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"May or may not release Stone entities from there Imprisonment."-Redacted

1178px-Ambox warning pn.svg.png This page contains admin/mod-exclusive content, and therefore is unavailable/unobtainable, meaning you probably cannot obtain it.

The Meme Fruit is an admin/mod-exclusive fruit that regular players do not have access to. It only has 1 move.

Pic of meme fruit

Rating (stats)

  • Grinding: F-
  • Range: B (updated)
  • PvP/Bounty Hunting: F-
  • Mobility: F-
  • Damage: F-
  • Usability: F-
  • Combo potential: F-
  • Fun: SSS+
Key Name Description Mastery
[Z] Traffic Cone The player places a single traffic cone at their cursor. -0

The Meme-Meme Fruit can only be obtained through means of an admin, and is currently the hardest fruit in the game to obtain.


Cone of meme fruit.webp