Blox Fruits Wiki



bounty hunters are people that hunt you down for bounty, most of the people that bounty hunt are people that say "ez" or get good once they end you, here's a guide on how to deal with these types of people.

how to escape:

  • spam dash and every transportation moves and reset when the pvp mark is off (work better with mink race)
  • fight them if you're strong enough, its risky but its one of the ways to deal with them
  • run to the closest safe zone
  • do not try to trash talk them, it will be a waste of your time
  • ignore what they say
  • leave the game once the pvp mark is off
  • try to stun them so you can get away
  • if you use light or any fruit that has a flying move try to fly towards the sky or fly to the nearest safe zone


toxic people are people are people with that are rude, they will try to abuse you if you're weak and trash talk you if you're good, these people are common threats to most of the Roblox community, here's how to deal with them

  • ignore them
  • leave the game once you found one of these types of people in chat or when you get in contact (for weaker/newer players)
  • avoid getting in contact with them
  • report them if they swear
  • The best solution, I know it's hard. You just have to ignore them. It's not easy I know we get it, but there's no point in starting an argument or other problems. A lot of trash talkers want a reaction and want you to try and fight them and they just have fun repeatedly killing you. It's best to just leave if possible. Don't ask a friend to to join the game to help you. If you have a friend in the game that can par with them, go for it. Again it's not worth wasting your time arguing. If you are one of those people that HAVE to say something. then just be a chill fellow and just fallow the steps above. Blox Fruits would probably be a much more fun place without player's trash talking, at some point you will run into these player's. Just relax and react with what you just learned.