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This page is dedicated to writing down the "Stock" of every month, going as far back as December of 2020. Current stock can be seen at the Blox Fruits "Stock" page.

May Stock History

Currently, this is the Stock history of May 2022. Feel free to write down what fruits were in stock today, or the days before!

Do NOT vandalize. You will be blocked from editing if you do, joke or not, so avoid vandalizing as much as possible, even if you consider it a joke.

Don't edit the Stock History section unless you're 100% sure that what's on stock was actually on stock in game, failing to follow this rule will be considered vandalism.


  • The same rules as on the Stock page applies here as well.
  • This page uses the UTC+0 format as its timezone. If you want to convert to your own time zone, click here.
  • The staff of Blox Fruits do not pick which fruit(s) will be "on stock". It is automatically randomized. Don't beg for fruits on this page.
May 2022 Stock History
5/1/22 5/2/22 5/3/22 5/4/22
12:00 AM Chop, Flame, Light Chop, Flame, Love Barrier, Shadow Chop, Spring, Kilo, Flame, Revive, Light
4:00 AM Spin, Love Chop, Spring Spin, Flame, Rubber Sand, Shadow
8:00 AM Ice Smoke, Flame, Quake Kilo, Dark, Light Spring, Dark
12:00 PM Chop, Smoke Smoke, Flame, Dark, Rubber Spring, Ice, Sand Smoke, Flame, Dark
4:00 PM Spin, Human: Buddha Chop, Spin, Flame, Ice, Diamond, Rubber, Human: Buddha Smoke, Revive, Light Spring, Smoke, Flame, Dark
8:00 PM Spring, Ice, Light, Rubber Chop, Spring, Smoke Chop, Barrier Chop
5/5/22 5/6/22 5/7/22 5/8/22
12:00 AM Flame Chop, Falcon, Magma Chop, Dark Chop
4:00 AM Chop, Kilo, Ice Ice, Light, Rubber, Door Smoke, Spin Rubber
8:00 AM Kilo, Bird: Falcon, Love Chop, Smoke, Dark, Barrier, Human: Buddha Light, Rubber, Door, Dragon Spring, Ice, Magma
12:00 PM Flame, Light, Barrier, Magma Ice, Love Dark, Rubber Smoke, Flame, Sand, Door
4:00 PM Smoke, Flame Chop, Control Spring, Smoke, Flame, Ice, Diamond Kilo, Flame
8:00 PM Human: Buddha Spin, Flame Kilo, Spin, Sand, Light, Magma Falcon, Ice, Light, Magma
5/9/22 5/10/22 5/11/22 5/12/22
12:00 AM Spin, Flame, Dark, Revive, Light, Dough Smoke, Flame, Ice, Sand, Quake Chop, Spin Spring, Spin, Sand, Rubber, Door
4:00 AM Chop, Spin, Dark, Paw Chop, Flame, Door Ice, Light Chop, Kilo, Revive
8:00 AM Smoke, String, Bird: Phoenix Light, Rubber, Paw Kilo, Flame, Sand, Light Dark
12:00 PM Chop, Spring Door, Bird: Phoenix Kilo, Smoke, Sand, Dark, Rubber Chop Flame, Dark, String
4:00 PM Love Smoke, Falcon, Magma, Rumble Spring, Diamond, Rubber Chop, Spring, Smoke, Dark
8:00 PM Barrier Chop, Magma Smoke, Flame, Dough Flame, Sand
5/13/22 5/14/22 5/15/22 5/16/22
12:00 AM Kilo, Dark, Love, Barrier Smoke, Flame, Diamond, Light, Barrier Chop, Smoke, Falcon, Ice, Diamond Ice, Diamond
4:00 AM Flame, Light Chop, Falcon, Magma Ice, Sand, Love, Rubber Chop, Spring, Sand
8:00 AM Smoke, Flame, Bird: Falcon Spin, Sand Flame, Barrier Bird: Falcon, Love, Rumble
12:00 PM Smoke, Spin, Sand Smoke, Diamond Chop, Spring, Magma Chop, Dark, Light
4:00 PM Smoke, Flame Spring, Kilo, Rubber Smoke, Light, Magma Smoke, Flame, Ice, Rubber
8:00 PM Chop, Kilo, Revive, Rubber Flame, Dark, Light Chop, Kilo, Flame, Bird: Falcon, Diamond Chop
5/17/22 5/18/22 5/19/22 5/20/22
12:00 AM Spring, Kilo, Sand Chop, Flame, Falcon, Magma Dark, Barrier Spin, Shadow
4:00 AM Bird: Falcon Kilo, Sand, Light Smoke, Bird: Falcon, Ice Chop, Spring, String
8:00 AM Flame Flame, Dark, Light, Rubber Spring, Diamond, Light, String, Control Chop, Smoke, Revive, Light, Barrier
12:00 PM Rubber Chop, Spring Flame, Sand, Paw Smoke, Spin, Sand
4:00 PM Spring, Flame, Light Chop, Smoke, Revive Chop, Flame, Ice, Light Kilo, Magma
8:00 PM Smoke, Flame Chop, Flame, String Chop, Kilo, Diamond, Light, Magma Chop, Barrier
5/21/22 5/22/22 5/23/22 5/24/22
12:00 AM Spring, Ice, Dark, Light, Quake
4:00 AM Kilo, Spin, Ice, Sand, String
8:00 AM
12:00 PM
4:00 PM
8:00 PM
5/25/22 5/26/22 5/27/22 5/28/22
12:00 AM
4:00 AM
8:00 AM
12:00 PM
4:00 PM
8:00 PM
5/29/22 5/30/22
12:00 AM
4:00 AM
8:00 AM
12:00 PM
4:00 PM
8:00 PM