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Military spies can be found at Magma Island in Old World/First Sea.


Military spies are what people normally come to after defeating Military Soldiers and before taking on the quest to defeat the Magma Admiral. The player can take on a quest from The Mayor for them after they have reached level 325. Upon doing so, they will be tasked to defeat 8 of them at a time and then receive $8,500 and 1,850,000 exp.


Military Spies are dressed in a black cloak with a red hood and a black mask. They also have the ability to use Enhancement, which give them the ability to hit you even with a Elemental.

Warning: Watch out! The Military Spies also use Flash Step!


The spies use Flash step and punch immediately after so if they use it then the rest will and you need to jump with skyjump and use ranged. (note they have a shorter cooldown for their Flash step)


  • These enemies are notoriously difficult to farm due to their near immunity for being cheesed(as no passive attack evasion except Observation can work on them and they can teleport behind you and take chunks out of your HP).
  • Human: Buddha does a great job here, since it can hit the spies even when they are at the back and soak up their damage thanks to its increased hitbox and extra defense buff.

Warning: These guys are extremely hard to grind without Human: Buddha. A quick way to beat them is to gather them and use fruits with high AoE damage. (Examples of this is Ice, Shadow, and Rumble)

Note: these enemies can help you level up Observation because they all have Enhancement so this makes them easy to get exp for your Observation if you are an elemental fruit user.