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The Jitte sword is a Rare-tier sword added in Update 10, which can be obtained as a drop (with a 15% drop chance) from the Smoke Admiral. Its skills are very similar to Smoke's skills.


Key Name Description Mastery
Transparent Z button.png Smoke Barrage The user sends out multiple lines of smoke that travels for a long amount of distance(does not blind anymore). This also slightly stuns for 0.5 seconds, allowing for combos. Mas. 150
Transparent X button.png Smoke Apparition The user becomes smoke and teleports to where their cursor is, pulling and damaging anybody in the way. This also does AOE damage and it also blinds enemies for around 2 seconds. This leaves a smoke effect on the person's location and the place the player is before the move animation played. Mas. 300



This combo has to be executed quickly and properly. If done well, this is a one shot combo, capable of both blinding and confusing the enemy, which means the enemy cannot escape, unless they are very experienced and know what they are doing.


  • High mobility.
  • Blind and stun enemy.
  • The X move is very useful for escaping/movement.
  • Has a decent combo extender due to the Z move.
  • The X move is a special move which allows you to use any skills after it without any delay.


  • Hard to hit.
  • Not so good for swordmain.
  • Small combo potential.
  • Small Hitboxes.
  • Z move is single target.
  • Low damage


  • This sword's Z move used to blind, but it no longer does after a nerf.
  • During development, this sword was named "Nightstick".
  • It has two prongs, and resembles a larger version of the Japanese weapon, "Jutte". It also has a blue handle.

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