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King Red Head is an NPC in the second sea. He was added in Update 15.

The player can only talk to him once they are Level 1500 or higher. Once a player accepts his quest, he will teleport the player to an island to fight rip_indra, which is part of the quest to go to the Third Sea.

If you succeed in pulling rip_indra's health to half, there will be a brief cinematic of him fighting and being defeated by rip_indra. Currently, King Red Head is trapped in stone behind the main castle on Castle on the Sea.


He can be found in the prisoners cell along with the Gladiators, under the Colosseum (Second Sea).


Level 1500 or higher and have defeated Don Swan.


He looks just like the Enhancement Editor, since they are both based off the same person, mygame43, or Gamerobot, the creator of Blox Fruits.