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The Marine Fortress is an island North West of Marine Starter Island meant for players at Level 120 to 150. There are 4 Chief Petty Officers and a single stairway leading to the large center building where the NPC quest giver Marine is. The building itself contains the Vice Admiral, the boss of the island.

Every 4 hours after a server starts, a message will appear in chat saying "Loud tremors are being heard across the seas...". This message means Greybeard has spawned, if you kill him you can get the Bisento v2.

Like the Military Soldier at magma island, you can get the chief petty officers stuck near the edge where you can wait and attack it without it hitting you.


  • Black Cape (+100 Health/ +100 Energy/ +5% damage) is purchasable here for RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png 50,000. Parlus sells it in one of the towers.
  • Love Letter #3 for the Son Quest can be obtained by traversing through a maze under the castle.

Note: In order to obtain Bisento V2, you must first purchase Bisento from the Skylands and kill Greybeard, a Raid Boss NPC that spawns here.


The theme of the Marine Fortress is Marshall Strength, which was composed by Roblox.

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