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Area 1

Area 1 is the first area in the Second Sea. It is the first area of The Kingdom of Rose. This island is the largest in the New World, and is the second largest island in the game, this island has 3 bosses. There are 14 NPCs in total. It contains the spawn point for the Second Sea and also the inventory and Experienced Captain in order to go back to the old world. This area has the Raiders and the Mercenaries. It also contains the bosses Diamond.

Area 2

Area 2 is the second area in the Second Sea, where the Swan Pirates, Factory Staff, and Jeremy are located here. This area is recommended for grinding until around level 900.


The Mansion, not to be confused with Mansion (Third Sea), is where you can find the NPC known as Trevor. There is also a Red Flower that spawns at the mansion. Give him a fruit that's worth over 1 million beli but you have to be level 1000+ to enter Don Swan's Room and have Trevor accept the fruit. Swan's Room is where you fight the boss Don Swan. On defeat, you will obtain the Swan Boat and a V3 upgrade of your race. There is a location around the bridge in the middle that if you break it down you can find 3 golden chests.


The Café is one of the three Safe Zones in the Kingdom of Rose(Dressrosa) in the Second Sea. At The Café, there are multiple different NPC's, both quest and MISC, as well as a Blox Fruits Dealer and a Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin. You can set your spawn point at The Café. There is also an Inventory chest, a Treasure Inventory and two trading tables on each side the building. It also has a secret basement, which leads to a Chess Board, and the Awakenings Expert. There also used to be Wenlocktoad's room there.

Bridge to Green Zone

Next to the spawn place of Diamond, there will be a path that will lead to a bridge that connects Kingdom of Rose and Green Zone. This is where Plokster is located which you could reset your stats with 2.5k fragments.


  • The bridge is the biggest thing you can throw with Control with an AoE that could hit players from the Café.


The theme of the Kingdom of Rose is Industry (A), which was composed by Roblox.