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The Magma Village is an island in the First Sea (Main World). It is found south of Pirate Village. The Quest NPC on this island is the Mayor, located on the house closest to the bridge. There are three quests on this island.

You are recommend to either have Chop or just to grind on the previous island until level 375, since some of the enemies have Enhancement, which will make Elemental users take damage regardless of level. So either have Chop or a lot of HP to survive at least 4 of their attacks but it is recommended to grind on the previous island because then you will have Elemental protection. Beast-type fruits are not recommended (Excluding Buddha)

It is advised to grind at the previous island until you reach the level needed for Magma Admiral, because Military Soldier and Military Spy have Enhancement and they are quite far from each other.


[Level 300] Military Soldiers - Kill 7 Military Soldiers.

They're the easiest to fight here, and is the most recommended NPC to grind until level 375. Military Soldier will have a 40-50% chance to spawn with Enhancement (you can tell if they have enhancement or not by looking at the color of their swords, white= no enhancement, black= enhancement). While fighting against soldiers will enhancement, any Elemental fruits here are not recommended as they won't be useful. The best way to grind here is by using the Chop, as the Military Soldier use swords. Swords are ineffective against Chop Fruit, no matter what, even if they have Enhancement. You can grind this at any level by yourself if you get them stuck on the bridge and because they don’t have long range moves, they can’t hit you. This makes for a quick way to level up as the bridge is tall enough to block them.

[Level 330] Military Spies - Kill 8 Military Spies.

This quest is not recommended for grinding, as all military spies have Enhancement, and can use Flashstep. They only use normal combat, but they do a lot of damage.

If you want to grind here, use a fruit with ranged attack and high mobility to escape when they teleport to you.

Another way would be to group them up, then climb onto the volcano. (don't go too far away or else they will use Flashstep) and attack them with ranged attacks that DON'T have knock back.

There is a glitch with the Military Spies, if they use Flashstep while you're using a skill, they despawn, It is currently unknown why this happens.

Note: For Flame users. collect all Military Spy in one place. then jump a few inch above them. after that use this combo (Z,X,V,C,Z) For C Skill, Go near the Spy then use it and then jump again to do the last combo

[Level 350] Magma Admiral - Kill the Magma Admiral.

The Magma Admiral is a hard boss at first. He has the abilities of the Magma Fruit, which out of all the fruits un-awakened, does the most damage.

The Magma Admiral's Move set is:

Magma Fist - Launches a magma fist towards you.

Magma Explosion - The Magma Admiral implodes, and sends magma flying in a small area.

The Magma Admiral also has Enhancement, as do all bosses so Elemental Fruits are useless. The best fruit to use to defeat this NPC is Light, Magma, Ice and Barrier, since Light can fly away from the Admiral's attacks,Barrier can block the attacks and Ice can stun him.

It takes 20 minutes for the The Magma Admiral to respawn.


The next Island after this is Underwater City You have to be level 375 to accept any quests from that island.

There is also an NPC called Living Skeleton who sells a sword called Soul Cane for RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png750,000. You can find him in a secret passageway in the volcano.

The best way to grind level 300-375 is grind Swan level 300-350 and then grind Magma Admiral 350-375

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