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The Haunted Castle is an island/ship added in Update 16, located in the Third Sea, also being one of the biggest islands in game. Also have the tallest height of all maps, because of the enormous flag

Haunted Castle hosts Quests for players between the levels of 1975 and 2075.

The island or ship has a large wooden barrier covering it with an entrance, go through the barrier and you’ll land at the docks of the island with a set of stairs leading onto the main island, walk up the stairs and you should find a stone path leading towards a hut, inside the hut you will find the the first quest giver of this island. There are three pathways from the hut, go on the left one and it will lead you to a cemetery with a mausoleum, the cemetery is full of Living Skeletons, and of the Gravestones is interact-able and will give you random rewards. Inside the mausoleum, you’ll find a Skeleton and the Death King, an NPC which you can trade a specific currency called Bones for a Random Surprise, Race Reroll and a Stat Reset. Along the way to the cemetery, you’ll see an altar with blue flames, which is for summoning the Raid Boss, Soul Reaper by placing a Hallow Essence on it. Going on the right one will lead you into a forest full of Living Zombies. Going straight from the hut will lead you to the main castle, by the entrance resides the second quest giver, entering the castle and onto the main hall you’ll be greeted by Demonic Souls, by heading right, you’ll find a staircase leading towards the basement of the castle, there you’ll meet various Possessed Mummies, along with the working gears of the castle. Returning to the hall, by going left, you’ll find a set of stairs with a golden trophy on one of the intermediate landings, by going up the staircase and entering the bridge leading towards a section of the castle, you’ll find a room which serves as the spawn place or arena of the aforementioned Soul Reaper. On one of the cogs of the castle, you’ll find Uzoth, the teacher you the fighting style, Dragon Talon. If you manage to climb or fly to the top the massive mast and land inside the crow nest, you’ll find three diamond chests.



Quest Giver Quest Lv. Required Exp. Rewarded Beli Rewarded Special Abilities
Haunted Castle Quest Giver 1 Reborn Skeleton Lvl. 1975 91.0M Exp. 13,000 Dark Step
Living Zombie Lvl. 2000 93.5M Exp. 13,250 Flashstep, Superhuman
Haunted Castle Quest Giver 2 Demonic Soul Lvl. 2025 96.0M Exp. 13,500 Flame
Possessed Mummy Lvl. 2050 98,5M Exp. 13,750 Dark


  • Before Update 17, the player could get bones from any NPC due to the Halloween update, which granted bones to players when they killed an NPC around their level.
  • The background music of Haunted Castle is the same as the Floating Turtle's background music.

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