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Kabucha is Legendary Gun obtained by exchanging Fragments.png1,500 with Usoap on Usoap's Island. It is a long and narrow slingshot. To find Usoap's Island, buy a Boat at the first dock at Kingdom of Rose area 1, turn left, and go straight until you see the small island that is Usoap's Island.

This gun has the fastest fire rate of any ranged gun in the game. But it does not have a lot of range

It is also a great gun to combo with since [Intense Wind] can stun which can be set up for Combos, however it also has an insane knock back, so it is best paired with swords that has a dash damaging move like Shisui and Canvander.

It is usually paired with Dark Awakening, Shisui, Canvander and Spikey Trident


Key Name Description Mastery
Z key perfections.png
Flying Fire Bird The user fires a flying bird shaped projectile that explodes, leaves a flame trail, and does AOE damage. Breaks Observation. 125
X key perfection 3.png
Intense Wind The user fires a blast of wind that knocks enemies back stuns and breaks Observation (similar to Fire Beam [of Flame] but with stun). The knockback for this move is very predictable and the enemy doesn't get flung instantly like with conqueror gun or Flame V2. This attack can hit multiple targets. 250

Flying Fire Bird


  • Z move [Flying Fire Bird] is slow and very predictable, which make this move very hard to hit.
  • X move [Intense Wind] is very good for Combos. Especially with Shisui attacks.
  • Z move [Flying Fire Bird] will leave a path of fire, if you send it near the ground.
  • In recent months, many hackers use auto-kill random people with the Kabucha gun. Using m1 melee will not work due to the "suspicious kill" message. Fortunately, losing bounty from annoying hackers CAN be countered by eating the Rubber fruit as it provides immunity to Gun attacks.After the most recent update as of this edit (Update 17.2) the hacker problem has been mostly fixed, with the addition of suspicious kills for guns and the lowering of m1 damage each time you hit them in a short time frame.
  • After the addition of Spikey trident, Kabucha has become a much more meta gun not only as support but for gun mains as well, as the sword compliments the gun very well.
  • This is technically not a gun but instead a slingshot.

Fun Facts

  • X move [Intense Wind] can be used to drown people or throw people to lava, they can die if done right. If they drown to water it also deals good damage (except if they have the Fishman race that nullifies all water damage equipped or the magma fruit which nullifies all lava damage).
  • Kabucha Does a really good damage as a Gun, But it's still underrated for other Gun mains.


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