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Magma is an Elemental-type Blox Fruit that costs RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png850,000 or Robux.png1,300 in the shop. It can also be obtained by random chance from Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin You have chance to get this in Death King. Its Japanese (anime) name is Magu Magu No Mi, is used by Magma Admiral in the game and Akainu (Red Dog) in the Anime and Manga. This fruit has a 10% chance of being in stock, and a 7,2% chance of spawning in-game.

Magma was added in Update 1 along with several other fruits. It received an Awakening alongside Buddha in Update 15. Unawakened, this fruit is tied with Sand and Smoke for slowest flight.

However, if you fully awaken the fruit, it gains an insanely high damage output (being one of the highest damaging fruit in the game), with the Z move being destructively powerful. Although it still lacks power in airborne-fighting, its new moves gives it the ability to destroy sky camping opponents, when aimed correctly.

Magma easily shreds through enemies who aren't moving (or stuck) because its attacks leave puddles that damage the enemy continuously.

It costs Fragments.png14,500 to fully awaken this fruit.

Passive And Moveset

Magma has 5 moves. Magma Showcase

Name Description
Element type The wielder is immune to all physical attacks (unless your opponent has Enhancement activated).
Magma Immunity The user cannot be damaged by magma on Hot and Cold island, Flame raid, Magma raid and Magma Village.
Lava Puddles Most Magma moves (C doesn't) that hits the ground will leave a magma puddle. The puddle damages whoever walks on it.

Key Name Description Damage tier Mastery
Z key perfections.png
Magma Fists
The user unleashes some mid-ranged magma fists that explode and do high damage, leaving magma puddles after them.
Cooltext A.png
1 mastery
X key perfect.png
Magma Column
The user charges up and punches the ground to unleash a pillar explosion, creating a crater around the explosion and spewing out 6 magma splashes that do extra damage.
Cooltext A.png
45 mastery
C key perfect.png
Magma Wolf
A long ranged attack that unleashes a huge wolf-face magma projectile at your mouse, picking up and damaging any enemy it touches. After it travels a certain distance, it explodes, damaging the trapped enemies and launching them away. This is Magma's only air-based move
Cooltext B+.png
95 mastery
V key perfect.png
Magma Meteors
The user aims with their mouse to unleash an AoE attack of magma punches to the area below, dealing very high damage to anyone they hit.
Cooltext S.png
140 mastery
F key.png
Magma Flight
The player's legs turn into magma and you fly at a slow pace.
Cooltext E.png
10 mastery

Key Name Description Damage ranking Fragments Gif
Z key perfections.png
Magma Shower
The user fires a massive amount of melting hot magma rocks dealing great damage when everything hits and leaving behind multiple magma puddles. This move can be shot to the sky, and then it will fall to the ground.
Cooltext S.png
X key perfect.png
Volcanic Assault
The user dashes and if they hit anything, the user fires multiple continuous blasts of searing hot magma from their palm, finishing with a stronger blast dealing knockback and good damage.
Cooltext A+.png
Volcanic Assault.gif
C key perfect.png
Great Magma Hound
The user shoots out a large magma projectile that deals large damage and has less curve on its path leaving puddles under it. This move can drag the enemy or NPCs and stun for 2-3 second (work for player only)
Cooltext A+.png
Great Magma Hound.gif
V key perfect.png
Volcanic Storm
The user amasses a large amount of magma around their hands before throwing it out as it separates into smaller little meteors dealing insane damage, changing your screen colour into orange and leaving scorching hot magma puddles.
Cooltext S+.png
F key.png
Beast Ride
The user creates a rock of magma below them, similiar to Gravity's flight, leaving trails of burning hot magma behind. It's faster than normal Magma Flight. When you release F, the beast turns into puddles of lava that deal decent damage on contact. There is a time limit as to how long you can use the move for though, similar to Roller Donut.
Cooltext B+.png

Moves Gif
Magma Fist
Magma Column
Magma Wolf
Magma Meteors
Magma Flight

Magma Review (V1)

Magma attacks does one of the highest damage in-game. It is a good fruit for farming because it is a Logia. Unfortunately, it falls short in PvP standards because most of its moves are ground-based.

  • Damage: A
  • Grind: A+
  • Range: B
  • Durability: B
  • Mobility: B-
  • PvP / Bounty Hunting: C-
  • Speed: B-
Magma Review (V2)
  • Damage: S+
  • Grind: S
  • Range: A
  • Durability: A+
  • Mobility: A
  • PvP / Bounty Hunting: A+
  • Speed: A-

Z move is extremely useful for grinding and does insane damage, it slightly stuns so it can be used for high damage combos. X move is an overall good grab, as it has great reach and can be used to follow up after moves like Sharkman Karate and Superhuman's C moves, however it leaves you vulnerable while the grab animation plays. The C move is a good AoE move. it deals great damage. It's good for grinding. The V move isn’t all too useful however it can be used for its high damage in grinding due to its insanely high damage.

Very good for grinding, since attacks leave a magma mark that works like lava (except for Magma Wolf).
Highest damage in the game for unawakened fruits.
It is a Logia type Blox Fruit, making it a good option when it comes to grinding.
Immunity from lava, which is found at Magma Village, Flame raids, Hot and Cold Island, and Magma raids.
One of the best fruits for low levels due to great damage and the Logia effect. Magma, Light and Flame are probably the best fruits for grinding.
Easy to obtain, like from the Cafe as it's quite underrated despite its value.
Decent price for New World players.

Hard to land combos (V1). With V2 it's a bit easier. If you're not good at combos, you can spam the Magma moveset, similar to Flame V2.
Hard to hit airborne targets (Magma V1. It's a bit easier with Magma V2).
Magma Meteors is a bit slow. By the time the Meteors hit the ground, your opponent will dodge away and launch their attack.
Most attacks are slow and easy to dodge (unawakened X, C, V).
No stuns.
Magma V1 has the slowest flight in game (tied with Smoke and Sand).
Water, as all fruits (unless you have Fishman V2 / V3).
Not very good for PvP due to slow speed and not much stun. It is also mostly ground based. Most people say this deals the most damage in game, but this is only correct if the opponent stays on the magma puddles. All attack of this fruit is useless on water (v1 and v2)

Magma X + Magma V + Magma Z + Superhuman Z + Superhuman C
Pole (2nd Form) Z + Pole (2nd Form) X + Magma Z + Soru + Magma X + Magma C.
A one shot combo: Magma X + Magma V + Electric C + Soul Cane X + Soul Cane Z + Magma Z + Magma C.
Magma V + Superhuman Z (needs to be quick) + Soru + Magma X + Superhuman X + Magma Z + Magma C (needs to be quick, as if you are using the two moves at once) + Superhuman C. This combo is one shot with fruit main stats.
Magma (awakened) Z + Magma (awakened) C + Superhuman Z + Magma (awakened) X


Pole v2 Z, X, Magma V, Death Step C, Acidum Rifle Z, Magma Z, Magma X, Death Step X or Z

The V move [ Magma Meteors ] attack will not explode until it reaches the ground even if you activate the move mid-air, no matter how high you go.
Overall, this is up there as the best fruit for grinding. The other choices would be Light and Flame. It's really down to personal preference. This fruit is not very good for PvP overall as it has a slow flight speed and all of its AOE is only on the ground, due to magma puddles.
Magma awakening was recently confirmed by the developers of Blox Fruits (released already). It looks very OP in Axiore and Gamer Robot's videos.
In One Piece, its Japanese name is the Magu Magu No Mi. This fruit's user is Sakazuki, also known by his alias Akainu, the Admiral Commander-in-Chief of the Marines.
Magma V2, Buddha V2, Rumble V2, Shadow, Door and Venom are the only fruits that deal damage on their F skill.

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