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The Ice Castle is the second last island of the Second Sea, (the last being the Forgotten Island) and was introduced in Update 13.

The island is pretty large, with a massive castle (Where the Awakened Ice Admiral spawns) towers over the island, there is an area of land with the Quest Giver, Set Spawn MISC. (located under a tree), five Arctic Warriors, and five Snow Lurkers spawn.

There are chunks of flat ice cubes lying around the island on the water, and in front of the island. There are more chunks of flat broken ice cubes, in which both Boat Dealer and Luxury Boat Dealer is located.

This island is for players level 1350 - 1450.

On this island, you can also obtain the fighting style Death Step from the NPC Phoeyu the Reformed after completing the requirement of 400 mastery on Dark-Step, and the Legendary Sword Rengoku on this island, obtained by killing the Awakened Ice Admiral Boss and getting the Hidden Key at a 1% chance, or getting it from ANY NPC in Ice Castle island, for a very low 0.1-0.2% chance.


It is located north of Dark Arena, in the Second Sea.


Level Required Description Reward Ability Image
Level 1350 (Logia at 1394) Defeat 8 Arctic Warriors. $12,250

41,000,00 EXP.

Arctic Warriors use a Sword, and they can release a white version of Katana's or Cutlass's X move, Air Slash. This NPC has a 0.1% to drop the Hidden Key.
Level 1375

(Logia effects do NOT work on this NPC.)

Defeat 8 Snow Lurkers. $12,500

43,000,000 EXP.

Snow Lurkers have Buso Haki / Enhancement and can use Ice X move, which means Logia users are useless against this NPC. This NPC has a 0.1% to drop the Hidden Key.
Snow Lurker.png
Level 1400

(Logia effects do not work on this NPC, as it is a Boss).

Defeat the Awakened Ice Admiral. $20,000

45,000,000 EXP.

Awakened Ice Admiral is a Boss with the abilities of Awakened Ice, hence his name, using Awakened Ice Z, X, and V. He can do dangerously high damage with just one attack, so you have to keep dashing while fighting him or trap him on the balcony inside the castle. He has a 1% chance of dropping the Hidden Key once you defeat him. He also has a 5% chance of dropping the Library Key once you defeat him.
Ice Admiral.jpeg


Behind the island, are several colored Hoops for Dragon fruit users to fly through. These Hoops allow the user to change the color of their dragon, with each color besides the default requiring a certain level of mastery. The color of their wings, and Full Dragon Transformation mode will change depending on the Hoops. There are currently nine colors to choose from. To obtain these colors, simply use Dragon Flight [F] and fly through whichever Hoop you desire.



  • The Hidden Key and Library Key from the Awakened Ice Admiral does NOT save on your inventory if you leave the game.
  • Hidden Key can be used by going underneath the side of the stairs Awakened Ice Admiral spawns on, then after going through the wall, you can find a black colored chest with a keyhole, use the Key on it, then you will be rewarded the Legendary sword, Rengoku.


The theme of the Ice Castle is Uneasy Peace, which was composed by Roblox.

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