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Marine Island is the starter island for marines and one of the two non-PVP/safe zone areas in Old World. Marine Starter Island is a large island covered with Trainees that is Northwest of Middle Town, and is very noticeable, because of the 3 power plant shaped towers from the distance. When you first start playing you will receive an option to pick what side you want to be on. If you pick marine you will spawn into this island, if you pick pirate, you will spawn in Pirates Island.


Pirate Recruiter

If you use this NPC, you will change your group to pirates.

Marines Boat Dealer

This NPC is used to spawn boat to go away from the island to somewhere else.

Advanced Marines Boat Dealer

This NPC is mostly just the boat dealer but doesn’t give you the option to buy the free boat known as the dinghy.

Luxury Boat Dealer

If you have the faster boats gamepass, you can use this boat dealer to spawn special boats that are fast than normal ones.

Blox Fruit Dealer

This NPC can be used to buy devil fruits, eating a devil fruit makes you unable to swim in the ocean as eating a devil fruit makes you unable to swim.

Sword Dealer

This NPC can be used to buy swords to begginers.


Marine Starter Island should be left by the time you're around level 15, but can be left at level 1. Marine Starter Island is also covered with six wanted posters, allowing marines to easily collect them.

A quest is given to the player by the Marine Leader NPC to defeat marine recruits.

Like the Pirates Island, the Pirate Recruiter is hiding so the marines can't see them, so they can recruit players.

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