlikely to be possible for most.
  • Taking a bounty poster as a marine and then hunting down the pirate.

Getting the 2x Money Gamepass from the Shop will double the money earned from all the ways of obtainment (except from chests), making the player able to earn money quicker, however, this often isn't that necessary.

Obtainment Tips

Private servers can also be efficiently used to get money.

  • Due to the way private servers work, they can be used to spawn Chests whenever the player shuts down the private server using /shutdown.
    • With this method, the player can set their spawn point at a place with a lot of Chests (such as the Upper Skylands, the Forgotten Island, or the Haunted Castle), collect the Chests, use /shutdown to shut down the server, rejoin, and collect the Chests again.
  • Private servers can also be used to hunt Sea Beasts:
    • Normally, there is a cooldown for a Sea Beast to spawn, however, using /shutdown to restart the server will reset the cooldown immediately. This makes it easy to farm Sea Beasts, preferably with a couple of friends. This is one of the fastest ways to grind money in Third Sea with each Sea Beast giving a max of around MoneyIcon 450,000 with 2x Money Gamepass.
  • Server Hopping can also be used to get money:
    1. Go to the second sub-area of the Upper Skylands and set your home point.
    2. Head to the final area (the place with the bell).
    3. Collect the 8 gold chests in the area behind the breakable wall at the front of the temple.
    4. Go to another server and repeat steps 1-4.

For more information, see: User blog:Bruhefiy/Money making guide.


  • These Twitter codes are seen as troll codes (Easter Eggs), as they give very little to almost no Money. These codes (except CHANDLER) are dedicated to an admin by the name of "Fudd".
    • "CHANDLER" gives the player MoneyIcon 0.
    • "Fudd10" gives the player MoneyIcon 1.
    • "Fudd10_V2" gives the player MoneyIcon 2.