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What Light looks like in stock

Light Fruit is a Logia (Elemental) type Devil Fruit which costs B$650,000 or 1100R$.

Note: Light has the fastest flying speed in the game. Unlike Light Flight, Shining Flight is controllable. This fruit is said to be the best grinding fruit.


Light V1

  • Damage: A-
  • Stun: D
  • Range: B
  • Grind: S
  • Cooldown: A

Light V2

  • Damage: S
  • Stun: A
  • Range: A
  • Grind: S+
  • Cooldown: B+

Fully Awakened Light Cost: 14,500 Fragments

Moveset / Abilities

Passive name Description
Elemental type
The wielder is immune to all physical attacks (Fighting Style, Sword, and Gun) unless they are imbued with Haki or, in the case of an NPC, they are higher level.
Light Sword
The wielder gains a sword made of light to use as their M1 attack like the Ice Sword. This can hit Chop users as it is a fruit attack.

Key Name Description Damage ranking mastery
Transparent Z button.png
Light Beam
Shoots a high-speed beam made of light with a so-so hitbox in the direction of the cursor.
Cooltext B+.png
1 mastery
Transparent X button.png
Light Barrage
Shoots 14 Small beams of light towards desired target. [Ken Break]
Cooltext B+.png
40 mastery
Transparent C button.webp
Light Kick
The user teleports forward, sending a horizontally blade-like projectile at the opponent. (AoE)
Cooltext A.png
80 mastery
Transparent V button.png
Sky Beam Barrage
User summons multiple beams of lights raining on the target. (AoE)
Cooltext A+.png
110 mastery
Transparent F button.png
Light Flight
The player turns into a light symbol and flies extremely fast. Can't change direction mid-flight. Lower health = lower speed.

"no damage"

10 mastery

Key Name Description Damage ranking fragment
Transparent Z button.png

Another Picture Of The Divine Arrow

Divine Arrow
The player summons a bow and an arrow made out of high-pressure light. Good stun (only on pierce hit, not AoE), and an actual hitbox. Pierces opponents. {AoE breaks Ken.}
Cooltext B+.png
500 Fragments
Transparent X button.png
Swords of Judgement
The player shoots a barrage of small, low damage light swords and shoots them at the desired target. (Stuns + Mini AOE[when touching something] & Hold for more swords.) {No Ken Break}
Cooltext A.png
3000 Fragments
Transparent C button.webp
Light Speed Destroyer
The player dashes at the desired target. Consecutively kick the target around then smashing them back onto the ground. {No Ken Break}
Cooltext A+.png
4000 Fragments
Transparent V button.png
Wrath of God
The player summons a barrage of light falling from the air, hitting the target if aimed correctly. (AoE, Ken Break.}
Cooltext S+.png
5000 Fragments
Transparent F button.png
Shining Flight
The player turns into light and flies extremely fast. Unlike V1, this move can change direction mid-flight,

"no damage"

2000 Fragments

Move GIF
Light Beam and Divine Arrow

Light Beam

Divine Arrow

Light Barrage
Light barrage.gif
Light Kick
Light kick.gif
Sky Beam Barrage and Wrath Of God

Sky Beam Barrage

Wrath Of God

Light Flight and Shining Flight

Light Flight

Shining Flight


  • High damage
  • Long-range
  • V2 is decent for PvP
  • Fastest flying Fruit in the game
  • Having Light Sword combine with being a Logia makes it one of the most effective grinding Fruit alongside Magma
  • Good for Fruit mains as Light Sword damage is based on Fruit stats


  • Mediocre AOE
  • Requires good aiming
  • Only 2 Kenbreak moves
  • The lower the health you have out of your total health, the slower Light Flight/Shining Flight will be
  • Light Flight can't change its direction
  • Shining Flight is hard to control on mobile
  • Water, as all fruits except Ice (unless you have Fishman V2/V3)


Light V2

  • C + Z
  • The C move only stuns for about 0.5 seconds so you don't have much time to launch another attack
  • Both moves have short cooldowns so this combo can be executed pretty often with good damage

Acidum Rifle

  • Z + Z/X/V
  • The Acidum Rifle's Z move stuns for about a second so this gives you plenty of time to attack, it has good AOE and you can use Light's V move while your opponent is stunned to deal high damage

Superhuman and Light V2

Superhuman and Light V2

Sharkman Kung Fu and Light V2

Death Step and Light V2

Kabucha, Superhuman and Pole (2nd Form)

Soul Cane, Acidum Rifle, Superhuman and Light V2

Kabucha, Pole (2nd Form), and Superhuman

Pole V2, Superhuman, and Light V2

  • Pole V2 Z + Pole V2 X + Light V2 V + Superhuman Z + Superhuman C + Light V2 C + Light V2 Z + Light V2 X