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The Kilo Blox Fruit is a Natural-type Blox Fruit. It costs RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png80,000, or Robux.png220, from the Blox Fruit Dealer. It can also be obtained by a large chance from the Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin. It was added in Update 15. This fruit has a 16% chance of being in stock, and a 13% chance of spawning in-game. It is used by the Kilo Admiral in Blox Fruits.


Key Name Description Damage ranking Mastery
Transparent Z button.png
10,000 KG
User weight changes to 10,000KG and do AoE, similar to Superhuman X.
Transparent X button.png
20,000 KG
User change the weight of their leg and smash the ground, similar to Gravity Z.
Transparent C button.webp
50,000 KG
Player changes their weight to 50,000KG, stunning nearby enemies and deals good damage at them. Is similar to 10,000KG but with bigger hitbox, no knockback, and stun.
Transparent F button.png
User becomes lighter and floats up holding an umbrella.

Move Name Gif
10,000 KG
Kilo z move.gif
20,000 KG
Kilo x move.gif
Kilo c move.gif

Pros and Cons

Air mobility, can counter Sky People.
It is a starter fruit so it has a low price.
Moves are AOE based
Moves are fast

Doesn't have dash moves, although it's got good air mobility, it's still hard to catch up with enemies. You can try to use F first, then spam Q in the air, which makes it easier.

Attacking in the air doesn't buff damage on all moves.


This fruit is by far the only fruit that can counter enemies in the air. If an enemy knocked you up using skills such as Barrier's Z move, You can then, land down fast using your skills (all of them except F can land down). This fruit lacks a huge mobility. Although it has godly air mobility for running away from bounty hunters, it still lacks speed for bounty hunting. Now, I highly recommend you to turn on Observation first. Then, use F to help you float into the mid-air. After that, you may dash with Q in the air for a long time until you find a point where the enemy was out of attentions. Then surprise attack them. Basically a good fruit for bounty hunting along with farming. But bounty hunt requires combos and skills.

Always remember that whenever you use a skill, you are on the ground. So you need to make sure when you are attacking, the enemy is on the ground, or else, you will probably miss.

The suggested races are Mink and Fishman. Mink is used to help improve the ground mobility and the dash distance; and can be used for airstall. Fish can be used to prevent damage in water, because if you fail on landing your moves, you'll divebomb into the ocean. You'll be stuck inside the body of water for around 5 seconds. That leaves you at an extreme disadvantage during this time, so I'd recommend you to use Fish or Mink.


Kilo F + Kilo C + Kilo Z + Kilo X (Basic combo)

Kilo F + Kilo Z + Kilo X + Rengoku Z (Knockback chain)

Kilo F + Kilo C + Electric C + Kilo Z + Kilo X (Stun chain)

Death Step V + Kilo F + Kilo C + Death Step Z + Death Step C + Kilo Z + Death Step X (One shot combo)

Dark Step V + Kilo F + Kilo C + Kilo Z + Dark Step X + Dark Step C + Dark Step Z + Kilo X

Kilo c + Soul cane z + acidum rifle z superhuman click 2x z + c + soru + x/death step click 2x c + z + x/sharkman karate click 2x + x + z + c/electric claw click 2x z + c + x(up)/Dragon Talon click 1 x + z + soru + kilo z -FFcarrot

You can further grow/extend the combos depending on your skills.

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