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2022 Stock History

This is the Blox Fruits Stock History for the year of 2022

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  • The owners/developers/admins/mods of Blox Fruits do not pick which fruit(s) will be "on stock". It is automatically randomized. Don't beg for fruits on this page.

January 2022 Stock History
1/1/22 1/2/22 1/3/22 1/4/22
12:00 AM Chop, Falcon Chop, Smoke, Sand, Rubber Kilo, Smoke, Flame, Ice, Light Love, Light
4:00 AM Kilo, Smoke, Sand, Rubber, Magma Chop, Kilo, Diamond, Light Smoke, Dark, Light, Soul Smoke, Flame, Ice, Sand
8:00 AM Love Chop, Spring Spring, Ice, Sand, Dark, Quake Chop, Falcon, Light, Door
12:00 PM Spring, Flame, Barrier, Quake Spring, Smoke, Flame, Sand, Dark, Rumble Falcon Chop, Spring, Revive, Gravity
4:00 PM Chop, Smoke, Light, Buddha Falcon Chop, Kilo, Flame, Ice Ice, Door
8:00 PM Chop, Falcon Chop Spring, Flame, Revive, Rubber, Phoenix Chop, Kilo, Light
1/5/22 1/6/22 1/7/22 1/8/22
12:00 AM Dark, Revive, Door Kilo, Diamond, Light Chop, Smoke, Flame, Sand Chop, Smoke, Falcon
4:00 AM Chop, Falcon, Dragon Spring Chop, Spring, Kilo, Dark, Revive, Light Dark, Diamond
8:00 AM Spring, Smoke, Magma Smoke, Falcon, Dark, Light, Phoenix Spin, Ice, Sand, Rubber Chop, Spring, Flame, Ice, Light, Buddha, Gravity
12:00 PM Spin Smoke, Spin, Rubber, Dough Chop, Spring, Love, Barrier, Buddha, String Chop, Sand, Door
4:00 PM Chop, Dark, Diamond, Buddha Spring, Kilo Flame, Magma, Paw Dough
8:00 PM Sand Chop, Falcon Smoke, Light, Control Chop, Kilo, Flame, Door
1/9/22 1/10/22 1/11/22 1/12/22
12:00 AM Spin, Flame Spring, Kilo, Flame, Magma Barrier Kilo, Diamond, Love, Buddha
4:00 AM Smoke, Rubber, Quake Spring, Flame, Quake, Soul Spring, Kilo, Ice Chop
8:00 AM Chop, Ice, Sand, Love Chop, Spring, Smoke, Flame, Sand, Rubber, Shadow Chop, Paw Flame, Dark
12:00 PM Chop, Falcon, Diamond, Love Spin, Light, Barrier Spring, Flame, Ice, Sand, Light Chop, Kilo, Spring
4:00 PM Smoke Falcon, Rumble Flame, Rubber, Magma, Door Spring
8:00 PM Kilo, Sand, Dark, Love, Venom Smoke, Magma Chop, Smoke, Dark, Light Flame, Falcon, Sand, Barrier, Rumble
1/13/22 1/14/22 1/15/22 1/16/22
12:00 AM Smoke, Revive, Barrier Chop, Spring, Ice Chop, Flame, Sand, Dark Smoke, Light, Door
4:00 AM Spin, Flame, Dark, Light, String Spin, Flame, Ice, Venom Kilo, Door Flame, Diamond
8:00 AM Chop, Love, Paw Kilo, Spin, Ice, Door Flame, Gravity Smoke
12:00 PM Spring, Kilo, Smoke, Rubber, Magma, Door Spring, Smoke Spin, Love Kilo, Ice
4:00 PM Love, Buddha Spring, Kilo, Light, Magma Chop, Spring, Dark, Light Chop, Falcon, Dark
8:00 PM Falcon, Sand Chop, Smoke, Light, Rubber Chop, Spring, Kilo, Smoke, Rubber, Magma Spin, Flame, Love
1/17/22 1/18/22 1/19/22 1/20/22
12:00 AM Chop, Spring, Smoke, Rubber Spring, Smoke, Ice Ice, Sand Chop, Sand
4:00 AM Sand, Revive, Light, Barrier Flame, Revive, Light, Phoenix Chop, Spring, Flame, Light, Magma Magma
8:00 AM Smoke, Spin, Magma, Buddha Kilo, String Kilo, Spin, Diamond Flame
12:00 PM Chop Spin Love Spring, Ice, Sand, Dark, Rumble
4:00 PM Flame, Falcon, Sand Chop, Smoke Falcon, Light, Rubber, Barrier Chop, Smoke, Light, Rubber
8:00 PM Dark, Door Chop, Kilo, Ice Spring Flame
1/21/22 1/22/22 1/23/22 1/24/22
12:00 AM Kilo, Smoke, Flame, Revive, Buddha Flame, Ice, Sand Flame, Dark, Door Smoke, Rumble
4:00 AM Kilo, Ice, Door Chop Chop, Spring, Smoke Chop, Spring, Smoke
8:00 AM Chop, Spring, Kilo, Magma Flame, Falcon, Diamond, Rubber Chop, Falcon, Magma, Paw Flame, Control
12:00 PM Kilo Smoke, Barrier Flame, Diamond, Door, Quake Chop, Light, Magma, Gravity
4:00 PM Smoke, Dark, Revive, Barrier Chop Smoke, Spin, Love, Phoenix Chop, Spring, Door
8:00 PM Chop, Spring, Falcon, Sand, Light, Rubber, Shadow Spring, Sand, Dark, Revive, Rumble Chop, Sand, Door Chop, Smoke, Spin, Flame, Revive, Diamond, Light
1/25/22 1/26/22 1/27/22 1/28/22
12:00 AM Sand, String Spring, Diamond, Rubber Smoke, Rubber Chop, Kilo, Ice, Dark, Light, Barrier
4:00 AM Spring, Flame, Ice Chop, Spring, Flame, Barrier Flame Smoke, Flame
8:00 AM Chop, Love, Barrier Smoke, Flame, Revive Kilo, Smoke, Flame, Quake Chop, Smoke, Sand, Light, Door
12:00 PM Kilo, Light Smoke, Ice, Dark, Magma Falcon, Magma Chop, Dark, Revive, Rumble
4:00 PM Flame, Sand, Door Light, String Flame, Revive, Light Chop, Falcon, Ice, Love, Rubber
8:00 PM Chop, Sand Chop, Falcon, Sand, Light, Rubber Light, String Spring, Falcon
1/29/22 1/30/22 1/31/22
12:00 AM Chop, Smoke, Flame, Dark, Rubber Spring, Kilo, Ice Spring, Flame
4:00 AM Spring, Ice, Diamond, Love, Paw Chop, Dark Chop, Dark, Revive
8:00 AM Smoke, Spin, Rubber Light, Love Dark
12:00 PM Flame, Sand, Dark, Quake Chop, Smoke, Ice, Rubber, Magma Spin, Falcon
4:00 PM Flame, Magma Chop, Rubber, Buddha Chop, Smoke, Flame, Ice, Sand, Rumble
8:00 PM Spring, Smoke Kilo, Sand Rubber

February 2022 Stock History
2/1/22 2/2/22 2/3/22 2/4/22
12:00 AM Spring, Flame, Rubber Smoke, Spin, Flame, Barrier Light, Rumble Chop, Spring, Revive, Buddha, Rumble
4:00 AM Spin, Dark, Magma Diamond, Control Flame, Dark, Diamond Chop, Smoke, Flame
8:00 AM Flame, Falcon, Dark, Magma, Control Venom Chop, Smoke, Ice Chop
12:00 PM Chop, Spring, Barrier, Magma Sand Kilo, Flame, Dark, Phoenix, Soul Chop, Kilo, Light, Rubber
4:00 PM Smoke, Sand Spring, Kilo, Smoke, Falcon, Dark Chop, Kilo, Flame, Light, Rubber, Barrier Smoke, Magma
8:00 PM Kilo, Flame, Falcon Revive, Light Smoke, Door Spring, Ice, Sand, Dark, Door
2/5/22 2/6/22 2/7/22 2/8/22
12:00 AM Chop, Spring Chop, Kilo, Ice Spin, Ice, Rumble Chop, Spin, Flame, Rubber
4:00 AM Chop, Smoke, Love Spin, Buddha Kilo, Revive, Light, Rubber, Magma Chop, Spring, Flame, Sand, Dark
8:00 AM Smoke, Spin, Flame, Dark, Revive Chop, Smoke, Flame, Diamond, Rubber Spring Flame, Ice, Light, Paw
12:00 PM Chop, Spring, Flame, Dark, Light, Venom Smoke, Flame, Sand, Diamond Ice, Light Flame, Door
4:00 PM Chop, Flame, Sand, Quake Chop, Spring, Flame, Diamond, Light Revive Kilo, Light, Quake
8:00 PM Spring Diamond, Barrier, Buddha, Gravity Chop, Spin, Ice, Dark, Door Spin, Rubber
2/9/22 2/10/22 2/11/22 2/12/22
12:00 AM Spring, Flame, Love Love Kilo, Smoke, Flame, Light, Barrier, Door Chop, Kilo, Smoke, Ice, Diamond, Barrier
4:00 AM Chop, Gravity Magma Sand Kilo, Smoke
8:00 AM Chop, Kilo, Flame, Ice, Sand Kilo, Smoke, Spin, Falcon Chop, Spin, Flame, Door, Buddha Spring, Flame, Dark
12:00 PM Kilo, Sand, Diamond, Light Chop, Flame, Dark, Revive, Light Smoke, Falcon, Dark, Rubber, Gravity Spin, Flame, Sand
4:00 PM Chop, Smoke, Spin, Dark Chop, Spring, Smoke, Dark, Rubber Ice, Diamond Spring, Smoke, Revive, Light, Rubber
8:00 PM Spring, Kilo, Smoke, Ice, Light, Rubber Chop, Flame, Sand, Light, Rubber, Quake Chop, Spin, Dark, Buddha Chop, Falcon, Rubber, Door
2/13/22 2/14/22 2/15/22 2/16/22
12:00 AM Chop, Love Chop, Spring, Flame, Door Smoke, Magma Chop, Smoke
4:00 AM Smoke, Spin, Dark Chop, Spring, Flame, Magma, Door Kilo, Ice Spring, Kilo, Smoke, Diamond
8:00 AM Kilo, Falcon, Door Chop, Love, Buddha Spring, Spin, Rumble Chop, Ice, Door
12:00 PM Spring, Smoke Smoke, Diamond, Quake Chop Spin
4:00 PM Spin, Flame, Revive, Love Chop, Kilo, Flame, Dark Spring, Flame, Dark Spring, Flame, Sand, Quake
8:00 PM Chop, Falcon, Light, String, Paw Spring, Flame, Revive, Light, Rubber Flame, Light, Love, Magma Chop, Smoke
2/17/22 2/18/22 2/19/22 2/20/22
12:00 AM Smoke, Flame, Rubber, Magma Spring, Dark, Love, Rubber, String Chop, Spin, Ice, Dark, Diamond, Light Light, Magma, Buddha
4:00 AM Chop, Flame, Revive, Door Chop, Revive, Rubber, Magma Flame, Rubber Chop, Spring, Smoke, Spin, Door
8:00 AM Chop, Smoke, Dark Kilo, Flame, Falcon Chop, Kilo, Love, Barrier, Door Kilo, Falcon
12:00 PM Flame, Barrier Chop, Spin, Door Falcon, Sand, Light, Rubber Flame, Ice, Dark
4:00 PM Spin, Smoke, Revive, Phoenix Revive Smoke, Flame Flame, Dark, Revive, Love
8:00 PM Falcon, Paw Kilo Chop, Kilo, Quake Smoke, Light, String, Soul
2/21/22 2/22/22 2/23/22 2/24/22
12:00 AM Chop, Sand Falcon, Revive Light Chop, Spin, Ice, Revive, Light
4:00 AM Chop, Spin Chop, Flame, Buddha Chop, Smoke, Flame, Buddha Spring, Smoke, Light, Rubber, Shadow
8:00 AM Ice, Light, Rubber, Magma, Door Spin, Revive, Magma, Quake Flame, Falcon, Revive, Love Chop, Smoke, Flame, Quake, Venom
12:00 PM Chop, Flame, Falcon, Sand Love, Magma, Shadow Chop, Smoke, Sand, Diamond, Magma Sand
4:00 PM Spin, Diamond, Love Chop, Flame, Dark, Door Spring Flame
8:00 PM Kilo, Light Smoke, Rumble Falcon, Dark, Door Chop, Smoke, Falcon, Ice
2/25/22 2/26/22 2/27/22 2/28/22
12:00 AM Barrier Sand, Light, Love, Venom, Soul Diamond, Rubber, Quake Kilo, Sand, Dark
4:00 AM Spring, Dark, Magma, Venom Spin, Flame, Light, Magma Spin, Light, Magma Falcon, Phoenix
8:00 AM Chop Chop, Spin, Sand, Buddha Smoke, Flame, Sand, Revive Flame, Dark, Magma
12:00 PM Flame, Rubber Chop, Kilo, Smoke, Dark, Rubber Chop, Ice, Rubber Chop, Smoke, Flame
4:00 PM Spring, Smoke, Falcon, Light, Door Smoke, Flame Chop, Spring, Kilo, Love Spring, Spin
8:00 PM Kilo, Smoke, Sand, Light, Barrier Chop, Dark, Light, Venom Chop, Flame, Falcon, Light, Door Ice, Revive, Love, Magma

March 2022 Stock History
3/1/22 3/2/22 3/3/22 3/4/22
12:00 AM Spin, Diamond, Light Spring, Ice, Light, Love Falcon, Revive Phoenix
4:00 AM Chop, Dark, Buddha Spring, Revive Kilo, Smoke, Light, Magma Chop, Diamond
8:00 AM Smoke, Spin, Flame Dark, Barrier Love Light, Love
12:00 PM Rubber Spring, Kilo, Sand, Light Spring, Spin, Falcon, Paw Chop
4:00 PM Chop, Spin, Dark, Rubber Smoke, Flame, Gravity Smoke, Dark, Light Flame, Ice, Dark, Revive, Paw
8:00 PM Chop, Flame, Dark Kilo, Light, Magma Chop, Spin, Revive, Diamond, Magma Chop, Smoke, Light, Rubber
3/5/22 3/6/22 3/7/22 3/8/22
12:00 AM Diamond, Door Smoke Smoke, Ice, Diamond Chop, Magma
4:00 AM Spring, Light Spring, Smoke, Flame, Sand, Rubber Chop, Sand, Barrier, String Smoke, Falcon, Revive
8:00 AM Chop, Kilo, Falcon, Sand, Light, Barrier, Venom Chop, Sand Chop, Sping, Flame, Falcon, Door, Buddha Door
12:00 PM Chop, Revive Dark Spin, Sand Sand, Rubber
4:00 PM Kilo, Sand Chop, Spring, Spin, Flame, Dark, Love, Rubber, Buddha Smoke, Sand, Barrier Spring, Light
8:00 PM Flame, Paw Chop, Kilo, Flame, Sand, Light, Door Chop Ice, Rubber
3/9/22 3/10/22 3/11/22 3/12/22
12:00 AM Kilo, Smoke, Falcon, Paw Chop, Diamond, Light, Rubber, Barrier, Magma Chop, Spring, Rubber, Barrier, Quake Chop, Spin, Flame, Light
4:00 AM Flame Kilo, Quake Spin, Love, Soul Gravity
8:00 AM Chop, Quake, Buddha Chop, Spring, Smoke, Flame Chop, Spring, Kilo, Falcon Rubber
12:00 PM Chop, Spring Chop, Spring, Ice, Dark Revive Chop, Kilo, Sand, Light, Door
4:00 PM Ice Kilo, Flame, Dark Spring, Smoke, Flame Spring, Smoke, Light, Magma
8:00 PM Chop, Smoke, Flame, Magma, String Flame, Ice, Dark, Light, Dough Spring, Flame, Ice, String Flame, Revive
3/13/22 3/14/22 3/15/22 3/16/22
12:00 AM Smoke, Dark, Rubber Light, Magma Chop, Kilo, Spin, Sand Kilo, Falcon, Dark
4:00 AM Chop Flame, Rumble Flame, Dark, Rubber Chop, Light, Door
8:00 AM Chop, Spin, Revive Chop, Smoke, Ice, Shadow Smoke, Flame, Ice Smoke, Human: Buddha
12:00 PM Love, Magma Chop, Smoke, Spin, Revive, Diamond Spring, Kilo, Light, Love, Rumble Flame, Magma
4:00 PM Kilo, Dark, Light, Human: Buddha Spring Spin, Flame, Falcon, Revive, Magma Chop, Spring, Spin, Light, Gravity, Dough
8:00 PM Flame, Sand, Diamond, Door Ice, Light, Magma Chop, Barrier Chop, Rubber
3/17/22 3/18/22 3/19/22 3/20/22
12:00 AM Ice, Dark, Love Spring, Human: Buddha Chop, Flame, Bird: Falcon, Ice, Light Flame, Diamond, Light, Rubber
4:00 AM Chop, Bird:Falcon, Diamond, Light, Human: Buddha Chop, Spin, Flame, Dark, Rubber Spring Sand
8:00 AM Kilo, Love, String Chop, Kilo, Revive, Love, Door Chop, Kilo, Spin, Revive, Rubber Flame
12:00 PM Chop, Smoke, Flame, Dark Chop, Smoke, Bird: Falcon Smoke, Magma Chop, String
4:00 PM Flame, Sand, Love, Bird: Phoenix Ice, Diamond, Quake Chop, Flame, Ice, Sand, Revive, Love, Quake, Human: Buddha Diamond, Love, Barrier
8:00 PM Flame, Light Spin, Flame, Sand, Light, Human: Buddha Chop Kilo, Diamond
3/21/22 3/22/22 3/23/22 3/24/22
12:00 AM Flame, Dark, Light, Love Chop, Flame, Bird: Falcon, Bird: Phoenix Spring, Kilo Bird: Falcon
4:00 AM Flame, Bird: Falcon, Light, Magma, Paw Kilo, Smoke, Flame, Dark, Rubber Sand, Rubber, Light, String Kilo, Smoke, Flame
8:00 AM Smoke, Flame, Quake Smoke, Sand, Magma, Quake, Bird: Phoenix, Shadow Flame, Dark, Rubber, Barrier Spring, Ice, Sand, Dark, Light
12:00 PM Smoke, Ice Flame Chop, Smoke, Love, Dough Kilo, Smoke
4:00 PM Diamond, Venom Chop, Spin, Flame Kilo, Spin Chop, Ice, Flame, Barrier, Quake
8:00 PM Chop, Spring, Dough Smoke, Bird: Phoenix Spring, Ice, Sand, Door, Human: Buddha, Soul Smoke, Spin, Sand, Love, Barrier
3/25/22 3/26/22 3/27/22 3/28/22
12:00 AM Flame Smoke, Spin, Flame, Ice Rubber, Barrier Spring, Smoke, Flame, Sand, Light
4:00 AM Chop, Flame, Human: Buddha Smoke, Dark, Human: Buddha Dragon Rubber, Bird: Phoenix, Rumble
8:00 AM Chop, Light Smoke, Revive, String Spring, Kilo, Bird: Falcon, Human: Buddha Smoke, Bird: Falcon
12:00 PM Chop, Dark, Door Chop, Spin, Magma Flame, Love, Magma Spring, Flame, Ice, Light, Rubber, Magma
4:00 PM Spin, Paw Sand, Dark, Love Chop, Ice Kilo, Smoke, Flame, Light
8:00 PM Flame, Revive Chop, Flame, Bird: Falcon, Ice, Light Spin, Dark, Rubber Kilo, Bird: Falcon, Dark, Diamond
3/29/22 3/30/22 3/31/22
12:00 AM Kilo, Smoke, Rubber, String Chop, Flame, Diamond Kilo, Quake
4:00 AM Chop, Kilo, Revive Spin, Ice Ice, Dark, Bird: Falcon, Flame
8:00 AM Kilo, Bird: Falcon, Ice Smoke, Sand, Dragon Flame, Bird: Falcon
12:00 PM Chop, Spring, Light, Rubber Chop, Kilo, Rubber Chop, Bird: Falcon
4:00 PM Flame, Light, Love Chop, Spin, Flame Chop, Kilo, Spin, Dark, Quake
8:00 PM Smoke, Sand, Dark, String Spring, Magma, Door Kilo, Flame, Door, Bird: Phoenix

April 2022 Stock History
4/1/22 4/2/22 4/3/22 4/4/22
12:00 AM Spring, Smoke, Gravity Kilo, Light, Love, Rubber Spring, Barrier Chop, Falcon
4:00 AM Spring, Revive Kilo, Sand, Diamond, Barrier, Magma Ice, Diamond, Light, Door, Control Smoke, Dark
8:00 AM Flame, Quake, Rumble Love, Gravity Chop, Spring, Smoke Chop, Kilo, Soul
12:00 PM Chop Flame Spring, Flame, Diamond Spin, Diamond, String
4:00 PM Spin, Dark Chop, Smoke, Magma Flame Chop, Ice, Sand, Dark, Revive, Light
8:00 PM Smoke, Spin, Ice, Dark Spring Spring Kilo, Flame
4/5/22 4/6/22 4/7/22 4/8/22
12:00 AM Smoke Smoke, Spin Kilo, Sand Chop, Ice, Dark, Barrier
4:00 AM Chop, Kilo, Smoke, Ice Chop, Dough Smoke, Rubber Kilo, Flame
8:00 AM Bird: Falcon, Light Chop, Spring, Flame, Magma Smoke, Flame, Magma Chop, Diamond, Rubber, Quake, String
12:00 PM Diamond, Love Chop, Spring, Sand, Rubber, Love, Quake Flame, Human: Buddha Spring, Smoke, Spin, Flame, Sand
4:00 PM Spin, Bird: Falcon, Sand, Door, String Dark Diamond, Light, Human: Buddha Smoke, Dark, Human: Buddha
8:00 PM Chop, Spring, Spin, Flame, Rubber, Paw Chop, Ice, Light, Door Chop, Ice, Sand, Light Spring, Sand, Dark, Revive, Love, Rubber
4/9/22 4/10/22 4/11/22 4/12/22
12:00 AM Flame, Magma Spring, Spin, Light, Quake Chop, Dark, Light, Magma Spring
4:00 AM Flame, Ice, Quake Chop, Light, Human: Buddha Spring, Ice Magma
8:00 AM Sand, Diamond, Light, Magma, String Chop, Smoke, Magma Kilo, Flame, Ice, Sand Flame, Ice, Light, Bird: Phoenix, Dragon
12:00 PM Sand, Rubber Kilo, Sand, Revive Diamond, Love, Human: Buddha, String, Bird: Phoenix Kilo, Smoke, Spin, Diamond, Rubber, String
4:00 PM Chop, Kilo, Smoke, Sand Spring, Bird: Falcon, Dark Chop, Dark, Quake Spring, Diamond, Door
8:00 PM Spring, Bird: Falcon, Diamond, Barrier Chop, Spin, Smoke, Flame, Barrier, Quake Flame, Sand, Venom Chop, Door
4/13/22 4/14/22 4/15/22 4/16/22
12:00 AM Spring, Revive Spin, Flame Ice, Light, Venom Spring, Smoke, Ice, Light, Magma
4:00 AM Chop, Ice, Light, Barrier Chop, Revive Kilo, Smoke, Flame, Dark, Magma, Control Flame, Sand, Dark, Soul
8:00 AM Flame, Quake Flame, Light, Rubber Chop, Barrier Kilo, Light, Quake
12:00 PM Spring, Love, Rubber Flame, Diamond, Love, Magma, Gravity Chop, Spring, Ice, Dark, Revive, Love Chop, Smoke, Flame, Magma
4:00 PM Kilo, Sand, Soul Chop, Spring, Smoke, Bird: Falcon Spin, Flame, Gravity Chop, Revive, Rubber
8:00 PM Chop, Spring Chop, Kilo, Spin, Sand, Dark, Light Ice Spin
4/17/22 4/18/22 4/19/22 4/20/22
12:00 AM Spring, Smoke, Sand Spin, Bird: Falcon Spring, Spin Chop, Flame, Revive, Light
4:00 AM Chop, Kilo Kilo, Smoke, Sand, Barrier, Magma Chop, Kilo, Rubber Spin
8:00 AM Flame, Magma Door Smoke, Ice, Diamond, Light Spring, Flame, Ice, Dark, Barrier, Bird: Phoenix
12:00 PM Flame, Light, Rubber, Quake Smoke Ice, Dark Rubber
4:00 PM Kilo, Sand, Dark Chop, Flame, Dark, Rubber, Door Flame, Ice, Quake Chop, Smoke
8:00 PM Smoke, Love, String Light Smoke, Flame, Bird: Falcon, Ice, Sand, Light Chop, Sand
4/21/22 4/22/22 4/23/22 4/24/22
12:00 AM Chop, Light, Magma Spin, Ice, Revive, Light Sand, Love Spring, Ice, Sand
4:00 AM Spring, Smoke, Falcon, Dark, Revive, Diamond, Light Bird: Falcon Love, Rubber Chop, Flame, Rumble
8:00 AM Chop, Ice, Dark Spring, Smoke Chop, Bird: Falcon, Dark, Diamond, Rumble Chop, Flame, Revive, Gravity
12:00 PM Chop, Kilo, Spin, Flame Chop, Spin, Flame, Ice, Dark, Diamond Flame, Magma Dark, Door
4:00 PM Dark, String Chop, Shadow Kilo, Spin, Flame, Ice, Rubber, Door Smoke, Flame, Bird: Falcon, Magma
8:00 PM Chop, Spring, Sand, Love, Magma Smoke, Flame Chop, Flame, Ice Smoke, Light, Shadow
4/25/22 4/26/22 4/27/22 4/28/22
12:00 AM Chop, Spring, Smoke, Flame, Sand, Barrier, Rumble Spring, Kilo, Diamond Chop, Smoke, Dark, Barrier, Magma, Quake Sand, Light
4:00 AM Chop, Smoke Chop, Sand, Light, Door Spring, Smoke, Ice Spring, Kilo, Soul
8:00 AM Chop, Spring, Smoke, Door, String Ice, Rubber Rubber, Dough Smoke, Flame, Human: Buddha
12:00 PM Flame, Gravity Chop, Kilo, Smoke, Magma, Shadow Chop, Flame, String Smoke, Ice, Light
4:00 PM Falcon, Dark, Barrier, Dragon Dark, Light Chop, Kilo, Ice, Diamond, Rubber Kilo, Flame, Rubber
8:0O PM Chop, Dark, Light, Magma Diamond, Barrier Chop Chop, Dark, Love
4/29/22 4/30/22
12:00 AM Light, Control Spring, Light
4:00 AM Chop, Spring, Flame, Bird: Falcon, Quake Smoke, Spin, Revive, Quake
8:00 AM Ice, Dark Chop, Spring, Sand, Love, Door, Paw
12:00 PM Light, Barrier, Human: Buddha Chop, Smoke
4:00 PM Rubber Spin, Magma
8:00 PM Chop, Kilo, Flame, Sand Smoke, Flame, Light

May 2022 Stock History
5/1/22 5/2/22 5/3/22 5/4/22
12:00 AM Chop, Flame, Light Chop, Flame, Love Barrier, Shadow Chop, Spring, Kilo, Flame, Revive, Light
4:00 AM Spin, Love Chop, Spring Spin, Flame, Rubber Sand, Shadow
8:00 AM Ice Smoke, Flame, Quake Kilo, Dark, Light Spring, Dark
12:00 PM Chop, Smoke Smoke, Flame, Dark, Rubber Spring, Ice, Sand Smoke, Flame, Dark
4:00 PM Spin, Human: Buddha Chop, Spin, Flame, Ice, Diamond, Rubber, Human: Buddha Smoke, Revive, Light Spring, Smoke, Flame, Dark
8:00 PM Spring, Ice, Light, Rubber Chop, Spring, Smoke Chop, Barrier Chop
5/5/22 5/6/22 5/7/22 5/8/22
12:00 AM Flame Chop, Falcon, Magma Chop, Dark Chop
4:00 AM Chop, Kilo, Ice Ice, Light, Rubber, Door Smoke, Spin Rubber
8:00 AM Kilo, Bird: Falcon, Love Chop, Smoke, Dark, Barrier, Human: Buddha Light, Rubber, Door, Dragon Spring, Ice, Magma
12:00 PM Flame, Light, Barrier, Magma Ice, Love Dark, Rubber Smoke, Flame, Sand, Door
4:00 PM Smoke, Flame Chop, Control Spring, Smoke, Flame, Ice, Diamond Kilo, Flame
8:00 PM Human: Buddha Spin, Flame Kilo, Spin, Sand, Light, Magma Falcon, Ice, Light, Magma
5/9/22 5/10/22 5/11/22 5/12/22
12:00 AM Spin, Flame, Dark, Revive, Light, Dough Smoke, Flame, Ice, Sand, Quake Chop, Spin Spring, Spin, Sand, Rubber, Door
4:00 AM Chop, Spin, Dark, Paw Chop, Flame, Door Ice, Light Chop, Kilo, Revive
8:00 AM Smoke, String, Bird: Phoenix Light, Rubber, Paw Kilo, Flame, Sand, Light Dark
12:00 PM Chop, Spring Door, Bird: Phoenix Kilo, Smoke, Sand, Dark, Rubber Chop Flame, Dark, String
4:00 PM Love Smoke, Falcon, Magma, Rumble Spring, Diamond, Rubber Chop, Spring, Smoke, Dark
8:00 PM Barrier Chop, Magma Smoke, Flame, Dough Flame, Sand
5/13/22 5/14/22 5/15/22 5/16/22
12:00 AM Kilo, Dark, Love, Barrier Smoke, Flame, Diamond, Light, Barrier Chop, Smoke, Falcon, Ice, Diamond Ice, Diamond
4:00 AM Flame, Light Chop, Falcon, Magma Ice, Sand, Love, Rubber Chop, Spring, Sand
8:00 AM Smoke, Flame, Bird: Falcon Spin, Sand Flame, Barrier Bird: Falcon, Love, Rumble
12:00 PM Smoke, Spin, Sand Smoke, Diamond Chop, Spring, Magma Chop, Dark, Light
4:00 PM Smoke, Flame Spring, Kilo, Rubber Smoke, Light, Magma Smoke, Flame, Ice, Rubber
8:00 PM Chop, Kilo, Revive, Rubber Flame, Dark, Light Chop, Kilo, Flame, Bird: Falcon, Diamond Chop
5/17/22 5/18/22 5/19/22 5/20/22
12:00 AM Spring, Kilo, Sand Chop, Flame, Falcon, Magma Dark, Barrier Chop, Kilo, Diamond, Light, Magma
4:00 AM Bird: Falcon Kilo, Sand, Light Smoke, Bird: Falcon, Ice Spin, Shadow
8:00 AM Flame Flame, Dark, Light, Rubber Spring, Diamond, Light, String, Control Chop, Spring, String
12:00 PM Rubber Chop, Spring Flame, Sand, Paw Light, Barrier
4:00 PM Spring, Flame, Light Chop, Smoke, Revive Chop, Flame, Ice, Light Smoke, Flame, Sand
8:00 PM Smoke, Flame Chop, Flame, String Chop, Flame, Dark, Barrier Kilo, Magma
5/21/22 5/22/22 5/23/22 5/24/22
12:00 AM Chop, Barrier Flame, Light, Rubber Chop, Flame, Sand, Light Sand, Light
4:00 AM Spring, Ice, Dark, Light, Quake Chop, Dark, Bird: Phoenix Smoke, Flame, Diamond, Love, String Chop, Flame, Ice, Dark
8:00 AM Kilo, Spin, Ice, Sand, String Spring, Kilo Dark Falcon, Light
12:00 PM Chop, Smoke, Spin Kilo, Diamond, Light Chop, Flame, Dark Spring, Flame, Smoke, Ice
4:00 PM Flame, Falcon, Light, Magma Chop, Smoke, Spin, Dark Spring, Kilo Diamond, Barrier
8:00 PM Flame, Sand, Dark Flame, Barrier Spin, Rubber Chop, Spring, Smoke, Revive, Barrier
5/25/22 5/26/22 5/27/22 5/28/22
12:00 AM Chop, Spring, Flame, Sand, Dark, Rubber Spring, Diamond Flame, Light Spin, Magma
4:00 AM Spin, Ice Flame, Sand, Magma Chop, Spring, Flame, Ice, Venom Spring, Kilo, Flame
8:00 AM Smoke, Bird: Falcon, Sand Kilo, Smoke, Flame, Love, Rubber, Magma Kilo, Flame, Rubber Human: Buddha
12:00 PM Spring, Flame Kilo Light Flame, Ice, Revive, Diamond
4:00 PM Chop, Spin, Light Chop, Sand, Dark, Love, Barrier, Quake, Bird: Phoenix Chop, Kilo, Sand, Diamond, Bird: Phoenix Chop, Flame, Sand, Light, Quake
8:00 PM Chop, Smoke, Ice, Dark Spin, Ice, Diamond, Rubber Flame, Bird: Falcon, Dark Kilo, String
5/29/22 5/30/22 5/31/22
12:00 AM Barrier Smoke, Spin, Flame, Dark, Revive Chop, Smoke, Flame, Diamond, String
4:00 AM Spring, Dark Diamond, Light, Barrier Chop, Kilo, Spin, Ice, Dark
8:00 AM Kilo, Smoke, Diamond Chop, Smoke, Bird: Falcon Sand, Rubber
12:00 PM Spring, Flame, Magma, Control Rumble, Control Smoke, Bird: Falcon, Human: Buddha
4:00 PM Kilo, Smoke, Venom Spring, Magma Smoke, Flame, Quake
8:00 PM Chop, Ice, Quake Spring, Flame, Sand Spring, Sand

June 2022 Stock History
6/1/22 6/2/22 6/3/22 6/4/22
12:00 AM Flame, Ice, Dark, Revive Kilo, Bird: Falcon, Dark, Light, Barrier Smoke, Door, Gravity Spring, Kilo, Rumble
4:00 AM Chop, Smoke, Revive, Diamond Spring, Kilo, Flame Chop, Flame, Dark, String Chop, Smoke, Bird: Falcon, Ice
8:00 AM Spin, Sand, Barrier Chop, Diamond, Rubber Smoke, Flame Kilo, Flame, Sand, Light, Human: Buddha
12:00 PM Chop, Flame, Dark Chop, Spin, Light Flame, Diamond Spring, Sand, Light, Bird: Phoenix
4:00 PM Quake, Human: Buddha Chop, Smoke, Ice, Rubber, Quake Chop, Kilo Chop, Flame, Sand, Dragon
8:00 PM Chop, Spring, Ice, Sand Sand, Magma, Rumble Spin, Barrier Chop, Smoke
6/5/22 6/6/22 6/7/22 6/8/22
12:00 AM Chop, Spring, Ice, Sand Chop, Spring, Dark Spring, Smoke, Sand Chop, Revive, Love
4:00 AM Magma Smoke, Bird: Falcon, Dark, Revive, Quake Flame, Door Spin, Dark
8:00 AM Smoke, Flame, Diamond Chop, Kilo, Bird: Falcon, Rubber, Bird: Phoenix Chop, Kilo, Magma Smoke
12:00 PM Spring, Spin Sand, Revive Kilo, Spin, Ice, Diamond Spring, Spin, Door
4:00 PM Light Flame, Bird: Phoenix Spin, Flame, Light, Human: Buddha Chop, Spring, Smoke, Dark, Rumble
8:00 PM Flame, Bird: Falcon, Ice, Diamond, Barrier Light, Rubber Smoke, Flame, Rubber Spring, Ice, Revive
6/9/22 6/10/22 6/11/22 6/12/22
12:00 AM Kilo, Human: Buddha Smoke, Sand, Light Chop, Bird: Falcon, Ice, Sand, Barrier Chop, Ice, Diamond, Light
4:00 AM Spring, Smoke, Flame, Ice, Love, Control Chop, String Spring, Kilo, Quake Kilo
8:00 AM Dark Kilo, Sand, Dark Spring, Kilo, Spin, Flame, Rubber, Rumble Chop, Smoke
12:00 PM Chop, Spin, Bird: Falcon Flame, Human: Buddha Ice, Human: Buddha Chop, Sand, String
4:00 PM Spring, Kilo, Light, Quake Chop, Spring, Bird: Falcon, Light Smoke, Quake Kilo, Rubber
8:00 PM Chop, Dark, Barrier Smoke, Flame Flame, Love Smoke, Flame, Diamond, Light
6/13/22 6/14/22 6/15/22 6/16/22
12:00 AM Kilo, Smoke, Dark Bird: Falcon, Ice, Diamond, Bird: Phoenix, Soul Kilo, Flame Spin, Flame, Diamond, Light
4:00 AM Chop, Bird: Falcon, Ice Chop, Spring, Kilo, Smoke, Flame, Rubber Chop, Spring, Ice, Magma, Door Chop, Barrier
8:00 AM Kilo, Flame Flame, Quake Spring, Smoke, Light, Rumble Sand, Rubber
12:00 PM Chop, Human: Buddha Spring, Light Chop, Kilo, Flame, Shadow Kilo, Flame, Ice, Magma
4:00 PM Chop, Flame, Light Chop, Spin Sand, Door Spring, Smoke, Ice, Door
8:00 PM Spring, Spin, Rubber, Human: Buddha Smoke, Flame, Magma Bird: Falcon, String Spin, String
6/17/22 6/18/22 6/19/22 6/20/22
12:00 AM Human: Buddha Spring, Smoke, Flame, Revive, Light Chop, Ice Diamond
4:00 AM Smoke, Dark Chop, Kilo Chop, Love Chop, Ice
8:00 AM Flame, Light Flame, Diamond, Light Kilo, Spin, Sand Bird: Falcon, Diamond, Rubber
12:00 PM Spring, Ice Spin, Sand, Door Bird: Falcon, Light, Rubber, Human: Buddha Spring, Smoke, Sand, Dark
4:00 PM Smoke, Spin, Rubber, Magma Bird: Falcon, Dark, Revive, Love, Door Chop, Flame, Quake, Soul Ice, Light, Shadow
8:00 PM Smoke, Ice, Magma Smoke, Sand Chop, Spring, Spin, Bird: Phoenix Kilo, Smoke, Quake
6/21/22 6/22/22 6/23/22 6/24/22
12:00 AM Chop, Spring, Diamond Chop, Flame, Light, Quake Spring, Flame Chop, Smoke, Sand, Door
4:00 AM Rubber Chop, Sand Chop, Flame Flame, Paw
8:00 AM Flame Smoke, Flame, Dark Smoke, Flame, Light, Barrier, Magma Chop, Bird: Falcon
12:00 PM Bird: Falcon, Dark Chop, Spin, Gravity Spring, Kilo, Ice Kilo, Smoke, Sand, Human: Buddha
4:00 PM Flame, Ice, Light, Barrier, Door Spring, Ice, Sand Smoke, Bird: Falcon, Ice, Dark, Love Chop, Spring, Dark, Light
8:00 PM Spring, Sand, Revive, Love Smoke, Dark, Barrier Spin, Light, Love, Barrier, Quake Bird: Falcon, Barrier
6/25/22 6/26/22 6/27/22 6/28/22
12:00 AM Smoke, Sand, Diamond Chop, Spring, Magma Chop, Revive Kilo, Flame, Ice Dragon
4:00 AM Flame, Ice, Light Light, Rubber Revive, String Spring, Venom
8:00 AM Smoke, Flame Spring, Smoke, Sand, Revive Chop, Smoke, Light, Barrier Flame, Sand
12:00 PM Smoke, Ice, Dark Spin, Rubber Flame, Sand Diamond
4:00 PM Flame, Diamond Chop Chop, Rubber, Paw Chop, Spring, Smoke, Light
8:00 PM Spring, Kilo, Rumble Spring, Smoke, Flame Chop, Smoke, Spin, Light Spin, Flame, Sand, Love, Bird: Phoenix
6/29/22 6/30/22
12:00 AM Spin, Rubber Chop, Kilo, Revive
4:00 AM Chop, Spring, Light Chop, Spin, Dark, Light
8:00 AM Spring, Ice, Sand Smoke, Flame, Magma, Door
12:00 PM Chop, Flame, Bird: Falcon, Sand, Revive, Rubber Spring, Smoke, Flame, Sand, Revive
4:00 PM Smoke, Bird: Falcon, Barrier Flame, Love, Rubber
8:00 PM Ice Smoke, Shadow

July 2022 Stock History
7/1/22 7/2/22 7/3/22 7/4/22
12:00 AM Chop, Smoke, Bird: Falcon, String Flame Spin, Magma Light, Quake
4:00 AM Kilo, Barrier Chop, Kilo, Bird: Falcon, Quake Spring, Rubber, Door
8:00 AM Smoke, Sand, Light, String, Dragon Flame Kilo, Smoke, Flame, Sand
12:00 PM Flame, Dark, Revive, Love, Magma, Bird: Phoenix Chop, Kilo, Quake Chop, Spring, Flame, Bird: Falcon, Dark, Magma
4:00 PM Chop, Spring, Kilo, Smoke, Ice, Rubber Spring, Flame, Barrier, Dragon Chop, Spring, Rubber, Paw, Gravity
8:00 PM Spin, Light Dark Smoke, Flame
7/5/22 7/6/22 7/7/22 7/8/22
12:00 AM
4:00 AM
8:00 AM
12:00 PM
4:00 PM
8:00 PM
7/9/22 7/10/22 7/11/22 7/12/22
12:00 AM
4:00 AM
8:00 AM
12:00 PM
4:00 PM
8:00 PM
7/13/22 7/14/22 7/15/22 7/16/22
12:00 AM
4:00 AM
8:00 AM
12:00 PM
4:00 PM
8:00 PM
7/17/22 7/18/22 7/19/22 7/20/22
12:00 AM
4:00 AM
8:00 AM
12:00 PM
4:00 PM
8:00 PM
7/21/22 7/22/22 7/23/22 7/24/22
12:00 AM
4:00 AM
8:00 AM
12:00 PM
4:00 PM
8:00 PM
7/25/22 7/26/22 7/27/22 7/28/22
12:00 AM
4:00 AM
8:00 AM
12:00 PM
4:00 PM
8:00 PM
7/29/22 7/30/22 7/31/22
12:00 AM
4:00 AM
8:00 AM
12:00 PM
4:00 PM
8:00 PM

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Blox Fruits
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