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Observation Haki is the ability to avoid incoming attacks from enemies, and helps see enemies behind structures as well as their health and energy.



To learn Observation Haki, you need to be at least level 300 (despite being in an area of level 500) and have killed Saber Expert at least once. If the requirements are fulfilled, you must reach the highest sky island, which is called the "Upper Yard Second Area".

To be more specific:

Go to Skypiea or better known as where Bisento and Dual Blade are sold. Next, get to the island that has the God's Guards. Go to the temple and destroy the clouds in the center. Here are the items that can break them. Jump into the clouds, and you will get teleported to Upper Yard's first area. Once there, follow the huge root in the middle. When you reach the second area, there will be another temple that you will have to climb to the top. There you will find Lord of Destruction (Formerly known as Usoap) (Usopp), and he will offer the Observation Haki for 750,000 Beli. You can level up your Haki by "dodging" attacks while using ken haki. The hotkey for this ability is E or K.


Each dodge gives one EXP point. (Levels below are estimated)

  • 0 EXP - Level 1 - 2 dodges.
  • 50 EXP - Level 2 - 3 dodges.
  • 330 EXP - Level 3 - 4 dodges.
  • 815 EXP - Level 4 - 5 dodges.
  • 1400 EXP - Level 5 - 6 dodges.
  • 2100 EXP - Level 6 - 7 dodges.
  • 2800 EXP - Level 7 - 8 dodges.
  • 5000 EXP - Level 8 - 8/9 dodges ( 9 with Human V2 or V3 and 8 without it) (Increased visual range)


In third sea, Observation haki can be upgraded to the V2 version which is completely superior to normal Observation haki.

The best way to train your Haki is to go at a low level NPC, set your spawn, use all your dodges and rejoin. If players have a Logia fruit, then go to a NPC that has Buso Haki on.

Many attacks in the game can temporarily disable the Observation Haki, so use this to your advantage during pvp. Bosses attacks can also sometimes disable your Ken Haki, so be careful!

Here is a list of moves that can break Observation haki.

If a player, NPC or Boss hits the player, the amount of dodges you have left are shown on top of the player's head while it is active. If you run out of dodges, your Observation Haki will be temporarily disabled. If you use any skills while the Observation Haki is active, you can get hit during the move, and your Observation Haki will take a while to recharge. Therefore, you should not use Observation Haki during a move.

  • Note 1: Regular NPCs take half dodge each time they hit you. (Ex: at 3 dodges you would have 6 against a regular NPC such as Gorilla or Arctic Warrior)
  • Note 2: The maximum amount of dodges is 8 (9 with Human V2) at 2800 EXP, but players should get it to 5000 EXP for the maximum range.
  • Note 3: The EXP requirements are slightly off for most of these, so take them as slight estimates. For example, you actually get to level five in 1417 EXP.
  • Note 4: It takes approximately 30 seconds for 1 dodge to recover. (This is not confirmed)
  • Note 5: Players using a Logia-type Fruit, and can't take damage from the NPC, players will not dodge with Ken Haki enabled (And thus won't gain any EXP). A recommendation to a Logia Devil Fruit user, is going to the Magma Village and train there as players will get double the XP, because some of the enemies there can spawn with Buso Haki on.
  • Note 6: In order to obtain 9 dodges, players must have Human V2. Otherwise, dodges max out at 8.
  • Note 7: Players are detected further than NPCs.
  • Note 8: Players can dodge some moves that attack you multiple times if you activate Observation Haki during the attack, like Superhuman's Z move or Paw's X move.
  • Note 9: During pvp, players shouldn't abuse their Observation Haki too much. This is because during a combo you will need to time Observation Haki perfectly in order to escape it. Some extremely hard combo can't be dodged by it.
  • Note 10: Players can talk to Usopp again to see their Observation Haki EXP.
  • Note 11: If you have or had Human V2, and you changed your race you'll still keep the extra dodge.


  • You can get the title "Ultra Instinct" by reaching the maximum amount of dodges. The title is a reference to the ability of the same name featured in Dragon Ball Super which allows the user to dodge any and all attacks even without paying any attention to said attack.
  • When Observation Haki is used with the Dough Devil Fruit, it makes Dough function like a Logia Devil Fruit.