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The Hydra Island is the second island in the Third Sea.

This island is where players can receive quests when they are at least level 1575+.



Level Required Description Rewards
Dragon Crew Warrior 1575 Defeat 8 Dragon Crew Warriors (Elemental Available at level 1631) B$13,000 and 58,000,000 Exp.
Crew Dragon Warrior .png
Dragon Crew Archer 1600 Defeat 8 Dragon Crew Archers (Elemental Available at level 1658) B$15,000 and 60,500,000 Exp.
Dragon Crew Archer.png
Female Islander 1625 Defeat 8 Female Islanders (Elemental Available at level 1683) B$13,000 and 62,500,000 Exp.
Female Islander NPC.png
Giant Islander 1650 Defeat 8 Giant Islanders B$15,000 and 64,500,000 Exp.
Giant Islander.png
Island Empress 1675 Defeat Island Empress B$30,000 and 70,000,000 Exp.
Island Empress.png

Special Quest

Description Rewards Picture
Defeat Training Dummy B$22,000, 200 Fragments and 40,000,000 Exp.
Training Dummy.png

This quest is only available every hour, after defeating Training Dummy.



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