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Human: Buddha is a Beast-type Blox Fruit. It costs RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png1,200,000, or Robux.png1,650, from the Blox Fruit Dealer. This fruit has a 5% chance to be in each stock, and a 6.6% chance to spawn in-game every hour.

This fruit is one of the 13 fruits that have a glow effect in its physical form (the others being Love, Barrier, Quake, Phoenix, Rumble, Paw, Gravity, Shadow, Control, Venom, Soul and Dragon). In Update 15 Buddha received an Awakening alongside Magma.

To fully awaken this fruit, you will need Fragments.png14,500.

When transformed, the user becomes a Giant Buddha that is nearly 7x as larger than a normal character. It also provides an overall 40% damage reduction, making the user take less damage when transformed. This damage reduction is upgraded to 50% when your Buddha is awakened.

You can also hold items while using this fruit, which gives you a bigger hitbox when using Swords/Fighting Styles M1, while also becoming an easy target yourself. (Note: it does not increase the hit box or range of guns and the range of the moves).

Often referred to as one of the best fruits in the entire game. This fruit is very effective for Raids, as it has a large hitbox, as well as damage reduction and still does a pretty great amount of damage, despite the slowness not being optimal in PvP because people can just use flash step to just teleport out of the way of the moves and M1's. This fruit is good for damage and can help you update melee. And it is recommended to use Buddha in third sea to grind levels due to Elemental levels being too high and most NPCs having Enhancement coating. Due to the recent update they have solved the glitch where NPCs can't hit when using Shift, so it is also recommended to use Ghoul Mask and Ghoul race V3 to help you regenerate health fast when hitting the NPCs.

This is a showcase of the Human: Buddha fruit:


Passive Description
By pressing the "Z" key the user can transform into a giant golden buddha. This reduced the damage dealt by enemies by 50%.
Seismic Jump (V2)
When pressing the "Space" key (Jumping), the user will create a small AOE shock wave that do relatively small damage to enemies, you will also jump at least 2x as high this time the boost will stack with a race, the race being Sky.
Divine Aura
While being in the transformed state, the player can hit enemies with their melee and sword click 5x (8x if v2) farther than a normal player. The player will also be immune to water in the V2 transformed state. This passive make buddha one of, if not the best grinding and raiding fruit in the game.

Key Name Description Damage ranking Mastery
Transparent Z button.png
Transform makes the user almost triple their own size, and a gold aura is seen around and on them. Upon transformation you will receive 50% damage reduction. This has a pretty quick cooldown. You also become slower and to undo the transformation, simply press Z once its off cooldown again. This DOES NOT give health boost anymore.
Cooltext E.png
Transparent X button.png
The user charges a shining ball of light, then touches the ground with their palm, creating a large explosion which blows nearby enemies away. THIS CAN ONLY BE USED IN BUDDHA FORM.
Cooltext B.png
Transparent C button.webp
Buddha Leap
The user leaps into the air, landing where the cursor is pointed. This creates a shock wave that damages on impact. This has a long range, and is very good for mobility, although after using this move there is an one second end-lag. THIS CAN ONLY BE USED IN BUDDHA FORM.
Cooltext B+.png
Transparent V button.png
Buddha Explosion
The user charges itself for 0.5 seconds inside its body, then lets out a large explosion around them, dealing heavy damage to all enemies nearby, as well as launching them away. THIS CAN ONLY BE USED IN BUDDHA FORM.
Cooltext A+.png

Key Name Description Damage ranking Fragment cost
Transparent Z button.png
Buddha awaken z .gif
The user transforms into a golden giant buddha that has three rings and two squares with symbols with the squares having Chinese Hanzi that surrounds the user and a thunder light will hit any player nearby(except ally), dealing damage. During the transformation, the player does not take any damage when in water, allowing you to dash and Flash Step and even reset your skyjumps. This does not add health, and will instead buff the damage reduction by 60% and it stack with haki which is arguably better than the previous health buff. Jumping will deal low damage, around 700, while the transformation itself also deal decent damage. Both jumping and the transformation break Observation.
Cooltext B+.png

Transparent X button.png
Buddha awaken x.gif
Heavenly Impact
The user slams the ground with their fist and an explosion occurs as light erupts from the place hit. This move breaks Observation.
Cooltext A.png
Transparent C button.webp
Buddha awaken v .gif
Light of Annihilation
The player gathers energy, then explodes with a big explosion, shooting a HUGE light beam out of their mouth with absurd range dealing huge damage. This move breaks Observation.
Cooltext S+.png
Transparent V button.png
Buddha awaken c .gif
Twilight Of The Gods
The player quickly rises up and then continuously fires beams of light that explode on impact finishing with a column of light surrounding the user (the light column deals dmg). This move breaks Observation. The enemies is completely stunned during the attack and the final light column stuns for 3-4 seconds. The user is unable to move around during the duration of this move.
Cooltext S+.png
Transparent F button.png
Retribution Dash
The player dashes forward, creating a trail of golden light behind. If you touch enemy when dashing, you will hold the enemy up then slam them into the ground. This does not break observation. You are invincible during the animation of the attack.
Cooltext B+.png

Buddha (Unawakened) Review

Buddha is definitely meant to be a team fruit. It really lacks in power, due to slowly-executed moves and relatively boring damage. Although, your damage reduction is buffed highly (50%) with this transformation, which makes it a perfect candidate for raids. Your moves have bigger hit boxes as well, which is also a good thing with it. Any NPC within the golden aura is capable of being hit. Being big comes with its own problems; your hit box is much bigger. All of Buddha's damaging moves have relatively slow execution, making it hard to land a hit. This fruit is amazing for raids, and can do very well with a Phoenix partner, or even another Buddha. A single Buddha can be known to "solo" some raids, such as Flame Raid or Dark Raid. When using un-awakened buddha , the only way you will realistically clear raids is through the use of melee clicks while transformed in z, as the actual fruit attacks themselves are slow and lack the damage needed.

Buddha (Awakening) Review

Awakened Buddha is arguably one of the most worthy Awakened fruits in the game. It has managed to fix almost all of the cons in normal Buddha, yet retained nearly all of the pros and even increased them several times. Similar to the normal, (un-awakened) Buddha, it has a bigger hit box on melee and sword, has a higher defense percentage buff, and is the best fruit for raids. Not only that, but it is now one of the most viable fruit for pvp as you can spam fighting styles or swords. It now has an F skill (also known as a transportation move) which can be use for travelling and can be used very effectively for combos due to the stunning mechanism. Every move of awakened Buddha now has some sort of stun or big knock back. The AoE of the X and C skill increased by a lot, with less windup, and the C skill can even be aimed. The V skill can be used to dodge enemies and launch a counter attack dealing devastating damage to the enemies. Not only that, it now doesn't require players to spend points on fruits to gain the defense buff, which is extremely good for sword and gun mains. The only weakness of Buddha is slow moving speed and a big hit box for the enemies to hit, while also having low combo potential due to its knock back. The first 2 problems can also be solved when equipped with the right accessories. And you can still combo as a sword/gun main. a Buddha (awakened) user is not only used to carry others in raids or just to grind. As of update 17.2 Buddha users are no longer immune to M1s (normal attack) from NPCs because of the user hit box is bigger than Buddha's Update 17 part 1 hit box. It also got a slight but noticeable decrease in damage, but still, very good. You can even solo BUDDHA raid with this fruit, if used the right fighting style and kept distance to Buddha users(Enemies that appear in island 3 to 5 in Buddha raid). It is now very effective in PvP. You might ask, 'Why?' Well, you can use C or V move to break others Observation and then rapidly spam attacks at them using fighting style/sword attacks(Very effective for bounty hunting, just don't get stuck in a combo).

Overall: Buddha Awakening is a perfectly versatile fruit that is extremely good for grinding, raids and has huge pvp potential. It still needs the right accessories and race combination in order to draw out its full potential.


Buddha V1

  • Damage: C (v1 buddha has mediocre damage, especially since when factoring in it's moves being really bad unawakened)
  • Stun: D
  • Range: B
  • Grind: S (even in v1 its one of the better if not best grinding fruit)
  • Cool down: B
  • Durability: B (Although you have good damage reduction, your massive hit box makes it easy to just get harassed by players and NPCS)
  • PvP/Bounty hunting: D+/C (hard to land any moves with really long startup, end lag, and highly punishable hit box)
  • Speed: D (High endlag and startup)
  • Mobility: D (Buddha leap has range but isn't the best movement wise. Also you aren't immune to water in v1)
  • Knockback: A(Both X and V move have good knockback, which is good, but not recommended.)

Buddha V2

  • Damage: S (v2 Buddha's damage output is insane. you can solo every raid, but still, better use fighting style or sword.)
  • Stun: S
  • Range: S (biggest hit box in the game with C move having an insane range)
  • Grind: S+ (Without a doubt still the best fruit for grinding)
  • Cool down: S(Not long)
  • Durability: A (not that good)
  • PvP/Bounty hunting: A+/S(Exceptionally good, due to the fact that all move breaks observation, and can rapidly hit others in PvP after they're observation is disabled.)
  • Mobility: B+ (Only one mobility move which is F, pretty decent move, though its cooldown is long)


  • Okay damage (VERY Big damage if Awakened)
  • Extremely versatile, works perfectly whether you are a sword, gun or fruit main.
  • Extremely useful damage reduction and stack with enhancement.
  • Buddha's X, C, and V move V1 all break Observation. All of Awakened Buddha's moves and jumping all break observation, making it the first fruit in the game that have all its moves be observation breaking not counting Quake.
  • More health than the average player because of the resistence.
  • All moves of Buddha V2 cannot be cancelled by any moves from npcs or players.
  • The larger hit box is about the size of the golden aura, which means that if the enemy goes into the golden aura, in whatever direction, it will be hit by your clicks. Moves only get slightly bigger. The clicks in the aura can also knock back NPCs away, and pairing it with Ghoul V3 and Ghoul Mask (Life Leech) will absolutely cheese the NPCs.
  • Very good for grinding all kinds of NPCs, and you won't have to rely on Elemental if so. Note that this is directed to levels around 700+.
  • AMAZING for bosses, as you can just spam click them without them getting close. You also don't have to worry about getting damaged because of your damage reduction.
  • (Buddha v2) Immune to dark's (Unawakened) C move.


  • Your large body is easily targeted in combat because you have a large hit box.
  • Slow moves in V1
  • Buddha Leap doesn't go very far and is easy to miss, as well as having extra end-lag and is also very glitchy as you can get flung for no reason, and if aimed at the ground, you can be stuck there unless you flash step out of it.
  • Slow walk speed.
  • Buddha v2 has big hit box, but is extremely hard to hit(X move is almost impossible to hit in PvP)
  • Two moves have a long cast time similar to Rumble (V2).
  • Harder to get out of the Water because of the big hit box which can drown you. V2 has a too big hit box that your legs can touch the baseplate without drowning.
  • Buddha F move does not break observation, but you can still grab the person, they will be in the move, but take no damage or knock back.
  • Not really reliable for combos
  • Very Hard to awaken buddha
  • ALL npcs like normal mobs, bosses that uses fighting styles, short, etc.. is now capable capable of hitting you as of update 17.2 Bosses with sword that has big hit boxes, moves can hit you.
  • Due to Update 17, the Human: Buddha speed glitch was patched.
  • Due to Update 17 Part 2, the fruit got a slight but noticeable change in both speed and damage.

Tips & Tricks

  • You are half-immune to water in Buddha V2 due to your body hit box being above water level, although once you are submerged you start to take damage.
  • Mink race does add speed, but the difference is much less noticeable than if you weren't transformed, this was because the Mink buff for Buddha got nerfed. Accessories add speed normally.
  • Due to the recent nerf to V2, Mink can easily outrun a Buddha without any trouble. However, a transformed Buddha can outrun any race that doesn't give speed boost
  • Using m1's on weapons and fighting style that usually make you go forward have no effect in Buddha transformed state.
  • It only increases the HIT BOX of Fighting Styles and Swords not DAMAGE.
  • This Fruit is very good for Raids, and is the best (second best is Phoenix)
  • The hit box when clicking does not have the same hit box when fighting players as an NPC's which you have to "connect" your attack to the other player in order to inflict damage.
  • Buddha is really good for PvP if you have Sharkman Karate due to the large hit box, The same thing with Death Step if you have Pole v2 and you can transform to get the 60% damage reduction.
  • You can't hold the moves in V1 (X, C, and V)
  • Small Side Note: Race Avatar differences turn golden too, including Sky wings and Fish fins. Cyborg armor, Mink ears and Ghoul horns do not turn golden.
  • If you stay in Buddha form and eat other fruits, you will keep the Buddha form with health buff and the skill of the fruit you eat. This glitch will disappear once you die or leave the game.
  • Jumping in V2 mode will deal a small amount of damage (The cool down is 2 seconds)
  • Buddha V2, Rumble V2, Magma V2, Phoenix V2, Door, Venom and Shadow are the only fruits that deal damage on their F skill.
  • Total damage reduction when stacked with full body Enhancement is 76.8%.
  • Using Fish v3 Water Body or Cyborg v3 Energy Core will make your defense up to 100%
  • If you are a Diamond user and want to eat or buy Buddha, use diamond Z Encrust first, than eat/buy Buddha, transformed, turn on Enhancement and wear Swan Glasses will make your defense up to 100%, too. (you cannot buy from stock, or it will say "Disable your transformation first")
  • Buddha can be annoying when it's transformed because it is bright, and there are some circles floating around you so you'll have to zoom out to see.
  • You can solo any raid (even Buddha) if you have Ghoul (race) and Ghoul Mask because you have massive amount of melee life steal so you keep life stealing and can do any raids without having to worry about your health.
  • When you are in Human Form there will be a yellow cross on your chest symbolizing Human Buddha.
  • If you use Awakened Buddha's V skill whilst entering a raid, yellow spinning circles will appear and fade away.

Combos Human: Buddha (Awaken)

  • Human: Buddha Awaken V, M1, M1, M1, M1, M1, M1, M1
  • Human: Buddha Awaken F, Human: Buddha Awaken V, Electric Claw C, Electric Claw X
  • Electric Claw Z, Electric Claw X, Electric Claw C, Human: Buddha Z, Human: Buddha V
  • Human: Buddha Awaken F, Electric Claw C, Human: Buddha V, Human: Buddha C(if u can hit enemy it would be better)


Size Comparison.png
  • Awakened Buddha is the best fruit for Raids and grinding.
  • Awakened Buddha's shift ability used to prevent NPCs from hitting you because of the hitbox.

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