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The Midnight Blade is a Legendary Sword, added in Update 12.


You can get the Midnight Blade by getting 100 Ectoplasm and giving it to the El Admin at the Cursed Ship, in the Second Sea. He can be found on the first floor of the Cursed Ship, in the second crew mate's bedroom on the left.


As all Swords, Midnight Blade has 2 moves

Key Name Description Mastery
Z key perfections.png
Portal Opening You hold your sword and when released, you slash the air opening a blue portal at your cursor, sucking in anybody near its range and then after a moment exploding into blue spots which disappear before hitting the ground. Deals decent damage but has bad range. 150
X key perfection 3.png
Crescent Dash You hold your sword and when released, you dash forward quickly leaving blue shadows of you, while slashing you open a blue portal staying for a moment then disappearing and exploding again into blue spots. Deals good damage and has almost decent range. 325


  • Good in close range battle(like when they use awaken dark x to pull you in, use midnight blade z to knock them back)
  • You can make good combos with Awakened Dark.
  • Does decent damage.
  • Pretty good overall.
  • Good stuns and mobility.
  • Some combo potential.
  • Midnight Blade's Z and X move both break Observation so you can use this to make them disable their ken and spam your move.


  • Bad in ranged PvP. (as both move have very short range.)
  • High mastery requirement (325)


This sword is also wielded by the Raid Boss Cursed Captain he uses both moves of the blade (the Boss spams Crescent Dash a lot.)

Both abilitys use an explosion used in Elemental Battlegrounds (Vortex Bomb from Technology)


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