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LSD on the beanstalk, near Fajita

The Legendary Sword Dealer (LSD) is a very rare NPC in the Second Sea. He sells each of the 3 legendary swords for True Triple Katana, Saddi/Sandai Kitetsu, Shisui/Shusui and Wando/Wado Ichimonji. Each sword costs 2M Beli. He spawns every 3-5 hours and disappears 15 minutes after spawning. He can appear in several places listed below. The player must complete the Colosseum Quest given by Bartilo, to know when he appears by talking to the Manager inside the Café. There is technically a level 700 requirement to buy the swords, since that is the level to access the Second Sea. There is a level requirement and a quest requirement to see he spawns (Level 850 and Colosseum Quest by Bartilo).

A clear picture of the Legendary Sword Dealer inside a house on God Usopps island, You can also get The following item “Kabucha” here.

Note: Every 5 hours refers to the how old the server is (for example if you are in a 12 hour old server it will take about 3 more hours). If you have a VIP server, you have to wait for 5 hours until he appears. So be patient for him to spawn. Note: He doesn't sell all 3 swords when you find him, he will sell 1 of the 3 swords every time. When he spawns, he might sell a sword you already have, but he might sell one you don't have too. I don't know the chances but that's how it works. He is like the Master Of Enhancement except the Legendary Sword Dealer spawns every 5 hours.

When a player loads a new private server the Manager will ask you to wait and then say, "Meh, he left not too long ago." This is intentionally programmed and is not a bug.

If you haven’t completed Bartilo’s quest, the manager will just say “Are you new to this island?”.

Shisui has highest damage and speed out of the three swords, which makes it way better for PvP than the other two . Saddi is decent for grinding, and Wando is the worst sword out of the three due to slow moves and low range.

The 7 Legendary Sword Dealer's spawn locations.

The 7 Legendary Sword Dealer's spawn location (steps to find him)
The Colosseum's arches
The waterway underneath the Kingdom of Rose. He spawns near the center of the tunnel, on the left-hand side of a rock.
In the Green Zone, on a high leaf. He spawns on top of one of the leaves that is attached to the largest beanstalk, which is located in the center of the Green Zone.
In the Green Zone, behind the 3-rock formation close to Fajita.
The Graveyard, atop the central peak.
Behind the grassy rock plateau near the Factory. It's the one closest to Jeremy.
Usoap's Island, inside the center house

The Legendary Sword Dealer atop one of the Colosseum’s arches.

Dealer on Beanstalk

The Manager is very important to knowing when the Legendary Sword Dealer will spawn. He is NPC's at cafe. Note that you need to have been in a server for more than 10 minutes in order to see what the Manager says, or he will say "It's still too early for you to be here." This means that you need to wait, it's NOT a glitch. The dialogue stages are:

After 10-15 minutes

1: "Some pirates said they ran into him on a nearby island last week. Check back later and I'll let you know what I hear." | More than 15 minutes have passed since he left.

Now wait for 2-4 hours.

2: "A man in here earlier claimed to see his ship nearby today. Check back with me later." | 1 hour 20 minutes left until he spawns.

Now wait for 30-50 minutes

3: "I think he should be getting here soon, it's all anyone in here has been talking about." | 20 to 30 minutes left until he spawns.

Now wait for 10-30 minutes

RobloxScreenShot20210929 190455606.png

4: "Hey! I just saw him!... He will be here for 15 minutes." | He has spawned, and you have 15 minutes to find the dealer.

5: "Meh, he left not too long ago." | Less than 15 minutes have passed since he left.

Note: You must be level 850 & have done the Colosseum Quest to talk to the Manager.

Although typically spawning every five hours, it is possible for the dealer to spawn between three and five hours.


He despawns after you buy one of the three swords, so make sure to be the first to buy the sword from him.

Once the player has all 3 swords, they then can grind them up to mastery 300 and collect 2M Beli. Then talk to Mysterious Man at the top of the beanstalk located in Green Zone to get the True Triple Katana/TTK.

If he says "[Gone.]" then you have all the three legendary swords. (Shisui, Saddi, and Wando)

Despite the requirements to talk to the Manager you do not actually need to complete the quest in order to find the dealer and buy the swords. The NPC can spawn for everyone in a server.

Legendary Sword dealer near factory.png

Legendary Sword Dealer at Tunnel