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  • You gain 3 stat points per level.
  • In total at max level you will have 6897 stat points, plus the 1 original you get in every category from first joining the game
  • For Logia effects and immunities to work you must be more than 105% in levels above the NPC's or player (depends on the enemy).
  • Enemies with Buso Haki (Enhancement) can hit logia players, no matter how much higher your level is (Chop fruit is immune to all Swords and their Abilities including NPC's except for bosses).
  • Click here and press the people that show up to see Logia level immunities.
  • The current max level cap is 2300.
  • At the max level you cannot get any more exp the you already have.
  • Darkbeard, Greybeard, Law (Raid Boss) and Rip_indra (Raid Boss) will level you up 3 times no matter what. (This does not count for the max level, of course).
  • Sea Beast will give you 1 level every time you defeat one no matter what. (This does not count for the max level, of course).
  • Every level increases the price of buying a random fruit from Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin.
  • You can get Bounty/Honor when you kill another people between levels higher or lower than 300 levels (I believe), otherwise you will get a message: No reward, level difference is too high
  • You can get more then 1 level at a time.