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A player with the hidden key

What is the Hidden Key?

The Hidden Key is a rare drop obtained by either killing the Awakened Ice Admiral or killing one of the two NPCs at the Ice Castle; Snow Lurkers and Arctic Warriors. You can use this key to get the legendary blade, Rengoku. The chances of it dropping from the NPCs is drastically lower (~0.5-1%) than the chances of it dropping from the Boss (~1-15%). The Library Key is another drop from the Awakened Ice Admiral. The chances of getting the Library Key are higher than the Hidden Key, though the chance is also low. If you're lucky you can get both keys, if not, none.

IMPORTANT: This key, along with the Library Key or any other item drops(such as a Water Key), disappears when you die or leave the game.

Note: After getting the Rengoku sword, you will receive the "Samurai" title (White).

Note: The chances of getting the Hidden Key and Library Key both increase with the x2 drop chance gamepass.

Note: The chances do not increase depending on your level. There are no drops from a boss that decrease in rarity the higher your level.

Note: The chances of getting the Library Key are slightly higher then getting the Hidden Key.

Where To Use The Key?

You can find the room where you obtain the Rengoku sword towards the right of the Awakened Ice Admiral's spawn. Go down his stairs, go to the right, there's a corner hole and then look forward where he spawns and walk in the wall, you should pass through it and find the chest. When you enter you will find a chest and in order to unlock it you need the Hidden Key.

NOTE: After you open the chest, the next time you come in, it will disappear.