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The purpose of the manager is to tell you whether or not the Legendary Sword Dealer has spawned. This NPC is a crucial part in obtaining the 3 Legendary Swords (Saddi, Shisui, Wando) which you can later assemble into the True Triple Katana, or TTK for short. Each of his 5 phrases help you determine when the Legendary Sword Dealer spawns. He can also be found at the Cafe.

However, to even talk to the manager, you need to have completed the Bartilo quest, After that, every time you join a server you'll need to wait 10 mins before being able to interact with the manager. Wait and be patient for Legendary Sword Dealer to spawn.

The Manager's 6 phrases are the following sentences:

  • "Are you new to this island?" You must be level 850 , and have completed the Bartilo quest.
  • "It's still too early for you to be here." You've either just joined the server or the server has just started, you must wait 10 minutes before he will speak to you.
  • "Some pirates said they ran into him on a nearby island last week. Check back later and I'll let you know what I hear." This phrase means that you will have to wait for 3 hours until the next phrase.
  • "A man in here earlier claimed to see his ship nearby today. Check back with me later." This phrase means that you will have to wait 1 hour and 15-30 minutes for the next phrase.
  • "I think he should be getting here soon, it's all anyone in here has been talking about" Stay with him for the next 10-20 minutes talk to him often so you don't miss his next phrase.
  • "Hey, I just saw him! He told me he would be in the area for 15 minutes. Good luck!" The Legendary Sword Dealer is here and you only have 15 minutes to find him, and get one of the legendary swords. But if someone else buys it first he will disappear.
  • "Meh, he left not too long ago." It mean Legendary Sword Dealer has gone.
  • After this You have to wait 30 mins for this process to redo.

NOTES: You can server hop to do the sword dealer quest.You dont have to wait 4-5 hours for the sword dealer.Go in a random server than ask a player to check the sword dealer.If he say the "Some pirates said they ran into him." Server hop to new one. Another strat is too check the amount of fruit in the cafe, more fruit equal higher chance of an older server or check the text box for information. The best time for sword dealer hunting is at afternoon in your country timezone.

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