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Not to be confused with Awakened Ice Admiral.


Ice Admiral is a Lv. 700 boss in the First Sea hidden behind the wooden door in the "ability cave". He should be defeated in order to grant access to the Second Sea. He uses the moves of the Ice fruit, hence his name and has elemental immunity so use Enhancement to attack him with melee/sword/guns.

He is part of the Military Detective quest


Go near the rock when you enter behind ice admiral stay there, and spam attacks.

Recommended to use Observation, since he uses Ice attacks in all ranges.

Recommended to use Ranged attacks.


  • If you glitch inside the room, he will be invincible. Similar to Shanks/Saber Expert.
  • His attacks are extremely weak, so it will be easy as long as your damage stats is high.
  • You can only kill this NPC one time and one time only for the Quest to get into the New World.
  • If you glitch in and do not meet the requirements, you won't be able to damage him but he will be able to damage you. (similar to Saber Expert)
  • The Ice Admiral can only use Glacial Epoch and Ice Surge. If you get hit by his Ice Surge you will be stunned and he can keep punching you