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Magma Meteors

Magma is a Logia-type Devil Fruit. It costs B$850,000 or 1,300R$ at the Blox Fruit Dealer. Its Japanese name is the Magu Magu No Mi. Magma was added in Update 1. Its attacks does one of the highest damage in-game. It is a good fruit for farming because it is a Logia. Unfortunately, it falls short in PvP standards because most of it's moves are ground-based.

Magma Showcase: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bx8h5uoy7b8

Fun Fact: The Magma Meteors attack will not explode until it reaches the ground even if you activate the move mid-air, no matter how high you go.

Magma Flight

Magma Wolf

Magma Logia Protection


Name Description
Element type The wielder is immune to all physical attacks (unless your opponent has Enhancement activated).
Magma Immunity The user cannot be damaged by magma on Hot and Cold island and Magma Village.
Lava Puddles Every magma move that hits the ground will leave a magma puddle. The puddle damages whoever walks on it.

Key Name Description Damage tier Mastery
Z key perfections.png
Magma Fists
The user unleashes some mid-ranged magma fists that explode and do high damage, leaving magma puddles after them.
Cooltext A.png
1 mastery
X key perfect.png
Magma Column
The user charges up and punches the ground to unleash a pillar explosion, creating a crater around the explosion and spewing out 6 magma splashes that do extra damage.
Cooltext A.png
45 mastery
C key perfect.png
Magma Wolf
A long ranged attack that unleashes a huge wolf-face magma at your mouse, picking up and damaging any enemy it touches. After it travels a certain distance, it explodes, damaging the trapped enemies and launching them away. This is magma's only air-based move
Cooltext A.png
95 mastery
V key perfect.png
Magma Meteors
The user can aim with their mouse to unleash an AoE attack of magma punches to the area below, dealing very high damage to anyone they hit.
Cooltext A+.png
140 mastery
F key.png
Magma Flight
The player's legs turn into magma and you fly at a slow pace.
Cooltext E.png
10 mastery


  • Very good for grinding, since specials leave a magma mark that works like lava at the volcano.
  • Highest damage in the game for unawakened fruits.
  • It is a Logia type blox fruit, making it a good option when it comes to grinding.
  • Immunity from lava, which is found at Magma village, Flame raids, and Hot and Cold Island.
  • Best for Grinding (Old World Only).
  • Easy to obtain.
  • Good for pvp, you can make a lots of one shot combo with it. Some bounty hunter actually hunt with it. I don't know why people think its bad for pvp.
  • Cheap
  • Most moves will Break Ken


  • Hard to hit airborne targets (aside from C attack).
  • Magma Meteors is really slow. By the time the Meteors got the ground, your opponent will dodge away and launch their attack.
  • Most attacks are slow and easy to dodge (X, C, V).
  • One of the most ground-based fruits.
  • Not much stun.
  • Slowest flight in game [tied with Smoke and Sand].
  • Water, as all fruits (unless you have Fishman V2/V3).

Overall, this is up there as the best fruit for grinding. The other choices would be Light and Flame. It's really down to personal preference. This fruit is not very good for PvP overall as it has a slow flight speed and all of it's AOE is only on the ground, due to magma puddles.

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