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The Longsword is a rare sword that can be obtained by defeating the Diamond Boss NPC (10% chance). It has 2 attack moves.

The Longsword only has one useful ability that being Its first ability Annihilate which is like a bootleg version of Dark blade's One Thousand Slices. It does a great job breaking Observation Haki due its AoE attacks but isn't useful for much else.

LongSword Showcase:


[Z] Mastery 100: [ Annihilate ]

The user slashes around themselves, creating a sphere of slashes. This stuns the enemy for a meduim period, and does a good amount of damage. This attack is very similar to the Dark Blade's Z, A Thousand Slashes, without holding.

[X] Mastery 200: [ Glorious Smash ]

The user turns into a white blur and moves in the direction they are aiming at a high speed. After a short distance, they smash the Longsword into the ground, creating a shockwave that does good damage and launches players and NPCs directly up. This move is similar to Spring's C.

mastery 100:annihilate

[This sword can easily break an opponent's Observation Haki when turned on, so it's pretty useful in pvp]


  • The Z move can stun and knockback a little.
  • Z move can break Ken Haki.
  • High combo potential, due to Z move being very good at slowing enemies.
  • Decent in farming because all moves are AoE.
  • X skill can be used for traveling and a short range flash step.


  • The X has short range
  • Z needs to be close to your enemy
  • Low damage in compared with another Rare-tier Swords.
  • Chop, like all Swords (except Light and Ice Blox Fruit swords).
  • High knockback not good for combos. (unless with stun)

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