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Hi, and welcome to the Blox Fruits wiki. This page is a manual, complete with guidelines and etiquette when editing/creating basic articles on this wiki. This page is a standard that you should seriously consider following, so that people know how and what to edit.

If you're looking for the rules, you're at the wrong page.

Need help?

If you're doubting something discussed on this page, you can ask any of the Content Moderators. There is a more detailed guide on how to edit over here, so if that's what you're wondering, please go there. We also use Wikipedia's Manual of Style along with this page, as well as the simplified version. We recommend you at least read the simplified version.

Please also keep in mind that you do not have to memorise this entire page in order to make contributions. It's fine! This page is mostly used in order to settle edit disputes, on what to write and what not to write, and how to stylise things.

But do keep in mind, this etiquette does not apply to discussion posts, pages, message walls, or comments. It is solely meant for pages.


If you want to edit here, you should at least try to follow these basic rules.

  1. Try to use proper grammar and spelling within any article that is directly related to the wiki.
  2. Write in an objective (and preferably passive) third-person perspective when editing
    • Example: "The user ____" or "The player ____", instead of "You ____".
  3. Create new pages whenever content is added to Blox Fruits.
    • It's fine, really, don't be shy! Someone will most likely correct you if you've written anything wrong.
  4. Remove and replace opinionated, immature, or right-out wrong writing from wiki articles.
  5. Assist our staff in correcting vandalism, and report vandalisers when you notice them.
    • It's fine to tell a vandaliser to stop, however do not claim to be a mod/that you know the owner, when you don't/aren't.
  6. Help replace incorrect information.
  7. Name images correctly.
    • Image names such as "RobloxScreenShot247346346.png" will be either moved or deleted. Please name your images for the appropriate use, such as ControlPhysicalFruit.png for a physical Control fruit.
  8. Don’t add information that blatantly references One Piece, or any other form of copyrighted material.
    • This includes fruit names, characters that use said fruit, and much more. Adding information such as this may result in a block, as mentioned in the Rules.

In-detail: Grammar

In order to edit in information consistently, these guidelines should be followed as a reference to write articles. Remember, editors should strive to write in an objective (and preferably passive) third-person perspective when editing.

  1. Editors should refer to readers in the third-person, as "the user" or "the player". They shouldn't write their articles in a first- or second-person perspective.
    • First-person is a subjective way to write an article, and second-person is an informal way to write an article.
    • This includes using pronouns, where editors should use "they, them, their" instead of "his, him, her" etc.
  2. Editors should remain impersonal in their writing.
    • Example: "I have used this fruit before, it is the best fruit!" is something that shouldn't be written.
    • Instead, they could ask the community, and write something like "This fruit is generally liked by the community".
    • A perfect example of this is the "This is generally seen as the most annoying fruit, as it often spawns and seems to ruin every rare chance you get." line on Spring's page.
  3. Editors are to familiarize themselves with the use of the words "its" and "it's".
    • "Its" should be used as a possessive, e.g. "Its cooldown is the shortest in the game"
    • "It's" should be used in the same way as "it is", e.g. "It's a rare item.", or "It is a rare item."
  4. Editors shouldn't use subjective statements, such as calling fruits, swords, or fighting styles trash/terrible.
    • This goes back to the "editors should remain impersonal in their writing" point.
    • While it is true that some items may have objectively lower stats, damage, and demand than others, the editor should instead present the item's real statistics, in order to let readers draw their own conclusion of the item.
  5. Editors should not add jokes to the pages. This counts as vandalism, and will be punished accordingly.
  6. Editors should avoid using abbreviations, such as "df", "ds", or "eclaw", as readers may not be as well-versed in Blox Fruits terminology as the editor is.

In-detail: Capitalization

Generally, editors should use English common sense, follow sentence-style capitalization and not title-style, capitalize proper nouns, and not capitalize common nouns. However, if your English isn't perfect, there's a list below of capitalization rules that you'll find especially handy on this wiki.

  1. The names of swords should be capitalized, however the word "sword(s)" shouldn't be.
    • Example: "The Sword is named tushita, it's great," should be written as "The sword is named Tushita, it's great." instead.
  2. The names of fighting styles should be capitalized, however the word "fighting style(s)" shouldn't be.
    • Example: "I like this Fighting Style named death step." should be written as "I like this fighting style named Death Step." instead.
  3. The names of Blox Fruits should be capitalized, as well as the word "Blox Fruits" itself, including the game's name.
    • Example: "I love buddha, it's the best blox fruit for farming." should be written as "I love Buddha, it's the best Blox Fruit for farming." instead.
    • An exception to this is when speaking about "fruits" in general. E.g: "This has very high damage, compared to other fruits."
    • The above can also be written as "This has very high damage, compared to other Blox Fruits." if you'd like to use that instead.
  4. The names of NPCs should be capitalized, as well as the word NPCs itself.
    • Example: "This npc is one of the npcs that sell things" should be written as "This NPC is one of the NPCs that sell things" instead.
  • Please don't actually put these example sentences into pages. Use them as examples, as they're meant to be, instead.

In-detail: Headings, sections, and MediaWiki

This section is written for people who use source-code editing, not visual editing. The main sections of an article should start with level 2 headings (== Heading ==) and increase by one for subsections. Never use a level 1 heading (= Heading =) for sections; as this is reserved for the article title.

Do not start a page using a header, this will commonly break the Table of Contents. If you insist on using a header, use __NOTOC__ to prevent a Table of Contents from ever coming in at the page.

Table of Contents can also be forced to appear in a specific section using __FORCETOC__. Don't mess around with this one unless you have something really clever.

Although not required, having one space between sections and one space between the equal signs and the section name makes for ease of editing. Headings should also not have links or templates in them.

Header cells should also not be bolded, as that is done automatically after saving a page.

Extension: MediaWiki editing & tags

This site, as well as any other FANDOM Wikia, runs on the MediaWiki engine. MediaWiki code is commonly referred as "source-code editing", and exists as an option to visual editing.

There's an extensive guide on how to use some of MediaWiki's different code formatting & tags over at the official MediaWiki help page. Source editing can be useful in situations where you need very specific code to write something. There are some members of our community that purely use souce editing, and some that purely use visual editing.

In-depth: Formatting

This section deals with formatting of dates, numbers, and currencies.

Dates & Time

Dates should be formatted like October 3, 2016 or 3 October 2016, not October 3rd, 2016, October 03, 2016, 2016/10/3, or any other format. The ISO 8601 format yyyy-mm-dd can be used in tables and other locations where the dates need to be short, such as 2016-10-03.


Numbers should be formatted with a comma as the thousands separator for digit grouping and a period as the decimal separator.

Numbers smaller than ten should preferably be written as words, instead of digits, in articles. That meaning, you should usually write one, two, three, ..., eight, nine instead of 1, 2, 3, ..., 8, 9.

  • An exception to this is when writing about Updates. They should be formatted as Update 9, Update 5, Update 16, under any circumstances.
    • Preferably, the link to Updates should be written as [[Updates#14|Update 14]] for Update 14, and replace the 2 numbers with the appropriate update.
    • This will automatically lead the reader to the appropriate update on the Updates page.

Levels, Currencies

When referring to a level (example: if a certain required level to obtain an item is 1650), it should be written as Lv. 1650, and NOT Level 1650. This is in accordance with how the game itself formats Level to Lv.

When referring to currencies (such as Money, Robux, or Fragments) the proper template should be used along with a space in beforehand. The three templates used are {{Beli}}, {{Robux}}, and {{Fragment}}, and should be used accordingly when referring to said currencies.

  • Example: RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png 1,500,000 becomes {{Beli}} 1,500,000 while written.
  • Some pages also utilize the <font> header to provide colored currencies.
    • An example usage of this could turn RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png 2,000,000 into RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png 2,000,000 (written as {{Beli}} <font color="#70FF3C">2,000,000</font> in wikitext)
    • RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png uses 70FF3C, Robux.png should not use a color, Fragments.png uses B179FF, and Candies use FF6666, if ever needed.
  • This is to be used regularly, as much as possible.

In-depth: Tables & Tabbers

This section is written for people who use source-code editing, not visual editing. Tables should use either the "wikitable", "fandom-table", or "article-table" class. It is though preferred that you use "article-table", as it makes things look way more compact.


An example for the Control page's table is formulated below. Keep in mind that files are used without [[]] to prevent the actual images from appearing.

Moveset section

{| class="article-table"
|Control Area
|User creates an Area. Holding Z will make the Area bigger.
|1 mastery

Showcase section

GIF showcases of fruits should not be put in the Moveset section, as they generally clutter the page.
{| class="article-table"
|Control Area
|File:Control (Z) Room.gif|thumb

If both of these two are needed in one page, they are to be separated using tabbers.

These examples can generally be used for any page, as long as you replace the placeholder information with information relating to the sword/gun/fruit/fighting style.

There is also a separate "Damage" tier commonly used in tables. This, however, is not to be used, as it presents a bias, and something that can commonly be argued on, and should be removed.

In-depth: Biased information

Biased information is extremely common on this wiki. As mentioned above in the Tables section, the ranking and damage of fruits shall not be done, unless officially stated by developers.

  • Fruits CAN be ranked by their RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png value.
    • However, if actual usability is in the focus, it must be explicitly stated, and in a separate section from the factual information.