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Middle Town is a base point in the direct middle of the First Sea. It is home to many shops and NPCs, one of which serve quest significance (Dark Blade V2), although some include NPCs that deal weapons and hold inventory, as well as the Blox Fruit Dealer. All the First Sea Xmas NPCs were here too, but as of Update 14 all of them were removed. They were added and removed again in Update 17.. You can locate King Red Head in the secret green roof house.

You can also locate the Second Sea NPC there.

In Update 13, Santa Claws and Magic Elf was added here.

In Update 16, the Death King was added here, but was then removed in the later update.

In Update 17, Santa Claws and Magic Elf returned. They were removed again in Update 17 Part 2.

At Middle Town, the boss, Saw, spawns every one hour and 15 minutes as the message "The Saw has spawned! You have 15 minutes to defeat him and possibly get a rare reward!" appears in red. (Like all raid bosses)

The house where RobotMega and Enhancement Editor are located.

This island is also home to the NPC, Robotmega, in the house with the green roof, who starts the Son Quest for Dark Blade V2; this building also has the Enhancement Editor that allows you to change the stage of your Enhancement. Near this building is the Experienced Captain who will send you to the Second Sea after you have completed the Quest to Access the Second Sea and are over level 700.

Chest Locations

  • The first chest is a silver chest near the left-side normal boat dealer on the dock that faces the Starter Pirate island.
  • The second chest is a silver chest that is under a tree and is near some boxes. It is closest to the weapon (gun) dealer.
  • The third chest is a gold chest that is on a sort of balcony on the building in the middle of the island. If you cannot reach it, there is a ladder to the left of it.
  • The last chest is a silver chest near the right-side normal boat dealer on the dock that faces the Starter Marine island.


The theme of Middle Town is The Woodlands, which was composed by Roblox.

After candy cousin removal Middle Town lost lots of popularity, and most people who used to hang out there stay at jungle.

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