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First Sea or Old world

Your first spawn location will depend on which team you choose: If you spawn as a Pirate, you will spawn on the Pirate Island. If you spawn as a Marine, you will spawn on the Marine Island.

Starter Island - Pirate



  1. Bandits (Level 0)


Starter Island - Marine



  1. Trainees (Level 0)





  1. Monkeys (Level 10)
  2. Gorillas (Level 15)
  3. [BOSS] Gorilla King (Level 20)


  • Shanks can be found here (Need to complete the jungle puzzle and be level 200).
  • For Levels 15+. (Depends)

Pirate Village



  1. Pirates (Level 30)
  2. Brutes (Level 40)
  3. [BOSS] Buggy The Clown (Level 55)
    • Defeat Bobby The Clown
      (WARNING) Sword attacks will not work on Bobby even if you have Enhancement, but the light and ice sword can (Chop-Chop Effect).
      35,000 Exp.


  • Dark Step can be bought here for B$150,000 in a space between the tree near the houses.
  • For Levels 30+




  1. Desert Bandits (Level 60)
  2. Desert Officers (Level 75)


Middle Island/Middle Town


Raid Boss:


  • N/A

Frozen Village



  1. Snow Bandits (Level 90)
  2. Snowmen (Level 100)
  3. [BOSS] Yeti (Level 110)
    • Defeat 1 Yeti
      180,000 Exp.


Marine Fortress



  1. Chief Petty Officers (Level 120)
  2. [BOSS] Vice Admiral (Level 130)
    • Defeat 1 Vice Admiral
      350,000 Exp.
      There is a 10% that Vice Admiral will drop the Coat.
    • Note of importance: The Vice Admiral is a good place to grind at for people who are level 130, as he gives a lot of money and offers same amount of Exp as the Dark Masters of Skypiea Island


  • Love Letter #3 can be found here.
  • For Levels 120+


Skypiea Island



  1. Sky Bandits (Level 150)
  2. Dark Masters (Level 175)


  • Love letter #2 can be found here. it is behind a house at the third island, use Yoru's Z move to break the cracked wooden door. Or use the teleport glitch to enter.
  • For Levels 150+

Impel Down (Jail)



  1. [BOSS] Warden (Level 200)
    • Defeat 1 Warden (spawn time is 4 minutes)
      600,000 Exp.
  2. [BOSS] Chief Warden (Level 225)
  3. [BOSS] Donquixote Doflamingo a.k.a Swan in game (Level 250)




  1. Toga Warrior (Level 225)
  2. Gladiator (Level 275)
    • Logia at Level 279
      Defeat 8 Gladiators
      1,000,000 Exp.
      • Misc
      • For Levels 225-250 (Depends)

Magma Village



  1. Military Soldier (Level 300)
  2. Military Spy (Level 330)
  3. [BOSS] Akainu/Sakasuki a.k.a Magma Admiral(Level 350)


  • All enemies at the Volcano have Haki (Military Soldiers have a 50% chance to spawn with it). Chop-Chop is recommended instead of a Logia (I recommend grind Military Soldiers for Logia users).
  • You can buy Soul Cane, from the Living Skeleton, for B$750,000. The Living Skeleton can be found hidden in a wall at the side of the volcano.
  • For Levels 300+

Note: Military Spys do not use Swords so it is recommended to grind at Military Soldiers with Chop instead.

Underwater City



  1. Fishman Warrior (Level 375)
  2. Fishman Commando (Level 400)
  3. [BOSS] Hody Jones a.k.a Fisherman Lord(Level 425)
    • Defeat Hody Jones
      4,000,000 Exp.
      There is a 10% chance for Hody Jones a.k.a Fisherman Lord to drop the Trident.
    • Note: Fisherman Lord has 2 FORMS - Beware. His Second form is faster, does more damage, and gains back all health upon the death of his first form.
    • Note: If he misses his Trident grapple, he will sometimes restore his hp back to full if he clings far away enough. Be careful when fighting this Boss, as he will completely restore his HP (will remain in form 2 if already there) if you or someone else fighting him dies.


  • Levels 375+

Upper Yard Entrance


  1. God's Guard (Level 450)


  • The rest of the Upper Yard can be accessed by breaking the cloud floor in the temple-like building in this area.

List of moves that can break the clouds in the temple:

  • Yoru (obviously as it can break anything breakable, any of its moves works)
  • Light (light beam, light kick)
  • Slingshot (only explosive move)
  • Cannon (regular shot)
  • Flame (fire column, fire bomb)
  • Magma (magma column)
  • Dough (fried dough, carved dough)
  • Bazooka (regular shot)
  • Paw (any move except for v)
  • Control (use levitate in the cloud)
  • Sand (Heavy Sand attack.)
  • Phoenix (Cannon)
  • Quake (any moves except for v)
  • Bomb (any move)
  • Rumble (any move except x) (temple has roof)
  • Ice (Ice Shards to my surprise)
  • Human-Human: Buddha (Impact and transformation while standing over it)
  • Dark (Dark Bomb)
  • Bisento (Quake Sphere, Version 1 and 2)
  • Dragon (Z move)
  • Rubber (Pistol or Cannon)
  • Musket (Dragon Bullet)
  • String (Z move & X move)
  • Gravity (Z move & X move)

Upper Yard First Area


  1. Shanda (Level 475)
  2. [BOSS] Wysper (Level 500)

Upper Yard Second Area


  1. Royal Squad (Level 525)
  2. Royal Soldier (Level 550)
  3. [BOSS] Enel a.k.a Thunder God (Level 575)


  • You can also find Usoap at the temple. He sells Observation Haki (Kenbunshoku Haki) for B$750,000 (Need to defeat Shanks at least once and be level 300 to get this. He will also inform you of the mastery of your Observation Haki).


  • There is a secret entrance under the temple that leads you to a room with 8 golden Chests. You must destroy the stone walls with an AOE attack in order to enter the room.

Fountain City / Water 7


  1. Galley Pirate (Level 625)
  2. Galley Captain (Level 650)
    • Defeat 9 Galley Captains
      6,300,000 Exp.
    • Note: Galley Captains also have Buso Haki and can inflict damage to Logia players. (Best to have Chop or Buddha. You Should Be At Least 14 Levels Above for Chop to work).
  3. [BOSS] Franky a.k.a Cyborg (Level 675)
    • Defeat Franky
      7,500,000 Exp.
      There is a 1% to 2% chance that Franky will drop the cool shades.
    • Note: Grind here until Level 700 for the Ice Admiral quest. (Optional)
    • This is the last area in the Old World.

Second Sea / New World

The Second Sea is the second part of the adventure, which is accessed by reaching level 700 at the first sea and completing the military detective's quest at Impel Down. Beware of bounty hunters!

'Beige = Kingdom of Rose ,Green = Green Zone ,Gray = Graveyard Island , Pink = Island where you get blue flower , Blue = Snow mountain , Light blue and orange = Hot and cold / Punk Hazard , Dark gray = Cursed Ship, Light blue = Ice Castle, Magenta = Forgotten Island, Black = Dark Arena / After Island , White = Usopp Island, Mansion = Center of Kingdom of Rose

Kingdom of Rose (Area 1)


  1. Raider (Level 700)
  2. Mercenary (Level 725)
  3. [BOSS] Diamante a.k.a Diamond (Level 750).

Note: The tree where Diamante spawns is the biggest thing that you can levitate in-game with Control Fruit. The Bridge is still and will always be the biggest thing that you can levitate, as it's explosion is almost the size of an island.

It is advised to grind at The Fountain until level 716 for the Logia effect to kick in.

Note: The Enhancement Editor is within the city on one of the walls.

Kingdom of Rose (Area 2)


  1. Swan Pirate (Level 775)
    • Logia at Level 793
      Defeat 8 Swan Pirates
      7,500,000 Exp
      Note: Recommended to grind here until level 900 instead of Factory Staff and such due to them being spread far apart and they can hit you, even with a Logia Devil Fruit, because they use differents Devil Fruits.
  2. Factory Staff (Level 800)
  3. [BOSS] Bellamy a.k.a Jeremy (Level 850)

Note: Once you're above Level 850, you are recommended to get Buddha since the Logia effects are much harder to trigger due to the higher level requirement.

Note: Legendary Sword Dealer Spawns One at the Water Bay in one of the edges and one behind a hill near Factory.

Green Zone


  1. Marine Lieutenant (Level 875)
  2. Marine Captain (Level 900)
  3. [BOSS] Fujitora a.k.a Fajita (Level 925)

Note: Legendary Sword Dealer can spawn here in a leaf in one of the plants and also behind a rock near Fajita's spawn location.

Note: Alchemist can be found here (he sells Race V2 with a price B$500,000)

Note: The Master Of Enhancement has a spawn at the docks

Graveyard Island


  1. Zombie (Level 950)
    • Logia at Level 976
      Defeat 8 Zombies
      11,000,000 Exp.
    • Note: You are advised to grind here until level 1000 / 1028
  2. Vampire (Level 975)


Snow Mountain



  1. Snow Trooper (Level 1000)
  2. Winter Warrior (Level 1050)
    • Logia at Level 1080
      Defeat 9 Winter Warriors
      14,200,000 Exp.
    • NOTE: You are advised to grind Snow Troopers. Winter Warriors have a move that can hit logia users.

Hot and Cold/Punk Hazard


  1. Lab Subordinate (Level 1100)
    • Logia at Level 1132
      Defeat 8 Lab Subordinates
      15,500,000 Exp.
  2. Horned Warrior (Level 1125)
    • Logia at Level 1160
      Defeat 9 Horned Warriors (Enemies have Ice)
      16,800,000 Exp
    • Recommended to grind Lab Subordinates instead, since the Horned Warriors uses Ice fruit skills(Glacial Epoch and Ice Surge). However, they can be dodged with ken/observation or use Buddha fruit.
  3. [BOSS] Smoke Admiral a.k.a Smoker (Level 1150)
  4. Magma Ninja (Level 1175)
    • Logia at Level 1211
      Defeat 8 Magma Ninjas
      18,000,000 Exp.
  5. Lava Pirate (Level 1200)



  • Mysterious Scientist
    • You can do fruit raids there to awaken your devil fruit
      • You MUST to be level 1100 to buy special microchips from him to start a raid.


  • He sells a special microchip for 1k fragments for you to start a Order/Law raid.

Cursed Ship



  1. Ship Deckhand (level 1250)
    • Logia at level 1288
      Defeat 8 Ship Deckhands
      23,000,000 Exp.
  2. Ship Engineer (level 1275)
    • Defeat 8 Ship Engineers
      24,500,000 Exp.
    • Note: Ship Engineers have Buso Haki (recommended to grind at Ship Deckhands or use Buddha)
  3. Ship Steward (level 1300)
    • Logia at level 1342
      Defeat 8 Ship Stewards
      26,500,000 Exp.
  4. Ship Officer (level 1325)
    • Defeat 8 Ship Officers
      28,500,000 Exp.
    • Note: Ship Officers have Buso Haki (recommended to grind at Ship Steward or use Chop)

Note: You will need 275 Ectoplasm to obtain all new items on this ship.

Note: NPC's on the Cursed Ship have a 50% chance to drop 1 Ectoplasm.

Prices for items on the Cursed Ship:


Cursed Captain

Ice Castle



  1. Arctic Warriors - Level 1350
  2. Snow Lurkers - Level 1375
    • Defeat 8 Snow Lurkers
      32,000,000 Exp.
    • Note: Its advised to grind at Arctic Warriors as Snow Lurkers have Ice Fruit and can hit Logia users since they have Buso Haki and use moves of the Ice fruit.
    • Small note: Both of them can drop Hidden Key
  3. [BOSS] Awakened Ice Admiral - Level 1400

Note: Awakened Ice Admiral has a chance to drop the Library Key, which lead you to Phoeyu, who grants you access to Death Step (you can use Soru to glitch through the door, but the key itself is a requirement so you still need the key) and the Hidden Key, which is used to obtain Rengoku. He also uses three Awakened Ice moves.

Forgotten Island



  1. Sea Soldiers (Level 1425)
    • Logia at level 1473
      Defeat 8 Sea Soldiers
      33,500,000 Exp.
  2. Water Fighters (Level 1450)
  3. [BOSS]Tide Keeper (Level 1475)

Dark Arena/Alter Island


  • Darkbeard (have to find Fist of Darkness and put it in the orange cylinder in order to spawn him)
    • Chance to get the Dark Coat
    • Note : You can kill a Sea Beast to get Fist of Darkness. ( There's a 10% chance to get it. )
    • You can also get Fist of Darkness from Chests. (it spawns in a random chest every 4 hours)

Usoap Island





· The Café is one of the Safe Zones in the Kingdom of Rose (Second Sea). Here exists many NPC's, both quest-wise and misc-wise.

· You can set your spawn point here, and a inventory chest, a Treasure Inventory and 2 seats to start a trade

· Bartilo will give you a quest upon reaching level 850 if not he will just say " THE COLOSSEUM IS IN PERIL".


Bounty/Honor Expert

An NPC who is able to tell you the boost of damage and defense during PvP that you get from your bounty/honor. You will gain more boosts for every 500k bounty/honor you gain.


The Nerd can tell you the buffs given by the accessory you are currently wearing. If you're not wearing an accessory, he'll just say "Are you lurking?" and end the conversation.


In exchange for 3,000 Fragments, your race will be changed into Human, Mink, Skypian, or Fishman, with a 1/3 chance for each, as you cannot re-get the race you currently have. It is the only way to change race without spending Robux. There was a way in Update 13, you had to talk to an NPC called the Magic Elf and he would reroll your race for a cheap price of 90 candies.


This guy is the manager of The Café. After you've leveled up to level 850 and done Bartilo quest. If you haven't completed Bartilo quest he'll tell you: "Are you new to this island?". If you have completed Bartilo's quest he'll tell you info about the Legendary Sword Dealer, when he spawns, and when he's gone. He is the key to getting True Triple Katana and the legendary swords (Shisui, Wando and Saddi).


He tells you some of the secrets of the Kingdom of Rose. He'll tell you info for the Swan Glasses, info about the Alchemist which is the clue of getting your Race upgraded to V2 and V3 and the legendary sword dealer. He also says a secret about the Fist of Darkness.

Titles Specialist

When you talk to him, he will show you a list of the titles you have unlocked and you can select them. when you speak in the chat, the selected title will appear next to your name. You can only equip one title at once.

Awakening's Expert

If you awoke a skill from any fruit and you prefer the un-awakened skill, talk to this guy. He can get any of your moves back to normal.

NOTE: You have to have at least 1 move of your fruit awakened or else you won't be able to talk to him.

Chess Board

Turn to the right instead of the left when going to the Awakenings Expert, you will see a chess board. It is almost fully functional and requires 2 players to start.

Tip: This is not recommended for mobile players, as the pieces are hard to move.

NOTE: Castling does work given the fact that there is a title you can earn by doing it.

Color's Specialist

Behind the Manager go to the chest on the left, collect it and you should see an opening to the basement and next to the Titles Specialist you should see the Color Specialist. He offers you the ability to change your Haki color. Colors can be bought from The Master Of Enhancement. You can also buy colors from him using Robux.

Third Sea

One can access the Third Sea by having the required level of 1500, completing King Red Head's quest located underneath the Colosseum.

Port Town (spawn island)



  1. Pirate Millionare (Level 1500)
  1. Pistol Billionaire (Level 1525)
  2. [BOSS]Stone (Level 1550)

NOTE: Elite Pirates spawns here and one of the Fruit (Pineapple) to get Ken Haki V2 (Observation V2) can get here.

Hydra Island


  1. Dragon Crew Warrior (Level 1575)
  2. Dragon Crew Archer (Level 1600)
    • Logia at level 1658
      Defeat 8 Dragon Crew Archer
    • Note: These guys are on the outer edge of the island making it a little difficult for people to find
  3. Female Islander (Level 1625)
  4. Giant Islander (Level 1650)
  5. [BOSS]Island Empress (Level 1675)
  6. Training dummy quest: 40,000,000 exp, 22,000 beli, 200 frags, can do every hour

NOTE: You can get Yama behind the Waterfall (Need to kill 30 Elite Bosses) and after you entered at the right top corner there's a hidden entrance to get the Tushita (It's a puzzle and need to be max), (Friendly) Arena can found here and Elite Bosses spawns here.

Great Tree



  1. Marine Commodore (Level 1700)
  2. Marine Rear Admiral (Level 1725)
  3. [BOSS]Kilo Admiral (Level 1750)

One of the Fruit (Banana) to get Ken Haki V2 (Observation V2) can get here.

Elite Pirates spawns here.

Floating Turtle



  1. Fishman Raider (Level 1775)
    • Logia at level 1844
    • Defeat 8 Fishman Raider
      56,000,000 Exp.
  2. FIshman Captain (Level 1800)
    • Logia at level 1870
      Defeat 8 FIshman Captain
      58,000,000 Exp.
    • Note: These guys are located at the entrance to Floating Turtle. It is also the place you get teleported to when doing the tushita quest
  3. Forest Pirate (Level 1825)
    • Defeat 8 Forest Pirate
      61,000,000 Exp.
  4. Mythological Pirate (Level 1850)
    • Defeat 8 Mythological Pirate
      64,000,000 Exp.
  5. [BOSS]Captain Elephant (Level 1875)
  6. Jungle Pirate (Level 1900)
    • Logia at level 1974
    • Defeat 8 Jungle Pirate
      67,000,000 Exp.
  7. Musketeer Pirate (Level 1925)
    • Defeat 8 Musketeer Pirate
      70,000,000 Exp.
  8. [BOSS]Beautiful Pirate (Level 1950)
    • Defeat Beautiful Pirate
      70,000,000 Exp.
      Has a high chance to drop Canvander
    • Note: To enter the Beautiful Pirate domain you need to be level 1950 or you can soru glitch in on Hydra Island. The place you have to soru in is at the dummy room

Mansion (Third Sea) location in Floating Turtle. This is the 3rd sea Cafe and you can Trade Fruits here.

Mansion NPC's: Blox Fruit Dealer, Blox Fruit Dealer Cousin, Title/Color Specialist, Norp, Bounty/Hunter Expert, Awakening Experts and Nerd.

Wenlock house can be found here.

This is the island you use to get Tushita.

One of the Fruits (Apple) spawns here.

Elite Pirates spawns here.

Castle on the Sea

  • NPC's: Player and Elite Hunter Quest, Tacomura, Lunoven, Phoeyu, the Reformed, Dark Step Teacher, Mad Scientist, Water Kung fu Teacher, Daigrock, the Sharkman, Martial Arts Master, Sabi, Enhancement Editor, Erin, Butler, Plokster, Mysterious Scientist, Boat Dealer. Luxury Boat Dealer, Remove Blox Fruit,

Event that rewards 100 frags to everyone who killed at least one pirate. Player that gets the last hit on the leader (tanky pirate) will be rewarded a fruit

Raid Boss
Player Hunter and Elite Hunter

The player can get the Jaw Shield, after completing 5 Player Hunter quests, after talking to Tacomura. The player can get the Pretty Helmet, after completing 5 Elite Hunter quests, after talking to Lunoven. Completing either 30 Player Hunter or Elite Hunter quests will make player worthy of pulling Enma / Yama. It is located at the bottom of the waterfall at Hydra Island.

Haunted Castle

Dragon Talon (obtained by having Dragon Breath at 400 mastery as well as a Fire Essence) that you can obtain from the Death King. After that, talk to Uzoth and you will need to pay him 5,000 Fragments and B$3,000,000.


Death King, Gravestone, Uzoth.

Enemy NPC

Reborn Skeleton.

Living Zombie.

Demonic Soul.

Possessed Mummy.

Raid Boss

Soul Reaper (summoned by putting the Hallows Essence, that can be obtained from Death King, at the fire place near the Reborn Skeleton, then go to the back of the castle and player will see a bridge, go there and follow it to a room, there the player will see the Boss. Drops are Holy Crown and Hallow Scythe).