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The Jungle Island is the second lowest level island in the First Sea. The island is meant for level 10-30 players. It consists of two islands, one smaller than the other, each having different enemies. This island is filled with trees and stone buildings. It also has tiles that turn green when you touch them all around the two islands, which is a part of the Saber Expert Puzzle.

The first part of the Saber Expert Puzzle can be unlocked by pressing the pressure plates on the Trees, rocks and bushes.

Monkeys deal high damage to new players and are scattered around the island, with the lake in the middle of the island holding a bridged little temple where the Quest giver NPC Adventurer. The Second part of the island holds Gorillas and the Boss, Gorilla King (which also deals high damage along with the Monkeys), along with some of the pressure plates for the Shanks Puzzle.

The Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin is also located here at the rock where Shanks spawns.

(Note: If you're going to buy from the Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin it's recommended to have your PVP off as there a lot of campers who will attempt to kill you for bounty. If you’re killed with a fruit, it disappears risking a very good fruit sometimes with PVP on, It is recommended to get BTR Roblox so you can find smaller servers in the server list or you could also just make a VIP server.)


  • The theme of the Jungle is Into The Forest, which was composed by Roblox.

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