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The Master of Enhancement is an NPC that was added in Update 14. This NPC will sell the player Enhancement Colors, which are special color effects that layer over Enhancement. The colors come in 2 rarities, Regular and Legendary. He takes around 15 minutes to spawn and to despawn and will take 15 more to respawn.

  • Regular colors cost Fragments.png1500, but can also be bought for Robux.png88 from the Colors Specialist.
  • Legendary colors cost Fragments.png7500, but can also be bought for Robux.png350 from the Colors Specialist.

Spawn Locations - Second Sea

Spawn Locations - Third Sea

This section is currently unfinished, please DM esiotrot#5400 on Discord if you have images of any locations not listed here.

Notes and Trivia

  • The Master despawns 30 minutes after spawning, with a 5 minute spawn time.
  • Multiple people can buy a color from the Master, as he doesn't disappear immediately after selling a color.
  • In order to purchase a color from the Master, the player needs to have stage 5 of Enhancement (Except if the player purchase the color using Robux).
  • Colors are purely cosmetic, and does not buff the player in any way.
    • The Enhancer title can be obtained only by purchasing a color from the Master.
    • The Collector title can be obtained both by purchasing a color from the Master, as well as purchasing a sword from the Legendary Sword Dealer.
  • There used to be a glitch where the Master would spawn next to the big wall in the Kingdom of Rose.
  • If you talk to the Master and he disappears while you talk to him, the text box will say "[Gone.]"


It's easier to find the Master of Enhancement by server hopping in the Second Sea, using the Server Browser. Set your spawn at the Green Zone, and start searching from island to island:

  1. Go to the Cursed Ship. If it's not there, reset.
  2. Go to Hot and Cold, then Forgotten Island. If it's not there, reset.
  3. Go to Snow Mountain, then Ice Castle. If it's not there, join a different server.

Feel free to mix up these steps as you'd like, and you can also use Door's C move to teleport instead of having to reset. Searching for the Master in the Third Sea is not recommended due to its size and more locations. Different seas do not affect spawn chances/timing.