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A picture of the Legendary Sword Dealer.

The Legendary Sword Dealer is a very rare NPC that only spawns in the Second Sea. Each time he spawns, he sells one out of 3 legendary swords, that being Shisui, Saddi, and Wando. Each sword costs RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png 2,000,000.

The Dealer only spawns at a certain interval, which can be checked by talking to the Manager (more on that on said page). The Manager will give the player different dialogue depending on how much time is left before the dealer spawns.


  • The time for the Dealer to spawn is relative to how old the server is (e.g. if you are in a 12 hour old server it will take about 3 more hours for another one to spawn).
    • In private servers, since they are started when the first player joins, the player will have to wait 4-5 hours.
  • The Dealer does not sell the player all 3 swords at once, he sells them separately, each spawning with a 1/3 chance.
    • This means that the Dealer might be selling a sword that the player already has when spawned.
  • Upon joining a server, the Manager will say "It's still too early for you to be here.", regardless if it's a public one or not.
    • He will only state a different dialogue once 10 minutes have passed since the player joined.
    • This is to prevent server-hopping.


Inside the north-east arches of the Colosseum. F32D4EAC-D568-45FA-91BC-1074A79232FF.jpg
Inside of the waterway that tunnels underneath the Kingdom of Rose, directly in the centre, on the left-hand side of a rock. Legendary sword seller at the tunnel.png
In the Green Zone, on top of one of the leaves that is attached to the largest beanstalk, which is located in the center of the Green Zone. RobloxScreenShot20211021 225005253.png
In the Green Zone, behind the 3-rock formation close to Fajita.
The Graveyard, atop the tallest central peak. EpicLegendSwordDealerGuyManThingIGuess.png
Behind the grassy rock plateau near the Factory. It's the one closest to Jeremy. Legendary Sword dealer near factory.png
Image 2022-04-18 153810864.png
Usoap's Island, inside of the centre house.


  • The Dealer disappears after a player purchases a sword off him.
  • Once the player has all three legendary swords, the "Gone." dialogue will trigger when spoken to.
  • The player can purchase a legendary sword at any time, they only need the Manager to tell when the Dealer spawns.
    • This means, in theory, that you can collect all three swords without using the Manager. This is just a waste of time, though.
  • He bears a resemblance to the Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin.
  • A fruit with high mobility, such as Door or Light is recommended, as searching for the Dealer can be otherwise troubling.