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Image of a Library Key when you hold it


The Library Key is part of the assembly of Death Step. This key is a rare drop from the Awakened Ice Admiral who is located at the main room in Ice Castle. Upon defeating the Admiral you can also get the Hidden Key, both if you’re lucky.

The chance of the drop is around 5% - 25%

IMPORTANT: This key (along with the Hidden Key) will disappear when you die or leave the game.

How to get Death Step

  • 400 mastery on Dark Step
  • RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png2.5M
  • Fragments.png5000
  • The Library Key

For more information on getting Death Step you can visit the Death Step page.


With the x2 Drop Chance Gamepass, the chances of getting this key (Along with all other boss drops) increase.

The library key cannot be dropped by NPCs at Ice Castle, it can only be dropped by the Awakened Ice Admiral unlike the Hidden Key which can be dropped by both.