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Koko, is a Legendary sword that was added in Update 10. It can obtained by defeating the Raid Boss Order and has a 5% chance to drop.

This sword can be potentially dangerous in PvP if you have literal foresight and the ability to swiftly predict your opponents moves with Observation V2. You must have amazing aiming skills, and use the 'invisible hit box' skill (more below).

This sword was buffed in Update 17 (Part 2). Now, in the user's Control Room, it will have increased range, to the point that Injection Shot [X] can hit anywhere inside the Room. This is the first sword to be buffed by a fruit, which is Control.

"A sword wields no skill, unless the hand that wields it has skill."


Like every Sword, this Sword has two skills.

Key Name Description Mastery Gif
Z key perfections.png
Electric Stab The user charges forward (similar to that of Shisui's Z), and deals damage and shock to the opponent. This attack can hit multiple enemies at once. Unless coated with Enhancement, this move can't hit Elemental users. Its cooldown time is around 10 second. Additionally, it has a lightning-streak effect upon using it. This attack hitbox is also pretty large, so it is easy to hit. 150 (31).gif
X key perfection 3.png
Injection Shot In front of the user, a rotating crosshair appears as the attack is held. Once released, a small, yet fast projectile shoots out of the sword. The projectile carries a lightning-like effect and deals good damages, along with medium-sized knockback. Unless coated with Enhancement, this move can't hit Elemental users. Injection Shot can hit multiple enemies at once as long as it is within a certain distance. If you move your cursor to some where else, the hitbox is your cursor, not the visuals, so the target will be hit, if you first had aimed your injection shot somewhere else, but aim it on the right after you cast it, the target(s) at the area will be affected. (does not work if you have held the move instead of instant tap) The move cooldown time is between 14-15 seconds. 325 (32).gif

Note: The abilities are almost similar to Saber V2


  • Injection Shot breaks Observation.
  • Decent damage.
  • Injection Shot has good range.
  • Very good for hybrids.
  • Basically the slower Shisui (TESTED).
  • Slow start-up allows you to aim somewhere else while releasing the key, making the hitbox your cursor.
  • Good for combos, and also works good with Electric Claw
  • Koko's move range becomes bigger if you have Control to the point Injection Shot can hit anywhere inside the Control Room.


  • Injection Shot has a short amount of end lag and long wind up time.
  • High mastery requirements.
  • Hard to hit the skills on a dashing player in a PvP.
  • Needs a bit of aiming skills and a lot of prediction skills to hit in PvP.
  • Very short stun.
  • Very hard to obtain. (2x Boss Drops is recommended)


Sword main - Dark v2 X + Koko Z + Koko X + Superhuman Z + Superhuman X/C.

Dark v2 X + Kabucha X + Koko Z + Koko X + Electric Claw x C Z (look up)

Any stun move + Koko X + Electric claw x C Z (look up)

Rumble X/Z + Electric Claw C + Electric Claw X Or Koko Z + Rumble C (Upwards) + Rumble F (Dash to enemy) + Electric Claw Z + Koko X (Needs aim skills).

Fruit main - Control Z + Koko Z + Control V + Kabucha X + Depending on enemy's movement, use close range or ranged skills. If they are running away then tp to them then use Superhuman Z + Superhuman X + Superhuman C. If they are coming close, then you go close and Control C and Koko X (don't worry about the landing on this one if you are fruit main). ( this won't work well....)


  • Koko's 'Electric Stab' stuns the target(s) hit for a brief second.
  • Koko 'Injection Shot' stuns the target(s) hit for a split second with a little knockback.
  • Koko is longer than any other katana in-game, the Enhancement swirls don't cover the whole blade.
  • Moves can hit multiple targets
  • Added in Update 10

KOKO 'Injection Shot' effect

Screenshot 2021-09-29 at 18-46-31 Koko.png


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