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The Ice Fruit is a Elemental-type Blox Fruit. It costs RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png350,000, or Robux.png750, from the Blox Fruit Dealer. It can also be obtained with a small chance from the Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin. It was added in the First Update. This fruit has a 15% chance of being in stock every four hours, and a 14% chance of spawning in-game every hour.

The Ice fruit takes Fragments.png14,500 to fully awaken.

Move set

Name Description
Elemental Reflex
The wielder is immune to all physical attacks and sword attacks as long as the attacker doesn't have Enhancement on.
The user can walk on Water by freezing it underneath them. However, it will drain a significant amount of energy if moving fast. It takes 4 energy for every ice block created.
Ice Saber
Similar to Light, if Ice is selected, the user is able to slash with a sword made of ice by clicking LMB. It's visually affected by the Enhancement, however the damage stays the same. Also just like Light sword, Adding stat points to the "Sword" In the stat will not Increase the damage since the sword counts as a fruit attack.

Key Name Description Damage ranking Mastery
Transparent Z button.png
Ice Shards
The user fires a barrage of ice shards that damage the enemy. (Does not break Ken if it didn't touch the ground)
Cooltext B+.png
1 mastery
Transparent X button.png
Ice Surge
The user releases a small surge of ice which deals damage and knocks back anyone it hits. Needs a minimum of aiming skills. (Breaks Observation)
Cooltext B+.png
25 mastery
Transparent C button.webp
Ice Bird
The user creates a bird made of ice and throws it at where the mouse is, freezing players who are hit. Explodes at contact, and freezes Water creating a giant platform that does damage. Freeze duration scales based on how long the projectile travels before impact. Needs good aiming skills. (Does not break Observation)
Cooltext A.png
50 mastery
Transparent V button.png
Glacial Epoch
Turns the ground (and Water) into ice and freezes and damages whoever steps in it. Often used by sword and gun users as their primary combo-starter. (Breaks Observation)
Cooltext A.png
100 mastery

Key Name Description Damage ranking Fragments
Transparent Z button.png
Ice Spears
The user fires several spears of ice toward the cursor at high speed, slightly stunning enemies and dealing damage.
Cooltext B.png
500 Fragments
Transparent X button.png
Glacial Surge
The user unleashes a huge surge of ice, which causes knockback and deals damage. (Breaks Observation)
Cooltext B+.png
3000 Fragments
Transparent C button.webp
Ice Dragon
The user launches a large, high-speed ice dragon into the air, which then crashes down at the cursor causing damage and freezing opponents.
Cooltext B+.png
4000 Fragments
Transparent V button.png
Absolute Zero
The user unleashes a medium-large wave of ice around the user, freezing everyone in its radius and causing damage. (Used to be able to use high in the air before the revamp)
Cooltext A.png
5000 Fragments
Transparent F button.png
Ice Skating
Along with the ability to passively walk on Water, the user gains the ability to skate at high speeds. The user cannot regenerate health and energy while using this ability. When you unlock this ability, the ice patterns under your feet when you walk on water will change into a brighter blue color, and it will give off more light, making it brighter than the old version.
Cooltext E.png
2000 Fragments

Move / Showcase
Link / Gifs
Non Awakened Moveset Showcase
Awakened Moveset showcase
Ice Spears
Ice awaken Z.gif
Glacial Surge
Ice Dragon
Ice awaken C.gif
Absolute Zero
Blizzborn / Ice Skatting
Ice traveling.jpg
Ice awaken F.gif


  • Good hit box as V1 and V2's last move covers a wide radius.
  • Good stuns as most of its moves freeze the opponent.
  • Elemental fruit (good for farming due to its immunity and stuns).
  • Good mobility, due to its Ice Skating [F].
  • Ice can walk on Water which means boats don't have much purpose anymore. However it takes up tons of energy when dodging or using Ice Skating.
  • Amazing combo potential.
  • Multi-target move set.
  • Stuns are useful for Raids, Bosses, and grinding NPC's.
  • Good AoE
  • Glacial surge [X], can break Observation easily, and this move is also very easy to land, so it is very good for PvP
  • Ice Spears [Z] deals really good damage and stuns a bit so you can combo
  • Absolute Zero [V] has huge AoE and good damage, also stunning the enemy, making it one of the deadliest moves in game
  • Ice Dragon [C] has good range and decent damage, and like V, it also stuns the enemy so you can combo with V, Z, X or swords/guns (Fun fact: the longer the dragon travels, the longer the stun effect is)
  • Good for all builds (although fruit main is discouraged).


  • V1 moves don't work in the air and V2 is mostly ground based as well.
  • High energy usage on Water (Ice Skating / F and dodging with the ice effect on Water).
  • Ice Surge [X] and Glacial Epoch [V] don't work in the air.
  • Small stun window (differs from regular stun in that stun window is the amount of time you can attack during a stun).
  • Ice Surge [X] and Glacial Surge [X] have large knock back, making it not ideal for grinding.
  • Using Ice Skating [F] drains stamina rapidly when used on water except when your swimming and using Ice F. Same as dodging in water.
  • Ice Surge and Ice Shards has a small hitbox and is really easy to dodge.
  • Ice Bird can be dodged with Observation.
  • Ice Bird got nerfed. Instead of 2 second stun, it stuns for a duration of time depending on how far the user is from the target. Same for Ice Dragon.
  • Absolute Zero only works near ground, instead of at any height (Revamped in Update 17 Part 2).


  • Damage: A-
  • Durability: A
  • Difficulty: S (easy)
  • Mobility: A-
  • PvP: S
  • Grinding: A+
  • Fun: A+
  • Durability: A+
  • Speed: B+
  • Potential: S+
  • Stun : S
  • PvP/bounty hunting: S (Somewhere in between, S if you're a sword main, S+ if you're a gun main)


  • Ice V,C + Electric Claw Z,X,C + Spikey Trident X + Ice Z
  • Ice V,C + Sharkman X,Z,C + Ice X
  • Ice V,C,Z + Superhuman Z,C + Ice X
  • Ice V + Pole V2 Z + Dragon Talon Z, Ice V2 Z
  • Ice V,C,Z + Superhuman Z,C Soru rengoku X,Z + ice x
  • ice Aw V + Kabucha X + Rengoku X + Rengoku Z + Dragon Talon X + ice Aw C + Soru + Dragon Talon Z


  • The further Ice Bird [C] and Ice Dragon [C] travel, the longer the freeze duration.
  • V1 Ice Surge [X] and Glacial Epoch [V] will do nothing if used in air. The move will not appear. V2 Glacial Surge [X] and Ice Dragon [C] cannot be used when you’re too high in the air (about 4 Sky Jumps or more for Sky People and 6 Skyjumps or more for other Races)
  • When you hold Ice F when swimming you won't lose energy as long as you don't touch the ice or in water. You can do this by using Sharkman Z or something else like that.
  • Overall Ice V1 and V2 is a great fruit for PVP and grinding, since it is a Elemental and has some of the best Combos in the game. It has decent damage with good stuns so you can either use it has a fruit main, sword main or gun main (fruit main is discouraged).


  • This Fruit got an awakening in Update 11, along with Flame and Quake.
  • However, after Update 11, Ice got nerfed, as with Quake, and is now considered a support fruit for sword and gun users.
  • However, at Update 17 Part 2, it was buffed/nerfed when they increased speed and stun for Ice C and gave Ice V a nerf/buff by changing the looks and longer stun but doesn't work in the sky.

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