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Cold Island (New World)


This island is the first half of the entire island.

This island has 7 NPC, one being the quest giver, who gives you the option to accept the Lab Subordinates Quest (which gives 15,5M Exp and B$ 12,250), Horned Warriors (which gives 16,8M Exp and B$12,500 after completion of Quest) and Smoke Admiral (which gives 32.5M Exp and B$20,000 after completion of Quest), he is located at the entrance of the lab.

The Lab Subordinates are a level 1100 NPCs, they use the Pipe Sword and use both the skills of it. After completion of their quest you will be awarded with 15.5 Million Exp and B$12,250. They are located near the igloos at the cold side and are near the left of the raid labaratory place.

  • Watch out when doing the Lab Subordinates. If your not careful you can get combo'ed between them.

The Horned Warriors are a level 1125 NPCs, they use skills from the Ice fruit, these skills break the Logia effect, you also need to have Enhancement to hit them. After completion of their Quests you will be awarded with 16,8M Exp and B$12,500. They are located on the deep right side of cold island.

There is the Boat Dealer well. and the Luxury Boat Dealer.

If you enter the laboratory there will be 4 panels and screens, if you click on the panel the color of the screen will change. If you make the colors red-blue-green-blue you will get access a secret area which will be used for raids.

There is one NPC there, the Mysterious Scientist who will sell you the raid Microchip which starts raids for B$100k but theres a 2 hour cooldown, or instead you can trade any fruit with him for a raid chip (any time), you can only talk to him at level 1100+. There are also 4 chests next to the Mysterious scientist.

In the Update 13, there used to be a NPC called the Greedy Elf, who would give you 500 fragments for 40 candies and 1500 fragments for 100 candies.

Hot Island (New World)

There are 10 NPCs there. One of them being the quest giver.

The other NPCs are Magma Ninjas, Lava pirates and Smoke Admiral boss. There are also some shop NPCs such as Arlthmetic, Master Of Enhancementand the NPC which gives you the Cyborg Race and the 3 Fighting Style shop.

Near the volcano. as in there:

Dark Step Teacher Next to Volcano.png

Black Leg Teacher (Dark-Step teacher)

Mad Scientist (Electric style teacher)

Water Kung Fu Teacher

The Magma ninjas are a level 1175 NPCs. They use both skills of the Dual-Headed Blade. Upon completion of their Quest you will be awarded with 18 Million Exp and B$12,250. They are located near the area which has a pot of molten lava being poured down from a mountain.

The Lava pirates are a level 1200 NPCs, they use skills from the Magma fruit, these skills bypass the Logia effect, you also need to have Enhancement to hit them. After completion of their Quest you will be awarded with 20 Million Exp and B$12,500. They are located near the buildings that have the Fighting Styles teachers.

The Smoke Admiral is a level 1150 Boss, he is the main boss of the two-sided island and spawns on the hot side of it. He uses skills from the Smoke Devil fruit. These skills bypass the Elemental regeneration effect and his attacks blind you, but you can evade him attacking you by spamming Sky Jump. You also need to have Enhancement to hit him, because his fruit is an Elemental one. Upon completion of his Quest you will be awarded with 32.5 Million Exp and B$20,000. Smoke Admiral is located in a black fortress in the middle of the hot island.

Around his fortress, there is glowing orange lava that if you step into you will take high damage, the only way to be immune to lava is by using the Magma Devil fruit or hold down spacebar while you are on the lava. At the roof of the fortress there is a chance a Master Of enhancement will spawn, who will change your Enhancement Colours for Fragments.

There is also a gold Chest located on a pile of molten lava and a gold Chest at the top of the fortress.

If you go behind the fortress you can enter a secret area and talk to Arlthmetic who will sell you the Order (Raid Boss) Microchip for 1000 fragments.

If you went up the big pot of lava, located near the Magma Ninja, you can find a secret entrance. If you went inside, you can use the chip you got from Arlthmetic, you can start the Order (Raid Boss). This place is also where you get the cyborg race. You need to have a Fist of Darkness in your inventory and click on the button which you use to start order raid. For more detail, go to this page. After you have completed the process, a staircase will open and you will be able to buy the Cyborg Race from a mysterious NPC.


  • The theme of the Hot and Cold is Acoustic Traveller, which was composed by Roblox.
  • If you are a Pirate, you will spawn on the hot side of the island. If you're a Marine however, you'll spawn on the cold side of the island. even if you set your spawn on the opposite island, you'll still spawn on the other island.(got patched in update 17)
  • On the cold side of Hot and Cold, you can glitch in all of the 3 igloos (by using shift lock and facing your back to the black colored plates then you use flash step) and get 3 normal chests

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